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September GlossyBox Review ♥

I know there has been a lot of Glossy Box reviews around at the moment and seeing as i have never featured a box on my blog i just wanted to share my 2 pennys worth with you to be honest as i really do love this months box!

This is actually my first ever Glossy Box. I have always loved the idea behind the box but never took the plunge to fork out a monthly payment for the box so when Glossy Box offered to send me a box to review i jumped at the chance. I thought it would be a great way for me to see if i like the idea and happy with the service before signing up.

If you are unaware of what Glossy Box is you can take a look at their website here... however just a quick run down..the idea behind Glossy Box is you pay a monthly instalment of £10 with £2.95 P+P charges and you get sent a gorgeous box filled with 5 carefully selected samples one of which will be a full size product. Its a great way to try new products and especially in the comfort of your own home. If you don't like surprises and like to pick your own products then this is really not for you.

So let me share with you the September Box.

I will just add now that each box IS different...i will go into a little more detail about that later on.

I love how amazingly packaged everything is. So pretty in pink and the stunning box is perfect to re use as storage for your make-up and beauty products.

What I Got In My Box

I was so so soooo happy when i opened my box to find i had got this one.

Unfortunately when my box arrived the HD Brow Kit had smashed meaning all the product has gone everywhere inside the box so all the products were messy and not as pretty as i hoped when i opened it but none the less the team at Glossy Box were fab and got another HD Brow Kit sent out to me the next day. I did have to clean up all the products and the box itself as once everything was clean i would put it back in the box and it would be covered again. This is a little disappointing and i totally understand that the Royal Mail really are not careful with packages but i do think Glossy Box could have put some bubble wrap about the Brow Kit. I know some peoples Brow Kit did actually come in specific HD Brow Kit box with bubble wrap in it so i don't understand why only some boxes had these but never mind it was all sorted in the end.

So what exactly did i get?

HD Brows Eye&Brow Palette
I was literally soooo happy when i saw this is my box. I have wanted to try this for aggggges. I am obsessed with perfect eyebrows. I really believe eyebrows finish a look perfectly. I love strong brows so this has always seemed the perfect product to achieve that and guess what i really is. I don't know how i survived without this. It has also made me realise i was NOT using the correct shade for my eyebrows it was far too light so the darkest shade in the foxy palette has been amazing!! At long last perfect long lasting brows. If you don't fancy using this for your brows it also doubles up as an eyeshadow palette!

L'oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil
I actually already own a bottle of this as i was given it at a L'oreal event earlier on in the summer. I really love it and was happy to see it as the full size product in the box. The Mythic Oil has the same concept as Moroccan Oil but is just a lot cheaper. It in enriched with a special blend of avocado and grape seed oil which intensely nourishes your hair leaving it soft and shiny.

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Dry Oil
I was also really happy to see this in my box. I lurrrrrve the Nuxe Dry Oil Body Shimmer so was excited to be able to try the original formula which is perfect for the coming months. The body shimmer version is great for the summer and on holidays. This is a multi use dry oil with 98% natural ingredients. You can use it on your body or hair!

Plum Eau De Parfum
I actually really do like the scent, it totally isn't me and isn't what i usually go for as it is quite musky. Unfortunately i don't like it enough to purchase it.

StriVectin Eye Concentrate
I love trying any new eye cream. I have seriously bad dark circles so i am always up for trying something new. I haven't used this enough yet to give a good enough review but so far i do really like it.

So overall i was really pleased with this months Glossy Box! If i received something like this box every month then i would be more than happy to pay the £12.95 a month. I do fear though that i wouldn't be 100% happy with each box and each product every month so i am not totally sold yet.

I do love the idea of Glossy Box and i love receiving parcels in the post so i know this would totally cheer me up in the morning before i head off to work, the only problem behind the box that i find is each month the box is different for everyone. For me personally i don't think this is very fair and i know that me being me i would always be jealous of the 'other' boxes that people receive. Guaranteed there will always be a product in the other box that i want which would put a downer on my box so for this reason again i am not totally sold on the idea yet.

I am really happy with the products i got this month and am totally grateful for Glossy Box to send me a box to review but i think for the next few months i may be sitting on the fence reading reviews and working out if this really is for me.

Did you get this months GlossyBox? Did you love your box?


  1. It looks like a great box! Shame the HD brows came bashed up, I've read a few posts with people saying the same thing :) xx

  2. I got the exact same as you and i love everything that is in mine! xx

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