Sunday, 30 December 2012

Nivea Lip Butter | Who Would You #DareToKiss?

So what with New Years Eve being tomorrow i thought i would let you in on something rather exciting happening...Nivea are attempting to break a record with the longest kissing chain on Twitter. 
Sound Fun? Do you want to be a part of it? 
Well just make sure to follow Nivea on Twitter @NiveakUK and see what happens tomorrow on NYE!!

The new Nivea Lip Butters helps ensure lips are moisturised to the max and ready for kissing...i know for sure i would #DareToKiss my amazing boyfriend Ryan this New Years Eve especially as the rich buttery balm melts instantly into the lips leaving them feeling soft and smooth, perfect to pucker up when the clock strikes midnight! 

Who would you #DareToKiss this New Years Eve...Zac Effron? Justin Timberlake? Ryan Gossling? Robert Patterson? Jake Gyllenhaal? Or your boyfriend? You tell me in the comments below and you will be in with the chance of winning the Nivea Lip Butter full set.

So pucker up and get ready to be part of the chain!!

Don't forget to follow Nivea on Twitter @NiveaUK to be in on the action.

*This is a sponsored post

Friday, 16 November 2012

L'Occitane Shea Butter Mango Flower Hand Cream

L'Occitane is known for their amazing hand creams and i can't believe i have never spoken about them before. I have been a big fan of L'Occitane for a long time now so was super happy when i saw this little gem free in this months Marie Claire Magazine. 

The Classic L'Occitane Hand Cream which is enriched with Shea Butter is now infused with gorgeous Limited Edition scents so i couldn't wait to pick up the Mango Flower scent. I adore mango's and love anything with a mango scent so knew this would be love.

I was most definitely not let down, its true love!! A sweet zingy mango fruit scent which really smells so delicious its nearly good enough to eat.

Of course the product itself is as good as ever, light, non-greasy and incredibly moisturising, it really is keeping my hands super soft during these colder days.

This scrummy scent is Limited Edition, its not just Limited Edition to Marie Claire it is available from L'Occitane Online and in store along with Rose Petal and Date Bouquet scents but you need to be quick.

I now must try the Lip Balm which is available in Mango Flower mmmmmmm

RRP £8

Do you love L'Occitane? Whats your favourite product?


M.A.C Rebel Lipstick ♥

M.A.C Lipsticks are honestly my weakness...if i had all the money in the world i would own every single M.A.C Lipstick out there and would proudly wear a different shade each day, that is incredibly sad i know. 

Unfortunately i don't have all the money in the world but do like to treat myself to a M.A.C Lipstick every so often.

Now to be totally honest i actually popped down to M.A.C at work to pick up M.A.C Diva, me being silly Sophie i ended up with Rebel instead...don't ask me how but i am pretty pleased with the mix up.

I adore Rebel and don't think as far as i know that it is as popular as M.A.C Diva which makes me like it that little bit more, although i still want Diva haha.

You all know that i am loving a dark lip for this season and M.A.C Rebel is certainly on the top of my favourites list. It is a deep pinkish-purple with semi matte finish with soooo much colour pay off. It applies to the lips amazingly and leaves them super soft as it is a satin finish. The colour lasts for hours and wears away really nicely. 

I do have a fair few M.A.C Lipsticks so if you liked this post and would like to see a certain M.A.C Lipstick shade then by all means please leave me a comment with the shade and i would love to post about it.

What do you think of this shade? Do you love M.A.C Lipsticks?


Benefit How To Look The Best At Everything Kit ♥

I did promise that i had a few amazing kits from Benefit to share with you and this How To Look The Best At Everything Kit is the next one i would like to show you. This gorgeous book of base must-haves includes a selection of their classic products to achieve a flawless look.

The Porefessional which is actually one of my favourite Benefit products, i must review it fully for you all one day, it is a Pro Balm which minimizes the appearance of pores and gives such an amazing base for foundation. Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Brightening Foundation in the shade Champagne. The ever so famous Boi-ing Concealer in shades 01 & 02 which really do combat dark circles amazingly well!! Hello Flawless Powder again in the shade Champagne and then to top it all off a super soft small powder brush.

I have to admit when this How To Look The Best At Everything Kit* landed on my desk i was so incredibly excited to see a mini Hello Flawless Foundation and also the Hello Flawless Powder...i had wanted to try both for such a long time. I most definitely was not disappointed i absolutely adore both but maybe the Hello Flawless Powder a little bit more as it seriously gives such a smooth flawless matte-ish finish. I think i prefer it that tiny bit more as the foundation was maybe just one shade too dark for me otherwise i still did love the finish the foundation gave me.

In the picture above i am wearing everything from this kit along with Benefit CORALista Blusher. I literally love what a flawless look the kit has given me but still looking natural at the same time!!

Two things i love about this i love how you get to sample four amazing classics from Benefit and two how it is in such a cute handy kit which is great for travelling and taking anywhere with you.

On the downside my bank balance is going to hate me when i need to purchase the full size Hello Flawless Foundation and Hello Flawless Powder.

RRP £24.50 & available HERE

Benefit you never fail to amaze me!!!

Do you love the look of this kit? What are you favourite Benefit Products? 

Please Vote For Me - LoveLite's Ultimate Beauty Blogger 2012

Hello Doll's

I do hope you are all well.

I just wanted to quickly let you all know that i have been shortlisted for the LoveLite's Ultimate Beauty Blogger 2012 

It would absolutely mean the world if you would vote for me, so if you like my blog then please vote for me 


All you need to do is click on the little dot before Sophie Is Made Up and vote, that's it!

It would make me squeeeeeeaaaaal with excitement and i may even do a little dance if i were to win!!

Thank-you all so much in advance.



Sunday, 11 November 2012

Bourjois Queen Attitude Volume Mascara ♥

Mascara is one of those products i am always changing up and trying new ones, as they don't last very long it is pretty easy to try lots and lots, which i have. I do adore my YSL Shocking Mascara loads but when that had run out this new Bourjois Queen Attitude Volume Mascara* landed on my desk so i thought i would give it a whirl. I have always loved Bourjois Mascara's especially the Volume Fast & Perfect Rotating Mascara i don't know what it is but my lashes just love to have a bit of Bourjois on them ;) 

Queen Attitude Mascara is a multi-benefit volumising mascara designed to make the most of your eyes. It has a brand new brush and formula, it also works to emphasise the outer lashes for a bewitching look. The new brush is a little different, i think some people may struggle with it at first and wonder how it can actually do anything as it is quite a slim brush, i know i found it a little odd at first as i am so used to big fat brushes. Don't be deceived by this little brush it really does volumise and stretch the lashes to extreme with the emphasis on the outer lashes to enlarge and open the eyes. I never thought such a small brush could work so well, i absolutely love it. It doesn't give me as much volume as the Rotating Mascara but it gives a much more natural look which i really really love for during the day. You can always build up this mascara as well to give a much more dramatic look if that's what you prefer. 

To really accentuate the 'Cleopatra Look' apply the mascara while sweeping your lashes sideways, your eyes will immediately appear wider and bigger!

There is one shade for this mascara which is Noir Intense, a deep dense and vibrant black!

It is paraben free and has an easy to remove formula.

I really cant fault this mascara at all, i really love it!

You will have a wait a little longer to try this mascara as it its not being launched until the 30th of November, but it will however be definitely worth the wait.

RRP £9.49

What do you think of this mascara? Do you love Bourjois?

Monday, 29 October 2012

Bourjois Faux & Fabulous Miss Couture Lashes ♥

Bourjois recently released a new range of false lashes and they are definitely not to be missed. The range is called Faux & Fabulous and has 5 different styles within the range. I was lucky enough to be sent a few from the range and couldn't wait to share them with you. 

Seeing as Halloween is only a couple of days away i thought i would show you the most stunning lashes ever...Miss Couture!! 

Bourjois have teamed up with Paperself to create an innovative, creative and stylish lash design..Miss Couture. Paperself is the worlds leading wearable paper art brand for lashes and they are really pulled out all the stops for this colab with Bourjois. The lashes are a stencil like pattern in a delicate leaf style and i have to say i am totally in love.

What i love most is that the lashes can be so unique to you as you can cut them and style them how you wish. I thought i would just stick with the standard long strip although i had to cut a tiny bit off the end but you can get really creative with these and even apply a small leaf to your bottom lashes...if you would like me to create this and share it with you i would be more than happy so do let me know.
Now the lashes were ridiculously easy to apply and this was thanks so a little tool which Bourjois has also recently released but you will have to wait just a little bit longer to find out all about it ;) Stay tuned for a post coming soon.

Considering the size and style of the lashes they are actually really comfortable and didn't annoy me at all which sometimes does happen with false lashes.

All of the Faux & Fabulous Lashes have up to 4 times wear which is really fantastic and are so affordable ranging from £5.99 to £10.99! Miss Couture being the slightly more expensive lashes at £10.99 but they are so totally worth it.

They are so stunning and a little too nice for Halloween but if you were looking for something just like this for your Halloween costume i think they are perfect. They would also be perfect for a burlesque or masquerade look or even for a Christmas Party if you really wanted to push the boat out. Unfortunately i am typing this post up still wearing the lashes with no-where to go...oh well i am happy to rock around the house on a Monday night creeping my boyfriend out a bit haha!

Like i said earlier there are 5 different lashes within the Faux & Fabulous range...

Smokey Eyes
Rock Chic
More Volume
Lady in Black 
Miss Couture

I have Smokey Eyes and More Volume which i will be sharing with you soon!

I really hope you adore these lashes as much as i do.

They are available now from Boots Superdrug & Asos I just noticed that they are actually on offer in Superdrug with £5 off the RRP AMAZING!!!! Snap them up quickly girls!

Do you love these lashes? Have you tried the Bourjois Faux & Fabulous Lashes yet?

Soap & Glory Peaches & Clean Review

I really really reeeeeally adore Soap & Glory and can pretty much say it is one of my all time favourite brands, i have never used a Soap & Glory product and not liked much so i have quite a lot of products to share with you so you will for sure being seeing lots of Soap & Glory posts popping up in your dashboard from me in the coming weeks, i hope you don't mind i just have so much to share with you!

First of all i want to show you my all time favourite/can't live without product.

It Purifies! Can Energize! And Melts Away Make-Up! Its....

Peaches & Clean

4-in1 Wash Off Deep Cleansing Milk
Special Clogged T Zone Formula

Since first using this cleanser around 4 months ago i have not looked at another cleanser skin absolutely loves this stuff!!

This cleanser is said to be for all skin types and just for reference i have normal/dry skin.

It is also said to be a milk but to be honest it is much more of a creamy cleanser rather than a thinner milk consistency either way i think i prefer the fact it is thicker!

As soon as you pump the product out the bottle (i love the fact it is a pump bottle, makes life so much easier) you get an instant whiff of the gorgeous scent of peaches mixed with an ever so slight hint of mint..its so scrummy and so refreshing great for those early mornings!

It removes every scrape of make-up in the evening and makes my skin feel so soft, fresh and amazing in the morning. I do use it in conjunction with a muslin cloth, i don't use an exfoliate as my skin is dry and sensitive  so the muslin cloth is gentle enough just to buff away at any dead skin ect without being so harsh on my skin and also cleansing it at the same time.

I also use this as a 'mini facial' if you like...once a week normally on a Sunday i apply around 2 pumps all over my face without rubbing in and leave for 7-10 minutes as a face mask. As it contains Detoxyboost Technology it really gives a deep clean and leaves my skin feeling amazing!

It also contains peach extract with skin smoothing fruit acids, quillaja bark which is a natural gentle soap, jojoba oil again for softening the skin, the detoxyboost to help purify and deep clean and then lastly poreshrink to give a clearer fresher brighter complexion. 

Soap & Glory say in their opinion its the best cleansing milk on the market and in Sophieismadeup opinion it really really must try it!! For £7.99 it is an absolute bargain and lasts such a long time.

Soap & Glory is currently on 3 for 2 at Boots so you have no excuse to try and also pick up 2 other amazing products..i can guarantee you wont be disappointed.

Do you love Soap & Glory? Have you tried Peaches & Clean?

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Benefit Peek-a-Bright Eyes Illuminating Kit Review

Benefit are really pushing the boat out recently with their little 'how to' kits and i have to say i love them all. I have a few to share with you over the coming weeks but when the Peek-a-Bright Eyes Illuminating Kit* landed on my desk my eyes lit up and i knew i had to share this little beaut with you first. 

Lets just start with the most amazing packaging!!! We all know Benefit are renowned for their fun, quirky and girly packaging and that's why a lot of us out there love Benefit but this packaging is really something special. The fun sparkly holographic-ness is just everything i want to be able to show off a beauty product or even display on my dressing table and this for sure takes pride place up top instead of hidden away in my draws. I just love it..have you ever seen packaging like it?? Well done Benefit its truly stunning.

Right so now my love for packaging is well and truly out there lets get onto the products themselves.

The Peek-a-Bright Eyes Kit includes everything you need to illuminate tired eyes, this is something i am always desperately trying to battle with..working shift work and crazy hours like 4:30am means my already incredibly dark circles are not helped with the lack of sleep and waking up at crazy o clock so this little kit literally has everything i need to quickly perk up my eyes when i am getting ready at 3 am. I just love that everything is also in one place, everything i need to battle my dark circles is in one amazing kit because lets face it who wants to be searching around for a million different products that early in the morning?!

There are three gorgeous eye-shadow colours in the kit, a light shimmer base colour, a contouring dark brown shade and the perfect nude again for brightening. Not only does it have 3 amazing brightening eye-shadows it comes with an Eye Bright which is a pink cream formula which again is fantastic for brightening under the eyes..i have loved the pencil version of this product for years. Now that's not all, it also includes two brushes a concealer brush and a double ended eye-shadow brush for all over colour and lining the eyes too.

Isn't it just ever girls dream? A palette with gorgeous neutral shades which also brighten the eyes!

The eye-shadows are so creamy, pigmented and easy to work with and blend. I can't really comment on how well they last as i have super oily eyelids so i have to use a primer, so with that the majority of eye-shadows i wear will stay put all day.

This really is such a great everyday kit and also the most perfect kit for travelling, its the perfect size so wont take up too much space and has literally everything you need inside.

Peek-a-Bright Kit for sure gets a huge thumbs up from me!! Thank-you Benefit for giving me the perfect product to help banish those damn bags at 3 in the morning, you really are a life saver.

You can buy this kit online now and in stores for £24.50

What do you think of this kit? Are you a Benefit fan? Do you love the packaging?


Wednesday, 24 October 2012

LUSH Party Popper Christmas Bath Bomb Review

I am loving LUSH soooo much at the moment, especially the amazing new Christmas products so expect lots of reviews in the coming weeks. Today i am starting with the LUSH Party Popper.  I believe this is a new bath bomb this year and i can for sure see it being a huuuuge hit with LUSH fans! 

The bright pink and blue cone shape bath bomb spins around your bath releasing a real party in your bath. It turns the water pink whilst fizzing like crazy around the water as it has popping candy inside..yep that's right popping candy..the fun doesn't stop there though. Whilst the popping candy is popping away out comes confetti that is made out of dehydrated honeydew melon soap flakes!!! You can even pick up the flakes and wash with them...uh-maziiiing! 

With a fragrance of bergamot and tangerine oils it is very reminiscent of dry champagne and party drinks so this will definitely get you in the party mood before an evening out. Or if you don't fancy baring the snowy winter months just cosy down into a hot bath with party popper and have your very own swish champagne party in your bathroom!!

As you can see from the pictures above, not that much confetti came out but they are rather large pieces which is totally enough to dissolve in your bath or wash with..i just loved the scent of them so much.

You have to be quite quick with the popping candy as it doesn't last too i wanted to take pictures i put the bath bomb in first then snapped away so by the time i had actually got in the bath the popping candy had stopped..oh to be a beauty blogger and need to photograph everything lol. I do however love it enough to keep repurchasing so at least then i wont need to take a picture each time and can actually enjoy being in the bath whilst the candy goes mad. At only £2.95 i think its an amazing price for such a fun unique bath bomb!

Have you tired this yet? Are you excited by all the fun Christmas LUSH products? What is your favourite?

Rimmel London Kate Moss Matte Lipstick #110

Ever since braving the red lip a few weeks ago i have been addicted to bold lips ever since, i now adore plum berry lips, bright red and dark red lips..what will be next?

My current favourite HAS to be Kate Moss for Rimmel London Matte lipstick in shade 110 Rossetto! The matte lipsticks are a new line for Kate and i have to say they are really impressive. The staying power is fabulous and when they do wear off they don't blotch and look awful they fade nicely. Although they are a matte range to be honest i don't feel they are totally matte they are almost a matte satin finish. They glide on beautifully giving an opaque finish with one swipe. Most matte lipsticks can be quite scary and i know a lot of people tend to stay clear as they can really highlight imperfections on the lips and also dry lips but these Kate Moss lipsticks have none of that. They are so creamy and so true to colour. Unlike a lot of red lipsticks this one is really comfortable to wear and easy, i don't have to keep checking my mirror every 10 seconds to check everything is still in place OK.

The shade 110 is a very bright coral red and that's what i love most about it, its totally different to any other reds i own. To be honest every shade in the range is gorgeous and definitely worth checking out..i now have my eye on 117 and 107 can you tell I'm liking the dark lip??

I will just say that they do have quite a strong scent to the lipstick, i personally love it but i know a lot of people won't so just bare that in mind if you prefer your products to have no scent. It is a fruity scent but you can slightly taste it once applied as well.

The packaging has changed from the standard Kate Moss Lipstick range it is now bright red which again is true love for me..i love that it stands out so much!

I can see these becoming my all time favourite drugstore/high street lipstick!!

What do you think of this colour? Do you love the Kate Moss Lipsticks?
Have you tried the matte range?
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