Wednesday, 19 October 2011

NOTD Andrea Fulerton Colour Layering System - Petrol in Water!

I have had my eye on the Andrea Fulerton Nail Polish range for a while and when i saw fleur talk about this particular nail varnish in one of her video's i knew it had to be mine.

Andrea Fulerton Colour Layering System - Petrol in Water

This is a trio nail varnish known as the Layering System from Andrea Fulerton.
They consist of 2 different nail colours which are designed to be layered to create a third colour.
The layering system will have a darker colour and a lighter colour and they advise you apply the darker colour first for the true effect to happen.

So below in the darker first shade applied with one coat.

I then layered the lighter colour over top with also just one coat and this is what happened...

I expect there will have been a few jaws open and shocked faces AMAZING!!!!!

I bet you totally didn't expect that to start off as quick frankly an awful green/brown colour to then turn into such a stunning unique blue with a purple duochrome that you cant help but stare at.

This is such a different colour and will cheer up any winter outfit. I have been wearing this shade non stop i love the consistency of the nail varnish and it lasts so well.

Andrea Fulerton is available at Superdrug stores and is priced at £7.99 for the Layering System

What do you think of this shade?
Do you love the duochrome finish?
Do you love the idea of the layering system?


  1. :O WOW that is so beautiful! i'll deffo be getting that! And the models own new ones.
    I found a FAB dupe for strobe cream and its only £1.45! Please check out my review i really think its worth a read as this is a total bargain!
    love your blog as always :).

  2. It turns into such a beautiful colour! i really want to try it out but they dont do it in my local store! :/

  3. I've always wanted this nail polish too ever since i saw Fleur talking about it.
    Looks amazing !

  4. Wowza I was not expecting that. The whole layering idea is amazing. Good post x

  5. Definitely need to add this one to my collection of AF polishes x

  6. Wow i love it! i want this :D

    Holli x

  7. I love this! I saw this on Fleur's video and loved it and managed to get one :)

  8. I love it so much! I love duo chrome nail polishes! xx

  9. ooo this is great. some good scotchtape manis going on in my head now!

  10. This looks amazing!! Such a good effect :) Need to get myself to superdrug.

  11. This nail polish never fails to amaze me! I must must must own it :)


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