Monday, 24 October 2011

Soap & Glory Thick & Fast Mascara Review.

I recently did a huge post on all the new Soap & Glory Cosmetics which you can read here and i said i was going to do a separate review of the new Thick & Fast Mascara so here it is today for you.
The reason i wanted to do a separate review of the Thick & Fast Mascara is that i felt i hadn't used it enough to give a full honest review but i am happy with how i feel about it now so happy to do the review for you!

They say...
This false lash effect mascara creates amazingly, longer, fuller fabulous lashes. Featuring Superfill False Lash Fillers, Shine Amplifiers and No Flake 24 Technology.

I just want to say i have naturally quite thick and full lashes with a ever so slight curl but nothing out of this world so mascara is a must for me. Just thought i would let you know as i don't have any before pictures for you to see.

I'm just going to put it out there straight away..i am really disappointed with this Mascara. I was expecting it to be pretty good as i love every single product from the new Cosmetics line which you can see from my positive reviews here. The brush is just far too big for my eyes and my eyelashes. With the brush being so large and the mascara being a rather dry formula it doesn't pick up my lashes well and it really took a lot of effort to work the brush through my lashes so they didn't clump together. Also with the brush being so big it meant it was constantly touching my eyelid leaving mascara everywhere ending up just being a huge mess.

As you can see from the pictures lashes don't have much lift or curl and that the mascara is all over my eyelids. I would definitely say from the pictures above that my eyelashes certainly don't look like false lashes.

The brush is also far too big to use on my bottom lashes!!

I guess i am expecting so much from a mascara now after finding my holy grail mascara which you can see here with before and after pictures. I am so in love with this mascara it does everything i want it to do so i think i am now comparing all mascara's to it. I know the Bourjois Rotating Mascara hasn't worked for everyone so I'm sure there are a lot of you that will love this Soap & Glory Thick & Fast Mascara. We all have different eyes and all have different eyelashes so we all love different mascaras for different reasons so please remember that.

I personally just want a lot more lift and thickness from my mascaras which why this one hasn't worked so well for me.

Some of you may like the effect of my lashes in the pictures above and i must say they don't look absolutely awful but i just much prefer and love the effect i get with the Bourjois Rotating Mascara. When i said i had found my HG mascara i really did mean it haha. I'm all up for trying new mascaras but have a feeling i am never going to love anything as much as my HG mascara!

Once again i just want to say that even though this hasn't worked for mean doesn't mean it wont work for you.
Also some mascaras do work better over time so i will be trying this again in a couple of weeks.

RRP £10!

Have you tried this mascara?
What do you think of the effect it gives my lashes?


  1. I haven't tried this mascara, and probably won't now seeing what little it did to your eyelashes. I hate mascara's like this, and for £10 you can get much better ones. Have you ever tried Max Factor false lash effect fusion? I swear by it! It gives my lashes so much volume and length.

    I love your other review though on S&G's cosmetics, I've been waiting for someone to do one so I could have a sneaky browse before purchasing anything :) xx

  2. Ohh, it really isnt very impressive. Was expecting quite a lot from this considering the rest of the range seems amazing!

  3. It does look nice on your lashes but definitely not as dramatic as I was expecting from its claims, the picture and it's name. Also for the price I'd be expecting a little bit more too!

    It's good that you have found a HG product that really works for you though :) xx

    @daintydollymix hey hun are you having some site problems at the moment? Header and sidebars loading OK but post area totally bank, it may just be me!

  4. i was looking at this the weekend im so glad i didnt buy it now x x

  5. Glad you've reviewed this because I was tempted to pick it up. It looks nice and natural but lets face it- most women don't want natural. We want thick, long, black, dramatic lashes!

  6. I was expecting this to be AMAZING. Have you tried the Maxfactor False Lash Effect?! It really is the best mascara EVER. Especially when combined with Rimmel Glam Eyes Day2Night!! xx

  7. I tried out this mascara too and keep getting annoyed that the brush gets all clumpy, and that when you put it back in the tube the mascara gathers around the neck of the tube because the brush is too big and then it gets everywhere! Disappointment!
    I've reviewed S&G too,


  8. So glad I read this! Was gonna cave and get this month's ELLE mag cuz it comes free with it! Gonna save my £3.90 ha!
    Cheers girl.
    I DO have a recommendation, I recently picked up Benefit's Bad Gal from a blogsale as I hadn't used it in YEARS and I forgot how awesome it is! The brush is quite thick but it gives awesome volume and separation, for me anyway!
    I also heard No 7 Exquisite Curl is good although I have yet to try it x


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