Thursday, 27 October 2011

ElegantTouch Flawless French Manicure Kit ♥

First of all i just want to apologise for the slightly awful quality of my pictures...the lighting was really awful and now i am back at work i just literally have to take pictures with what ever lighting i have as i just don't have the time.

So like i just said i am now back at work after nearly 6 months off because of my knee operation. Its actually quite good to be back. I have had this Elegant Touch Flawless French Manicure Kit since the beginning of the summer and i wanted to save it to use for when i was back at work so i could have nice sophisticated nails hehe....

That is certainly what i now have :)

I have literally fallen in love with this amazing kit and think my nails will forever be manicured thanks to Elegant Touch.

The kit is so simple and easy to use..its also super quick for if your on the go.

The kit includes 56 french tips in 14 sizes, i have the short tips.
56 tips means there is enough for 4 applications
Brush on glue
Base Seal
Top Seal
Nail File

It really is true....Its finally here there perfect manicure that lasts

All you have to do is select each tip that fits flush to your nail.

Apply glue to only the white part.

Place the tip holding the tab on the end of your nail.

Press down and apply pressure.

Clip end tab and release away from the nail and white says to use nail clippers to ease it away but i didn't need to.

Apply one coat of base seal.

Then 2 coats of top seal

& Voila!!!

So easy and quick for the most gorgeous manicure.

I applied these on Tuesday evening and as i sit here and type my nails look exactly as they did in the pictures above...perfect manicured nails.
No chipping or fading they still look 100% amazing...i am so impressed!!

I do wish the kit included a nice pale pink top coat instead of a clear one..i do love the overall look now but it would be nice to sometimes have a pale pink base colour but its no harm to use a different pale pink varnish.

I really am so impressed with this kit and would recommend it to anyone...i have already recommend it to 2 people and i have only had them on for 3 days.

The kit is available in Superdrug stores for £14.95

Do you love French Manicured Nails?


  1. I love this look. I could be being thick though by not understanding how they work!?!? Hah. xx

  2. Haha I wanted to try these but like Soph, I'm confused as to how they work!! But they look gorgeous on! Really professional looking!

  3. These look great and they sound pretty impressive! definitely going to look out for them!

  4. They look great, and seem easy to use!

  5. I really need to buy these for when I travel. So much easier than finding a salon to do infills!

  6. Absolutely love this what a great idea!
    Hope your okay after your op love your blog!



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