Wednesday, 31 August 2011

My New Favourite Holy Grail Mascara - Bourjois Volume Fast & Perfect Roatating Mascara

I think mascara is one of those products that you will try and try and try until you find 'the one'

I have been doing that for years now and thinking certain mascaras were good but not brilliant...

Until Bourjois released the Rotating Mascara!!

Vibrating Mascara's were the rage last year but Bourjois have certainly stepped it up a notch!

It is battery operated so has an electric rotating brush! This means there is a switch that allows the brush to rotate in one way and then in another direction.

I must admit you have to get the direction 'right' as it won't actually work but its pretty obvious which is the best direction to use. Both directions do of course work..i may have worded that wrong but its just depends on how you prefer to hold your mascara. It quite awkward to explain but i promise that you will work it out and see what i mean if and when you try it.

I will just add quickly that this mascara is suitable for sensitive eyes as it contains Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil.

The idea behind the rotating brush is that it gives you an even amount of product on your lashes helping to comb through evenly not leaving them clumpy.

With having the rotating brush this means you literally have to do no work as it does it all for you.

You literally put the brush at the root of your lashes and hold...that's really will do all the work for you and you end up with lashes like this....

Seriously AMAZING!!!!

My natural lashes have never ever looked like this from a mascara.

I get sooo many compliments on my lashes now and feel so proud as i can say they are all MINE!!

Now i know this mascara has had some mixed reviews and i do know some people who really hate it but for me its now my holy grail mascara and one i will hopefully use all the time from now on.

It gives me incredible lift and volume..everything i want.

I really really can not say anything bad about this mascara i totally love it.

The mascara retails for £11.99 but is currently on offer in boots for £5.99

Have you tried this mascara? Do you like it?


  1. I am so pleased somebody has done a review about it, because I saw it in boots and I just wondered would it work? Now I am definitely getting it!
    Amazing eyelashes
    xxx Peaches

  2. You've just sold it to me. Looks amazing! Might have to go buy it tomorrow! xx

  3. your lashes look amazing, almost false x

  4. Erm hello, is Superdrug open now? I want this x 100000!! Amazing!

  5. Never ever see reviews about Bourjous mascaras! This looks so amazing, such an unusual concept :) Seriously want to try this now xo

  6. Your lashes look AMAZING! So buying this!x

  7. WHATT woww! Your lashes look so fake. Could you post what they look like without the mascara I feel like I never can find a mascara that can really wow me. I definitely will be looking into this! Great post thanks

  8. wow!! your lashes look so thick :D nice@

  9. whoah I wasn't expecting that when I scrolled down! That mascara looks fab on you - I might need to hurry and get it while it's on offer. Thanks for the tip off! xx

  10. Wow that looks amazingggg, I haven't tried this but I've recently tried the L'oreal Telescopic waterproof & thats amazing too!

  11. made your eyse so nice!sweety wann fallow each other?let me know kisses from germany:)La Folie 

  12. This looks amazing! Thankyou for the wonderful review, I've never tried Bourjois mascara before but after reading this I'll definitely try this one out :) xxx

  13. your eylashes look amazing! Although i had this mascara and mine looked rubbish :( xx


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