Tuesday, 25 October 2011

'Untangle Your Day' Michel Mercier Detangling Brush!

You thought the Tangle Teezer was the best ever invention for a detangler brush..well you clearly haven't been introduced to the Michel Mercier 'Untangle Your Day' Detangler Brush.

So today i am going to share it with you.

It all started with a simple question...
What Michel Mercier said...
One day, while i was brushing her hair, my 12 year old daughter asked, 'Daddy why does brushing have to hurt so bad?' As a professional who has devoted my life to improving the relationship between women and their hair. I decided then and there to develop a brush that would make daily brushing an easier and more pleasant experience for women everywhere. I am proud to offer a revolutionary brush that takes care of tangles in a gentle and enjoyable way

Michel Mercier’s Untangle Your Day Detangle Brush, £14.95, is the best tear-free way to get tangle-free hair. Using 428 bristles, each with a different height, that are placed in a unique way, this detangle wonder brush disperses the pressure that brushing causes. Needless to say, this makes brushing easy with beautiful bonuses, such as less breakage and hair loss.

Whether you have European, Asian or African hair, extensions, dry or damaged hair, there is a detangle brush for you. Choose from pink for fine hair, green for normal hair or blue for thick hair.

As you all know i have a short bob and my hair is pretty fine but i have a hell of a lot of it...luckily its not thick and a lot of it as i literally wouldn't cope. I struggle with my hair and it tangling in the morning when i wake up so this has literally saved me. I did love the Tangle Teezer and still do but did feel there was something missing which is where the Michel Mercier Detangle Brush comes in brilliantly!

Whether you buy it for yourself or your little ones, Michel Mercier’s Detangle Brush gives us what we all wanted when we were little girls: A tangle-free day that doesn’t ruin our day!

The brush is available from the Michel Mercier website and selected salons.

What do you think of this?
Do you think you will be converted from you Tangle Teezer?

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  1. ohh im yet to even try the tangle teaser, might go straight for this though, sounds really great!


  2. I am a huge tangle teezer fan but this looks just as good... xx


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