Thursday, 24 November 2011

'do they know it's Christmas time at all'

I never normally get totally into the Christmas spirit as i have to work Christmas Day but this year i am feeling ever so festive so i thought i would merit this with BarryM Red Glitter Nail Paint....oh what a imaginative name!!

This is quite a finely milled glitter polish but very thick in consistency so only needs two coats but can look a bit thick and awful. Took a lot of effort and cleaning up to make this look nice and festive. It dries matte which i didn't like so i just added a super shiny top coat to make it look extra special.

I went on the London Eye last night and had a quick mooch around the Christmas Market with the GlossyBox clan which i will be blogging about soon and thought this nail polish was perfect for the occasion.

I do love this nail polish...not so much the application and I'm sure i will feel the same about the removal however for the festive period it is perfect and will sure cheer up my Christmas Day at work boooo...anyone else have to work Christmas Day?

Do you like this festive nail polish? Do you like BarryM Nail Paints?


  1. Ooh it's lovely but I struggle with glitter polishes due to them being a nightmare to get off!
    Very festive though.
    And also, looking gorge with the new lippie on previous post.

  2. I have this and I love it! I'd recommend using it over a coat of a bright red to make it stand out even more. That way you will only need one coat of glitter, so less mess!

  3. This is perfect! I really love my Barry M nail polishes and I need to add this to my collection.

  4. I really want this nail polish!

    Holli x

  5. I have this on at the moment, but i have put a coat of bright red barry m nail polish underneath, then a coat of this on top & the glitter looks a lot more fine.

  6. It must be horrible to work on Christmas Day!

    I don't have to work thank fully. I work in Morrison's so every shop is closed. I do happen to have Christmas Eve off this year (I have worked everyone since I started at the company).

    I love Barry M nail paints, don't own this red glitter though.

  7. i loveee this polish, but it is murder to take off. not your normal glitter polish thats for sure! i remember cursing it last year. your new header looks lovely btw :) xx

  8. i don't think i would get on well with this, i hate thick polishes with glitter as they are a nightmare to get off and do sometimes look thick and gloopy on the nails and I would get annoyed with that. thanks for reviewing it. xoxo

  9. o0o0o looks pretty, will have to buy this tomorrrowww

  10. Love red glitter nail polish, can't wait to get some for the Christmas season!

  11. christmas on your nails! love it!!


  12. this looks really nice, great for Christmas. xx

  13. this couldn't be more Christmassy if it tried, I've only really got pink and purple glitters so need to pick this up to get in the festive mood!


  14. I really want this, its beautiful!!
    Check my Blog out!

  15. I've been loving this polish! I put a dark red polish underneath and a clear top coat to get the colour and sparkly-ness out. Unfortunately, taking it off is an absolute pain. :p x


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