Friday, 5 August 2011

Save Your Skin, Don't Get Burnt, Wear SPF!!

I know it seems pretty strange talking about this today seeing as the weather was rubbish today but i wanted to warn you.

On Sunday we had gorgeous weather in the Uk well at least London did anyway.

It was my boyfriends day off and seeing as i am still stuck at home with a knee injury it was the perfect day to head out to do a few things which i needed to do. I'm still on crutches so the help of my bf was very much needed and great :)

We were literally in and out of a few shops..

I returned home and came across this...

I literally just stood in shock staring at it!! How awful and bad is that?

Its even more awful that i didn't realise and that i just assumed i didn't need and SPF as i wasn't staying out in the sun for particularly long.

I caught the sun good and proper and it wasn't in a good way LOL!!

I have never been in so much pain ever, i couldn't move my back. It was awful to sleep and any clothes i wore rubbed it and made it worse.

So came the call out on Twitter.

You were all lovely and i just want to say thank-you to you all for your suggestions..I'm sorry if i didn't reply to you all there was just so many to get through!

I had no idea what to put on the burn as i didn't have any after sun so all your suggestions came flooding through.

A lot of you said Aloe Vera Gel, Natural Yogurt and Sudocrem.

Here is what i initially used as i had these at home


I swear by Sudocrem for eczema which i sometimes get on my face around my hairline. So i always have a tube of this at home so i popped it in the fridge to cool it then applied it to the burn. I know this little tube has been doing the rounds in the blogging world but i actually did a post on this over a year ago LINK and have repurchased since then so this is NOT a PR sample, i know reviews of this has been bugging a few people on twitter recently :)

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream

The most amazing multi purpose product!! This helped amazingly as it really cooled the burn down and moisturised it at the same time.

La Roche - Posay Thermal Spring Water

Ahhhhh this was amazing!! I love water mists in the summer and so does my boyfriend. This was just a great way to cool the burn and also cool myself down. As i was so burnt but whole body was hot so this was amazing.

I then managed to make an order to get some products for the next day.

When i woke up the following morning it was still burning hot but the products i had been using did help but i knew some Aloe Vera gel would do wonders.

I was so happy when i got my hands on the Banana Boat Aloe Vera Gel and Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Creme which has mango extract in...sooooo gorgeous.

I have been slathering these on religiously to calm the burn down and to keep it hydrated and moisturised. Its been a few days now so i am happy to say its now turned into a nice bronzed colour but with some horrific tan lines hahaha.

Lesson VERY much learnt i tell ya.

From my experience and my mistakes i just wanted to say please please please wear an SPF at all times throughout the summer. Even if the sun isn't too strong, even if your only going can still catch the sun and you don't want to end up like i did :-/

It wasn't nice!


  1. Holy hell that's a bad burn! Thank goodness you had plenty of supplies to treat it. Hope it's less sore now xx

  2. I cringe everytime I look at it! Ouch!!
    I learnt my lesson after getting very burnt at Glasto a few years back, mine blistered it was so bad.


  3. WOW! I cringed SO badly looking at this, showing all my family!
    I got terribly burnt when i was in Florida and i got the LUSH Dream Cream that worked wonders!!
    I've heard watermelon is good for your sunburn too, I haven't tried it though.
    Be careful girlie!! x

  4. Ouch, that looks so flipping sore :( :( that's awful. Glad you have been able to treat it though! Just shows eh ? :( xx

  5. OUCH that looks soo painful. 8hr cream is amazing, it sorts out literally everything - such a great multi-use product xx

  6. Ouch! I can't even imagine how sore and uncomfortable that must've been! xxx

  7. Oh hunni that is soo bad! Poor you! Thats insane for just shopping! Id suggest putting suncreen on if your just sitting near a window in future! lol :) :)

  8. Owwwch that looks soooo painful, I once burnt myself on sunbeds and it was horrific pain, and yours looks even worse than that. Wishing you a speedy recovery x x x

  9. Ouch, so sore! Glad its now getting better though!!

  10. Ouch that looks sore! I once got sunburnt really bad on holiday. I now have scars on my back and chest from the scapping! :( there not bad and not have faded. I have learnt my lesson and will always use a high spf!

  11. I did that to the backs of my thighs- I sympathise with your pain!! It hurts SO much, but I put 8 hour cream on the burn and it helped cool me down, also I didnt peel or blister. I hope the next few days are not too painful for you :(

  12. OUCH! I swear by Sudocrem for nearly everything! All the other products look and sound very good. I never wear suncream but I think I probably should!

    Carly x

  13. I feel your pain! My whole chest, arms and legs are burnt raw red :( It looks like I have red socks on, but I've been slathering on cream too so it's easing now. lesson definitely learned though! xx

  14. OUCH you poor thing.This is a lesson to all of us. Hope you feel better soon xx

  15. Ouchy! If I am not careful I can burn like that. All the products you said work for me but I love the Aloe Vera Gel is AMAZING!

    Emma x.x.x

  16. Ouch! That looks so painful! I'm fair skin so if I don't layer on the sun protection I end up red raw too. Luckily I'm over-cautious so layered on the sun cream before I went out anywhere! Hope it gets better soon! x

  17. Jesus woman, that is some bad sunburn!! Hope it clears up okay. I haven't even caught any sun yet due to being very busy and having no time to be outside. Sad times.

  18. So true, the worst burns happen when you least expect. When I lived in Ireland, I suffered from some horrific burns, but now that I live in Portugal, I'm much more careful and never suffer too badly (knowk on wood).

  19. you should use 'Malibu' Not the drink obviouslt not the drink! YOu can buy it from superdrug, and it works so well! I had the worst burn lines... they didnt hurt at all the next day, despite being burning red!!

    please check out my blog and follow me back! :) x

  20. Ouch thats looks sooo sore. You poor your soo uncomfortable :o(

    Hope it eases for you soon!

    Nats. xxx


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