Thursday, 5 January 2012

December Christmas Edition Joliebox 2011

I do apologise that this is a seriously over due post but i am just trying to catch up from my little Christmas break.

I am sure you have all seen the December Christmas Edition Joliebox however i just wanted to share my thoughts with you as well.

I'm sure some of you may be wondering who Joliebox are as they are pretty new for us on the beauty box scene. Well the once known Boudoir Prive Box has now joined forces with the leading French beauty box Joliebox and have created the boxes of all boxes ;P

Boudoir Prive is now known as Joliebox UK

The colour scheme from Boudoir Prive is now out the window and in is a sleek much smaller sophisticated black box with a cream, red and black interior.
I am happy they have decided to steer away from the pink box as i feel it mimicked other boxes on the market too much and now Joliebox has its own identification.

Each box still has the same chic French flavour, contains 5 or 6 deluxe samples and the price and payments will remain the same.

So what did i get in the December Joliebox?

OPI Gold Shatter Nail Lacquer
Mitchell and Peach Shower Wash
New CID Cosmetics i-gloss
Jane Iredale 24 - Karat Gold Dust
Yon-ka Vital Defense

Bonus Products

Kusmi Detox Tea
Joliebox Concealer Brush

Wow what a lot of products hey with some added bonus products which is always a win.

Now i really like the majority of the products in this box however there are 2 i really wont use and 1 i absolutely LOVE ♥

Kusmi Detox Tea just really isn't for me and i am glad it was a bonus product as i would have been really disappointed if it was included in the 5 or 6 deluxe samples of the box. I know some people will really enjoy this but it just really isn't for me.

Also i really don't get on with the Jane Iredale 24 - Karat Gold Dust. I have the shade silver and to be honest really really don't see the point in it? Why would i use a silver shimmer powder for a highlight? I could possibly use it on my eyes but definitely not on my face or cheeks. It did say i was getting the rose gold shade on my card and i think i would have really loved that. Rose gold sounds so much more gorgeous than a silver glittery mess.

My favourite product from the box is the New CID Cosmetics i-gloss in the shade Baby Doll. I have been intrigued by New CID Cosmetics for a long time now so was excited to see this in my box. Baby Doll is a stunning coral shade with an ever slight hint of gold shimmer. The most amazing thing about the product is that it is a light up lipgloss which means it has a light attached which comes a light when you un screw the lid. Not only does it have the light it has a mirror on the side of it so when you are out and about in the dark or at a party you can re apply your lipgloss perfectly. Gimmicky or not i adore it and think its a fab idea.

Overall i am happy with this box as there are some products i will definitely use and i love the new look and the marriage with Joliebox

Did you get this months Joliebox?
Did you like it?
Are you happy about the marriage?


  1. I always get so jealous reading these posts, because not many of these companies send the boxed to Ireland! You got a great box, especially the OPI polish; very jealous! x

  2. Oh wow that's some really good products, might have to invest in one of these :)

  3. omg you got silver!! im so jealous! if you dont want it, i will gladly swap!!

  4. Such a good box! I love the new look of it as well :)
    Tor @ That's Peachy Fashion Blog xx

  5. I always get really excited about my Glossybox, but now that Boudoir Prive have joined forces with Joliebox I'm thinking about subscribing to this one too!

  6. I loved this box(except the tea!) and cant wait for the next one!
    great post.

  7. I subscribed to glossybox but now I am thinking about getting boudoir prive.

    check out my new post

  8. ahhh wish i still lived in the UK so i could sign up :( sad times
    anyway, everything looks lovely

  9. Wow! Those are really great products!

    Check out my blog:)

    Fashions on Top
    Fashions on Top Twitter


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