Friday, 4 November 2011

NOTD Rimmel Pompous

Sometimes i just literally can't resist a sparkly nail varnish and when i spotted this in Boots recently i knew i couldn't pass it by, i had to pick it up and rush home to apply it to my nails.

This is from the 60 seconds Rimmel range in shade 610 Pompous.

It is a rich purple shade with a subtle red,blue and silver coloured shimmer/glitter with super amounts of shine.
Perfect for the coming cold months this is a perfect deep rich colour but adds something different with the glitter.

Application is so easy with the wide one swipe brush. I love Rimmel nail varnishes so love the formula as always!

This is such a statement shade and will certainly turn heads when wearing it.

Do you love this colour? I DO!!


  1. I bought this ages ago & I've never tried it, I'm going to dig it out later!

    Sarah xx

  2. Oooh i need this colour!

    Holli x

  3. ive seen a polish from 2true in boots that is like this, but its limited edition. im not sure of the name, but there are only 4 sparkley ones, and theres only one purple sparkley one, i might get both and review them x

  4. Wow I love this and Rimmels polishes are awesome, they don't chip and dry super fast. Thanks for sharing

  5. What a gorgeous colour! It looks lovely on x

  6. I love that colour - def going to Boots this week! X

  7. I have this, lovely gorgeous but an utter bitch to get off. For that reason, I've only worn it once in about two years!


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