Sunday, 23 October 2011

Rimmel London Glam Eyes HD Eyeshadows!

Rimmel London have recently launched 6 brilliant palettes each with 4 fabulous colours in each based around what i am very proud to be...British. They have incorporated the Union Jack into 6 stunning palettes. Rimmel really are going to town with the Brit collection and i think you are all going to love these palettes.

Like i said they are available in 6 different shades...
True Union Jack
Green Park
Purple Reign
Royal Blue
Black Cab
English Oak.

All fabulous name in my opinion and i have True Union Jack & English Oak to share with you today.

English Oak

True Union Jack

My gorgeous boyfriend actually surprised me with these recently and i think he did pretty well with choosing which palettes to get. He went with the safe option of English Oak as he knows i love my neutrals (yes my boyfriend knows exactly what i love and what i don't when it comes to make-up..he has had to put up with me talking about it for nearly 3 and half years now lol) he then went all out with the True Union Jack...knowing they aren't exactly colours i would wear but certainly something i would love to display on my dressing table and that is definitely where it sits.
I am very patriotic and very proud to say i live in London Town so love displaying anything with a Union Jack in my bedroom.

As you can see from the swatches above the colours are stunning shimmer shades and i have to say they have an ultra creamy texture. I love the design so much i kind of didn't want to even use them to ruin the Union Jack.
There is 6 totally different shades from greens to greys and purples which will suit any eye colour and skin tone. The shimmer and slight glitter really bring through the fun loving city of London and will certainly turn heads when rocking the London look.

The eyeshadows themselves have velvet HD technology that create the colours to look perfect under any light. Prismatic pigments catch light at multiple angles, reflecting the ideal colour for the light you are in.

I cant wait to get my hands on the other shades available...i just cant help to have the whole collection as they are just so super amazing!!

The palettes are available now from any Boots, Superdrug, Tescos, Asda!

What do you think of these palettes?
Are you loving the Union Jack?


  1. I keep seeing these in stores and stop to have a look but never buy - i think im gonna have to get a couple as they are so pretty :)


  2. I really want the English Oak one :]

  3. I really need to have English Oak in my life. Its a gorgeous neutral pallette! xx

  4. Really love the design of these shadows! :) xx

  5. I nearly bought one of these the other day, this post has made me regret not picking one up! Think I'll be taking a trip to boots soon! x


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