Sunday, 29 January 2012

January Special Edition Valentines GLOSSYBOX ♥

Ok Ok i know i said last month that i was literally bursting with excitement to share the December GLOSSYBOX box with you but this month is literally on another level!!! I am bursting at the seems, its has been the longest couple of days everrrrr as i have had this box since Thursday but can now finally share it with you.

I guess you of have probably noticed that this months box is HOT PINK!!!!!!! 
Its not in its signature dusty pink box but like the special December Red box GLOSSYBOX have pulled out all the stops with a bright Hot Pink Box for Valentines Day.

I have just got to put it out there now......

I am literally in love with the hot pink box and really really really wish hope and pray that GLOSSYBOX may make this permanent......pleeeeeease ;)
It makes it so super unique and i think any girl would be happy with the colour combination...don't you agree?

The baby pink stuffing, grey ribbon and super cute hot pink heart really make this box something special and all the colours together look so cute and i am going to definitely keep this box out on my dressing table for the whole world to see!

So on to the products in this months box...

Davines Authentic Moisturising Balm - This is a moisturising, organic, safflower oil based balm with a trebel action. It can be used on hair, face and body. You can use it as a make-up remover and also you can use it for an intense body moisturiser on damp skin. You can also use it on the ends of your hair for intense moisture. Its such a versatile product and with a generous sample of 75ml you really can get to try out the all possibilities and find out whats best for you!

Davines Authentic Cleansing Nectar - Again a really versatile product for body and hair. This is a super moisturising shower gel with an oily texture. It can also be used as a shampoo however if you suffer with oily hair i would say this isn't for you. I am really interested in Davines as a brand now that i have been introduced to a few products. I love that the formula's are made from 98-100% natural origin ingredients. They also smell really lovely with a hint of citrus, floral and cedarwood!

FAB Gentle Body Wash - Slightly disappointing that there is 2 body wash products in this months box however i have been really impressed by FAB products from a previous sample in a previous box and i am really loving this body wash. It is great for my sensitive skin and with only a slight scent my skin is really loving it. I just wish there wasn't 2 body wash products in the box :(

Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner - I was really excited to see this product in my box as i have been so interested by Eyeko since they had a make over as i loved all of their original products and have wanted to try some of the newer products for a while. In my box was a skinny eyeliner in the colour 'powder pink' From the swatch above you may think that the eyeliner is not even visible and so not pigmented however as its such a pale pink shade it works perfectly in the water line to really brighten the eye. I wear a flesh toned pencil in my water line pretty much every day so even though 'powder pink' isn't the most adventurous bold colour it look gorgeous on the water line. It works even better than my current pencil of choice as this has so much more of a pink tone to it and makes my green eyes really stand out!!

Murad Hybrids Skin Pefecting Primer Dewy Finish - This is a 2-in-1 problem solver which provides a shine free finish that creates a smooth canvas. Hiding any imperfections and pores whilst giving a dewy healthy look. This has adaptive technology meaning the flesh tone product adapts to your skin tone. It is an oil free formula which is also available in a matte finish rather than a dewy finish. I have some bad boy pores on my nose and this really helps to minimise them which i love!!

Also included is a cute GLOSSYBOX mint which you can see in one of the pictures above.

I will be honest this isn't my favourite GLOSSYBOX products wise i adore it but i feel there have been better products in other boxes. I have also seen that there has been some Clarins products in other boxes this month and to be honest i am soooo disappointed i didn't receive those products as i love Clarins!! This is the only negative i have about GLOSSYBOX is that not all boxes are the same which is such a shame.

Don't get me wrong there are 3 stand out products for me which i have been using since i received the box and love but there have been other products i have loved more in previous months.

I still get uber excited for my GLOSSYBOX every month do you??

What do you think of this months GLOSSYBOX?
Do you love the hot pink box?

*Being a GlossyBox Ambassador means i do get sent the box for free and a little earlier than the subscribers but i have said it once and i will say it again this does not influence my review is always 100% honest!

Friday, 13 January 2012

Round 2 | The Amazing Japonesque Brushes ♥

You may remember a couple of weeks ago i introduced you all to some new brushes from an up and coming brand can read my original review HERE!

Well today i have some more brushes to share with you as i was very kindly sent some more after my previous review.

If you are totally new to Japonesque and haven't seen my previous review then definitely check it out as i give an in depth introduction into the brand.

I have four more of the travel brushes and love these even more...i really am falling more and more in love with Japonesque Brushes.

I am going to start with my favourite brush from the four as i literally cant keep my excitement all just neeeed to know about this brush.

The brush i am talking about is the Angled Foundation brush..a synthetic brush. Now i am one for using a large flat top brush to buff my foundation in quick and easy. I originally loved a traditional foundation brush then found it started making my foundation really streaky so at imats last year i purchased a large flat top brush which i have been using ever since...little did i know this was doing me no favours. When i first used the Japonesque Angled Foundation brush with my usual M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid Foundation i thought it was applying my foundation really evenly and quite thin..this wasn't a bad thing as i was still getting the same amount of coverage of course as i was still using the same foundation. It was applying my foundation like a dream, the brush is so incredibly soft for a synthetic brush and the bristles are really flexible meaning you get lots of movement with the brush. I was able to get into all those small annoying areas as the brush is angled. It may take a little longer than buffing your foundation but boy does it give a better finish. I realised after the first time i used it that my usual way of applying my foundation was in theory 'caking' it on making it look far too heavy. The Japonesque Angled Foundation Brush makes it even and gives it more of a natural finish which is what all us girls love.

I 100% love this brush and am now so happy i have a holy grail foundation and holy grail brush. I never ever thought i would go back to using a synthetic foundation brush!

The Eyeshadow Crease brush is definitely another favourite. A short dense natural bristle brush perfect for creating a smokey eye. This brush is super soft and the perfect shape and size for my crease. It is dense but you get a lot of movement from it meaning working the brush backwards and forwards in the crease is so quick and easy!

Now the Angled Brow Definer is pretty similar to the angled brush i reviewed previously but it is much smaller. It is more of a precision brush so you can create even more perfect brow shapes. It is designed to give you the perfect arch or 'Scouse Brow' as its now known ;) Who doesn't love a sScouse Brow?? If its good enough for Kate Middleton its good enough for me! I know i love a statement brow so like the other angled brush this has become a firm favourite in my make-up bag!

Last up in the Concealer brush. A flat synthetic brush. Now i only ever use a flat concealer brush for blemishes, i always use a fluffy brush for my dark circles so i must admit i have only been using this brush in certain areas. For me a flat concealer brush just doesn't cover up my bad boy dark circles..they are hideous and need some extra help in the mornings. For covering up small areas though it is is really soft and is the perfect size. Another great use i found for this brush is to use it with my highlighter for under my brow bone..tis perfect!!

So what do you think?

Japonesque is certainly becoming one of my top brush/tool brands.

Just a quick heads up all Japonesque Brushes are currently on a deal in Boots

If you buy one Japonesque Brush you get the second HALF PRICE!!!

That's an amazing deal if you ask me so definitely be sure to check them out.

Have you tried any Japonesque Brushes yet?

NOTD Orly Oh Cabana Boy!

Hey girls

I was having a ponder in Boots the other day and had loads of points on my Boots card so i thought why not treat myself to Orly Oh Cabana Boy!

I know, i know..your all probably thinking that in my last post i said i was loving the dark vampy colours from O.P.I well i saw this on fleurs blog and i just had to have it and share it with you.

Its not very in season but it just had to be done :)

This is the brightest pink i have ever is literally a fluorescent pink with blue undertones and slight blue shimmer!!

Its literally amazing!

Application was a dream like all Orly products and i cant wait to show it off ;)

This will 'fo sure' be my 'go to' colour in the summer & for my holiday next month.

Do you like bright pinks?
Do you like Orly Nail Varnishes?

Thursday, 12 January 2012

O.P.I Best Of The Best | Review & Swatches ♥

Hello ladies..i have lots of photos and swatches for you today.
I received this amazing set for Christmas from my boyfriend and i couldn't wait to share it with you all.
10 of the best, most popular and famous shades from O.P.I in mini bottles.
Perfect for someone like me who never ever uses up a whole bottle of nail polish (or is that just me)

Left to Right
Alpine Snow, Bubble Bath, Tickle My France-y, Strawberry Margarita, Cajun Shrimp

Left to Right
Big Apple Red, I'm Not Really a Waitress, You Don't Know Jacques! Russian Navy, Lincoln Park After Dark

I have to say i love a lot of these colours and there are one or two that i was really super disappointed with.
Alpine Snow and You Don't Know Jacques! were the two i was totally disappointed with..Alpine Snow was just a streaky mess and You Don't Know Jacques! was a lot more of a green colour that i thought it was going to be just from looking at it in the bottle!

My favourites have to be I'm Not Really a Waitress, Lincoln Park After Dark, Cajun Shrimp, Strawberry Margarita and Tickle My France-y. I must admit i am pretty damn new to O.P.I Nail Lacquers, i mean i have a few of the Limited Edition shades that most crazy bloggers go wild for but with the 'main' shades i guess i have just always by passed them and i cannot believe that it has taken me so so long to try Lincoln Park After Dark, isn't it pretty much the most 'famous' O.P.I shade ever? I have heard so much about it during my few years as an avid beauty blogger however never took the plunge with actually purchasing...never late than never hey?! Its basically black with a hint of purple/plum and its the most perfect dark vampy colour and i am pretty pleased i have discovered it now as i still have a few more months to wear it before it lies to bed whilst my brights come out to play for summer!

I now can't wait for Spring/Summer so i can show case Cajun Shrimp and Strawberry Margarita!!

I am now officially an O.P.I convert!!

This set i believe has sold out on most places online as it went on sale however it is available on Amazon and eBay if you have a little search.

What are your favourite O.P.I shades?
What do i need in my life?
Is this the most perfect set?

Thursday, 5 January 2012

December Christmas Edition Joliebox 2011

I do apologise that this is a seriously over due post but i am just trying to catch up from my little Christmas break.

I am sure you have all seen the December Christmas Edition Joliebox however i just wanted to share my thoughts with you as well.

I'm sure some of you may be wondering who Joliebox are as they are pretty new for us on the beauty box scene. Well the once known Boudoir Prive Box has now joined forces with the leading French beauty box Joliebox and have created the boxes of all boxes ;P

Boudoir Prive is now known as Joliebox UK

The colour scheme from Boudoir Prive is now out the window and in is a sleek much smaller sophisticated black box with a cream, red and black interior.
I am happy they have decided to steer away from the pink box as i feel it mimicked other boxes on the market too much and now Joliebox has its own identification.

Each box still has the same chic French flavour, contains 5 or 6 deluxe samples and the price and payments will remain the same.

So what did i get in the December Joliebox?

OPI Gold Shatter Nail Lacquer
Mitchell and Peach Shower Wash
New CID Cosmetics i-gloss
Jane Iredale 24 - Karat Gold Dust
Yon-ka Vital Defense

Bonus Products

Kusmi Detox Tea
Joliebox Concealer Brush

Wow what a lot of products hey with some added bonus products which is always a win.

Now i really like the majority of the products in this box however there are 2 i really wont use and 1 i absolutely LOVE ♥

Kusmi Detox Tea just really isn't for me and i am glad it was a bonus product as i would have been really disappointed if it was included in the 5 or 6 deluxe samples of the box. I know some people will really enjoy this but it just really isn't for me.

Also i really don't get on with the Jane Iredale 24 - Karat Gold Dust. I have the shade silver and to be honest really really don't see the point in it? Why would i use a silver shimmer powder for a highlight? I could possibly use it on my eyes but definitely not on my face or cheeks. It did say i was getting the rose gold shade on my card and i think i would have really loved that. Rose gold sounds so much more gorgeous than a silver glittery mess.

My favourite product from the box is the New CID Cosmetics i-gloss in the shade Baby Doll. I have been intrigued by New CID Cosmetics for a long time now so was excited to see this in my box. Baby Doll is a stunning coral shade with an ever slight hint of gold shimmer. The most amazing thing about the product is that it is a light up lipgloss which means it has a light attached which comes a light when you un screw the lid. Not only does it have the light it has a mirror on the side of it so when you are out and about in the dark or at a party you can re apply your lipgloss perfectly. Gimmicky or not i adore it and think its a fab idea.

Overall i am happy with this box as there are some products i will definitely use and i love the new look and the marriage with Joliebox

Did you get this months Joliebox?
Did you like it?
Are you happy about the marriage?
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