Sunday, 14 August 2011

Superdrug Lashes ♥

Superdrug recently launched their own range of eyelashes.

There are 8 in the range and include volume, intense volume and natural.

They range from £4.49 to £5.49
The slightly more expensive eyelashes are the Intense volume which are much thicker lashes as they have double layers so basically 2 eyelashes in 1.

I was given Natural Edition 12 at the recent Superdrug event and i went out on Friday for a meal with my family and decided to give them a try!

I have always loved fake eyelashes and used to wear them a lot. I don't know why but there came a stage were i didn't bother anymore, i guess it was to do with the fact i was happy with my current mascara as it gave me a lot of volume and applying eyelashes can be a bit of a pain.

After watching endless videos from Tanya Burr..I'm sure you all know who she is i kept practising her technique of applying fake eyelashes and eventually found it so quick and easy.

I wanted very natural make-up for the evening but fancied added something 'else' to my look and i think these eyelashes worked amazingly.

I'm sorry for the iPhone photos but i quickly snapped these in the car on the way as i forgot to take some pictures with my camera before we left.

As you can see they look so natural but give such a gorgeous look.

They gave so much volume without looking too much..they were perfect for what i wanted.

They were really easy to apply and the eyelashes felt really amazing quality so much so i think i will be able to use them again. I tend to not re use eyelashes but these stayed in perfect condition so i definitely will.

I must admit i didn't use the eyelash glue given as i always use my own glue which is the duo lash but they stayed in place all night.

They felt really natural and comfortable on the eyes i could totally forget that i was wearing them.

I am so totally impressed with these and can't wait to try more. I especially can't wait to try some intense volume lashes.

I now have my love for fake eyelashes back!!

What do you think? Have you tried the Superdrug Lashes yet?


  1. Ive heard alot of good things about these, I NEED to try them!! xx

  2. wish I could give these a go if we had superdrug here! they look gorgeous though! xo

  3. I love Superdrug! The lashes look gorgeous on you xx

  4. They look great on you. :)

    Nats. xx

  5. They look very natural and flirty, you eyes look stunning in those. I use I could get my hands on them!

  6. i love these on you, they look so natural. think i might just have to get a pair since my ardell ones are all naff now x

  7. Ahh these look stunning on you!! I tried the Volume ones and they were way too big, I definitely want to give these a go though! xx

  8. I love lashes but sometimes just can't be arsed to put them on! These look gorgeos on you, they really open up your eyes. I need to have a look at these soon x x

  9. ohh they look amazing! loving your Instagram pictures Xx

  10. do you have any tips on how to apply false eyelashes? i've always loved wearing them but cant unless im getting ready with a friend who can put them on for me!!



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