Thursday, 27 October 2011

ElegantTouch Flawless French Manicure Kit ♥

First of all i just want to apologise for the slightly awful quality of my pictures...the lighting was really awful and now i am back at work i just literally have to take pictures with what ever lighting i have as i just don't have the time.

So like i just said i am now back at work after nearly 6 months off because of my knee operation. Its actually quite good to be back. I have had this Elegant Touch Flawless French Manicure Kit since the beginning of the summer and i wanted to save it to use for when i was back at work so i could have nice sophisticated nails hehe....

That is certainly what i now have :)

I have literally fallen in love with this amazing kit and think my nails will forever be manicured thanks to Elegant Touch.

The kit is so simple and easy to use..its also super quick for if your on the go.

The kit includes 56 french tips in 14 sizes, i have the short tips.
56 tips means there is enough for 4 applications
Brush on glue
Base Seal
Top Seal
Nail File

It really is true....Its finally here there perfect manicure that lasts

All you have to do is select each tip that fits flush to your nail.

Apply glue to only the white part.

Place the tip holding the tab on the end of your nail.

Press down and apply pressure.

Clip end tab and release away from the nail and white says to use nail clippers to ease it away but i didn't need to.

Apply one coat of base seal.

Then 2 coats of top seal

& Voila!!!

So easy and quick for the most gorgeous manicure.

I applied these on Tuesday evening and as i sit here and type my nails look exactly as they did in the pictures above...perfect manicured nails.
No chipping or fading they still look 100% amazing...i am so impressed!!

I do wish the kit included a nice pale pink top coat instead of a clear one..i do love the overall look now but it would be nice to sometimes have a pale pink base colour but its no harm to use a different pale pink varnish.

I really am so impressed with this kit and would recommend it to anyone...i have already recommend it to 2 people and i have only had them on for 3 days.

The kit is available in Superdrug stores for £14.95

Do you love French Manicured Nails?

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

'Untangle Your Day' Michel Mercier Detangling Brush!

You thought the Tangle Teezer was the best ever invention for a detangler brush..well you clearly haven't been introduced to the Michel Mercier 'Untangle Your Day' Detangler Brush.

So today i am going to share it with you.

It all started with a simple question...
What Michel Mercier said...
One day, while i was brushing her hair, my 12 year old daughter asked, 'Daddy why does brushing have to hurt so bad?' As a professional who has devoted my life to improving the relationship between women and their hair. I decided then and there to develop a brush that would make daily brushing an easier and more pleasant experience for women everywhere. I am proud to offer a revolutionary brush that takes care of tangles in a gentle and enjoyable way

Michel Mercier’s Untangle Your Day Detangle Brush, £14.95, is the best tear-free way to get tangle-free hair. Using 428 bristles, each with a different height, that are placed in a unique way, this detangle wonder brush disperses the pressure that brushing causes. Needless to say, this makes brushing easy with beautiful bonuses, such as less breakage and hair loss.

Whether you have European, Asian or African hair, extensions, dry or damaged hair, there is a detangle brush for you. Choose from pink for fine hair, green for normal hair or blue for thick hair.

As you all know i have a short bob and my hair is pretty fine but i have a hell of a lot of it...luckily its not thick and a lot of it as i literally wouldn't cope. I struggle with my hair and it tangling in the morning when i wake up so this has literally saved me. I did love the Tangle Teezer and still do but did feel there was something missing which is where the Michel Mercier Detangle Brush comes in brilliantly!

Whether you buy it for yourself or your little ones, Michel Mercier’s Detangle Brush gives us what we all wanted when we were little girls: A tangle-free day that doesn’t ruin our day!

The brush is available from the Michel Mercier website and selected salons.

What do you think of this?
Do you think you will be converted from you Tangle Teezer?

*PR Sample

Monday, 24 October 2011

Soap & Glory Thick & Fast Mascara Review.

I recently did a huge post on all the new Soap & Glory Cosmetics which you can read here and i said i was going to do a separate review of the new Thick & Fast Mascara so here it is today for you.
The reason i wanted to do a separate review of the Thick & Fast Mascara is that i felt i hadn't used it enough to give a full honest review but i am happy with how i feel about it now so happy to do the review for you!

They say...
This false lash effect mascara creates amazingly, longer, fuller fabulous lashes. Featuring Superfill False Lash Fillers, Shine Amplifiers and No Flake 24 Technology.

I just want to say i have naturally quite thick and full lashes with a ever so slight curl but nothing out of this world so mascara is a must for me. Just thought i would let you know as i don't have any before pictures for you to see.

I'm just going to put it out there straight away..i am really disappointed with this Mascara. I was expecting it to be pretty good as i love every single product from the new Cosmetics line which you can see from my positive reviews here. The brush is just far too big for my eyes and my eyelashes. With the brush being so large and the mascara being a rather dry formula it doesn't pick up my lashes well and it really took a lot of effort to work the brush through my lashes so they didn't clump together. Also with the brush being so big it meant it was constantly touching my eyelid leaving mascara everywhere ending up just being a huge mess.

As you can see from the pictures lashes don't have much lift or curl and that the mascara is all over my eyelids. I would definitely say from the pictures above that my eyelashes certainly don't look like false lashes.

The brush is also far too big to use on my bottom lashes!!

I guess i am expecting so much from a mascara now after finding my holy grail mascara which you can see here with before and after pictures. I am so in love with this mascara it does everything i want it to do so i think i am now comparing all mascara's to it. I know the Bourjois Rotating Mascara hasn't worked for everyone so I'm sure there are a lot of you that will love this Soap & Glory Thick & Fast Mascara. We all have different eyes and all have different eyelashes so we all love different mascaras for different reasons so please remember that.

I personally just want a lot more lift and thickness from my mascaras which why this one hasn't worked so well for me.

Some of you may like the effect of my lashes in the pictures above and i must say they don't look absolutely awful but i just much prefer and love the effect i get with the Bourjois Rotating Mascara. When i said i had found my HG mascara i really did mean it haha. I'm all up for trying new mascaras but have a feeling i am never going to love anything as much as my HG mascara!

Once again i just want to say that even though this hasn't worked for mean doesn't mean it wont work for you.
Also some mascaras do work better over time so i will be trying this again in a couple of weeks.

RRP £10!

Have you tried this mascara?
What do you think of the effect it gives my lashes?

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Rimmel London Glam Eyes HD Eyeshadows!

Rimmel London have recently launched 6 brilliant palettes each with 4 fabulous colours in each based around what i am very proud to be...British. They have incorporated the Union Jack into 6 stunning palettes. Rimmel really are going to town with the Brit collection and i think you are all going to love these palettes.

Like i said they are available in 6 different shades...
True Union Jack
Green Park
Purple Reign
Royal Blue
Black Cab
English Oak.

All fabulous name in my opinion and i have True Union Jack & English Oak to share with you today.

English Oak

True Union Jack

My gorgeous boyfriend actually surprised me with these recently and i think he did pretty well with choosing which palettes to get. He went with the safe option of English Oak as he knows i love my neutrals (yes my boyfriend knows exactly what i love and what i don't when it comes to make-up..he has had to put up with me talking about it for nearly 3 and half years now lol) he then went all out with the True Union Jack...knowing they aren't exactly colours i would wear but certainly something i would love to display on my dressing table and that is definitely where it sits.
I am very patriotic and very proud to say i live in London Town so love displaying anything with a Union Jack in my bedroom.

As you can see from the swatches above the colours are stunning shimmer shades and i have to say they have an ultra creamy texture. I love the design so much i kind of didn't want to even use them to ruin the Union Jack.
There is 6 totally different shades from greens to greys and purples which will suit any eye colour and skin tone. The shimmer and slight glitter really bring through the fun loving city of London and will certainly turn heads when rocking the London look.

The eyeshadows themselves have velvet HD technology that create the colours to look perfect under any light. Prismatic pigments catch light at multiple angles, reflecting the ideal colour for the light you are in.

I cant wait to get my hands on the other shades available...i just cant help to have the whole collection as they are just so super amazing!!

The palettes are available now from any Boots, Superdrug, Tescos, Asda!

What do you think of these palettes?
Are you loving the Union Jack?

Saturday, 22 October 2011

FrontCover AirKiss Lipstick Collection ♥

At Last! Your chance to experiment with all the shades you never dared to wear.

Its that time of year again when Boots gets fully stocked with FrontCover Christmas Kits and this is definitely one you don't want to miss!

A gorgeous magazine style box with stunning images which showcase the lipsticks in their true colours!

FrontCover's Airkiss is a range of 20 mini lipstick colours...every girls dream!
Including every lipstick colour you can think of ranging from sheer lilac's to deep rich reds and a little bubblegum thrown in for fun!

This kit is perfect for any girl with a lipstick obsession or for anyone who is either just starting out with make-up or even just starting out with lipsticks as for £20 you get to experiment with so many stunning shades.

The kit also includes a retractable lip brush and a lip pencil.

Now lets get onto the colours!

Left to Right
Cat's Nose, Chintz, Blossom, Violaceous, Hyacinth

Left to Right
Net Curtain, Peach Puff, Miss Brown, Rhubarb, Amaranthine

Left to Right
Roseate Tern, Glow Worm, Rosecealous, Charred, Firework

Left to Right
Pink Papaya, Arson, Liz Red, Santa, Red Cork

The packaging of the lipsticks is a pretty basic clear plastic with the FrontCover Logo on them. I wasn't expecting anything too fancy as they are mini lipsticks and you do get 20!!

I am so impressed with the lipsticks themselves...the colour pay off is amazing as you can see, they are so creamy and really lovely to wear.
The lip liner is fab as the colour matches each of the lipsticks in the kit. The lip brush is a little bit of a let be honest i think its really quite bad..the bristles are really really hard and it has no shape what so ever so really doesn't help with applying the lipstick. I never normally use a lip brush so this isn't too much of a problem for me.

My favourite colours from the set are...Glow Worm, Roseceaous, Firework, Pink Papaya, Red Cork & Ammaranthine.

I absolutely love this kit and have loved experimenting with colours i thought i wouldn't have normally tried.

The kit is priced at £20 and is available in Boots. All FrontCover kits are also on 3 for 2 for Christmas.

Do you like this kit?
What are your favourite colours?

Friday, 21 October 2011

VIVO Cosmetics Highlighter

You all know i have a bit of a 'thing' for highlighters so i was super happy to spot this VIVO Cosmetics Highlighter in my goody bag from The Only Way is Blogging Event last Saturday.

This is a cream highlighter that is designed to illuminate, brighten and enhanced tired complexions. You can use it mixed in with your foundation for an all over glow or dab a bit onto your cheekbones and under your brow to give a gorgeous healthy highlight.

The product itself is very thick, easy to blend then dries quickly to give a stunning gold sheen with a slight pink undertone. It also lasts literally all day!
I do love creamy liquid highlighters as they tend to give a more stunning glow than powders.

There is one slight problem with this product and its the packaging..i love the actual packaging but the top of the tube is too big meaning when you squeeze the product a huuuuge amount of product comes literally need the tiniest amount so you waste a hell of a lot of product which is really annoying. However i do love the tube packaging and the design.

You get such a great amount of product for only £5

If you aren't aware of VIVO Cosmetics they are a new brand on the scene sold exclusively in Tesco's Stores prices ranging from £1.50 to £6.00. I am so excited by this brand and cant wait to explore it more and share more products with you.

Have you tried VIVO Cosmetics yet?
Do you like the look of this Highlighter?

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Sleek Make-Up Brow Kit

I first spotted this at a Superdrug event a few months ago and gave you a sneak peak in this post here.
I am pleased to say you don't have to wait MUCH longer for it to be in stores as it is being released on the 26th of Oct so not long to go at all.

I am pretty much ALL about eyebrows. I get my eyebrows threaded every 4 weeks and like to keep them quite thick, strong and prominent. I have never had thin eyebrows i much prefer a strong brow and think it suits my face much better. Strong brows ftw!
Luckily for me brows have become one of the central emphases in the daily beauty regimes and play a huge part in make-up on the catwalk.

Gone are the days of plucking the life out of your eyebrows and a defined stand out arch are the way forward.

So lucky for us we have a great Brow Kit about to hit the Drugstore market...which is exactly what we needed, a perfect eyebrow kit for a great price and easy to access.

The new Sleek Make-Up Brow Kit is so compact and small but includes everything you need for that perfect brow...shaping wax, setting powder, mini tweezers and angle and blending brushes.

The kit will be available in light and dark and i was recently sent the light kit. Unfortunately it is a tiny bit too light for me..i have super dark hair so my eyebrows are naturally quite dark and i do like to emphasise this. The light colour does work for me if i am going for a 'no make-up' make-up look as it just fills in the caps nicely but not making them too much of a statement.

The wax is perfect for shaping and defining the brows as well as keeping them in place and the setting powder is great for filling in the caps and creating a fuller brow.

Its great the kit includes a tiny pair of tweezers so you can really keep your brows in tip top shape on the go.

For only £7.99 this kit is literally going to fly off the shelves and will soon be most girls 'must have' brow kit.

The kit will be available in Superdrug stores and on the Sleek Make-Up website. Ooooo don't you just love the new look website?!

Are you excited for this?
Do you like a strong brow?

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

NOTD Andrea Fulerton Colour Layering System - Petrol in Water!

I have had my eye on the Andrea Fulerton Nail Polish range for a while and when i saw fleur talk about this particular nail varnish in one of her video's i knew it had to be mine.

Andrea Fulerton Colour Layering System - Petrol in Water

This is a trio nail varnish known as the Layering System from Andrea Fulerton.
They consist of 2 different nail colours which are designed to be layered to create a third colour.
The layering system will have a darker colour and a lighter colour and they advise you apply the darker colour first for the true effect to happen.

So below in the darker first shade applied with one coat.

I then layered the lighter colour over top with also just one coat and this is what happened...

I expect there will have been a few jaws open and shocked faces AMAZING!!!!!

I bet you totally didn't expect that to start off as quick frankly an awful green/brown colour to then turn into such a stunning unique blue with a purple duochrome that you cant help but stare at.

This is such a different colour and will cheer up any winter outfit. I have been wearing this shade non stop i love the consistency of the nail varnish and it lasts so well.

Andrea Fulerton is available at Superdrug stores and is priced at £7.99 for the Layering System

What do you think of this shade?
Do you love the duochrome finish?
Do you love the idea of the layering system?
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