Monday, 3 October 2011

The Amazing Nailease Instant Manicure ♥

Last night i was a little excited as i had just applied these Nailease Instant Manicure Wraps...i Tweeted the above picture and a lot of you seemed to love them so i thought i would share them with you all today.

I am sorry for the Instagram pictures..i was just so excited, it was late and my camera doesn't do well with flash so i went with my trusty iPhone instead. You can add me on Instagram if you like my user name is just sophieismadeup :)

These Nailease Nail wraps require no heat what so ever and are literally THE easiest nail wraps i have ever used!!! They literally took me 10 minutes.

They include a cute little nail file and cuticle pusher which is fab and very useful!!

All you have to do is selected the correct size wrap for your nail.

Peel of the sticker on the front.

Peel of the sticker on the back and the hold the silver strip.

Simply place the wrap on the nail sticky side down with the rounded side at the nail bed.

Then firmly press down making sure there is no wrinkles. You can peel the sticker back off if you have placed it in correctly and they will be fine to re-stick. You can also stretch them vertically for more length and horizontally for more width. i had to do that quite a lot with some of them as my nails are quite wide.

Once they are all stuck down wrinkle free you fold the excess wrap over the end of your nail and simple file lightly in a down ward motion so the wrap slowly comes away from your nail...simples!!

That's heat required what so ever!

I first heard about these from Sabrina who said she had done hers in the car(not whilst she was driving haha) and you literally can do these anywhere! They really are for girls on the go. You could even do them on the tube or train on your commute to work.

If you are like me and tend to paint your nails late at night (why do we do it) these are perfect as they take no time at and have zero drying time so you can just get straight into bed without worrying about sheet marks all over your nails in the morning.

They say to last 2 weeks so seeing as i have only had them on since last night i cant comment on this but i will update you all on Twitter so you know. I can say though so far so good ;)

I am so happy i tried these as i now have a super easy option for nail art!

There are lots and lots of different designs available..i cant wait to try more maybe all haha. I picked mine up in boots for £5.99 but you can buy them HERE on the Nailease website and they also do FREE delivery which is fab.

If you are not one for nail art they also have original one colour wraps which you can find here

I cant wait to get this and this design next :)

I absolutely love these so so much and i hope you all love them too!!

Have any of you tried these Nailease Nail wraps?



  1. I love the design on these. Think I'll have to give these a try as I'm rubbish at painting nails :)

  2. I love the design of these. I haven't tried this make but I've been using Incoco nail wraps lately and I really like them - they last for so long and it's so much easier than having to paint my nails and wait for them to dry! x

  3. Wow these look amazing and sound so simple and easy too.
    The only thing that puts me off about all these nail wraps is the need to use a nail file, they absolutely go through me!
    Maybe one day I shall get over it, all in the name of pretty nails x

  4. They look amazing! The best wraps I've seen so far.


  5. So pretty! I must try these :)

  6. Iv been meaning to try nail ease for a while now! so i think i will deffo be buying some soon xx


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