Thursday, 13 October 2011

Liz Earle Botanical Essence No 1

I am really excited to be sharing with you Liz Earle's only fragrance... Botanical Essence No 1. You all know how much i love perfume and you all know how much i love Liz Earle so you can only imagine my excitement when this dropped through the letter box, well the postman did nicely hand it to me so it wasn't literally dropped but you get what i mean. I really do love how diverse Liz Earle is becoming and it seems i adore every addition to the range, especially this fragrance. Of course like all Liz Earle products Liz has used the finest natural botanical ingredients from around the world. They also had some expert help and skills of distinguished perfumer from Grasse, France.

I think you will have all like me spotted the gorgeous packaging this perfume comes in. Its a gorgeous dainty box with a pull out drawer which you pull with a beautiful blue ribbon tab which then shows the perfume bottle itself. The bottle is equally as stunning. Very simple but chic. Very sturdy and heavy sending that high end feel of Liz Earle across. Its not too fussy and totally suits the fragrance well.

Now i bet you all just want to know what the fragrance is really like. This fragrance is so different and something i really don't have among my array of perfumes on my dressing table. I must admit i am a fan of sweet floral perfumes however i do like a bit of musky woody scents thrown in there so when i first tried this Botanical Essence No 1 i let off a little smile as i was pleasantly surprised it had a mix of both!! Best of both worlds hey? As much as it is a mix of sweet floral and musky it is a very uplifting and fresh scent something you can wear day or night and can re apply throughout the day.

The main ingredients in the fragrance are...

High-altitude lavender from France
Damask rose from Turkey
Italian bergamot
Spicy patchouli from Indonesia

Such a stunning mix of ingredients!

Once you first spray the perfume it may appear very strong however once the fragrance has settles it is a lot more subtle. I do like to keep this as my 'grown up' 'special occasion' perfume as it is so different to the usual perfumes i wear but i love it. I love that i get so many compliments and that its so unique and unusual.

It just so happens to be the 2nd birthday for the Liz Earle Botanical Essence No 1 and Liz Earle are currently giving away 10 bottles of the perfume on their website...not only are they giving away 10 bottles the lucky 10 winners will have their initials engraved onto the lid of the bottle as an extra special birthday touch!! How lovely is that??

All you need to do is fill out this form and that's it. Good Luck!

Have you tried the Botanical Essence No1? Would do you think?


  1. Ahhhh the lady at my Liz Earle counter sprayed this on a customer whilst I was waiting and it smelt amazing! Anyone who likes this will more than likely love clarins au de jardins, its beautiful.

  2. It sounds lovely. Thanks for sharing the giveaway. I think I'll try my luck :)


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