Friday, 13 January 2012

Round 2 | The Amazing Japonesque Brushes ♥

You may remember a couple of weeks ago i introduced you all to some new brushes from an up and coming brand can read my original review HERE!

Well today i have some more brushes to share with you as i was very kindly sent some more after my previous review.

If you are totally new to Japonesque and haven't seen my previous review then definitely check it out as i give an in depth introduction into the brand.

I have four more of the travel brushes and love these even more...i really am falling more and more in love with Japonesque Brushes.

I am going to start with my favourite brush from the four as i literally cant keep my excitement all just neeeed to know about this brush.

The brush i am talking about is the Angled Foundation brush..a synthetic brush. Now i am one for using a large flat top brush to buff my foundation in quick and easy. I originally loved a traditional foundation brush then found it started making my foundation really streaky so at imats last year i purchased a large flat top brush which i have been using ever since...little did i know this was doing me no favours. When i first used the Japonesque Angled Foundation brush with my usual M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid Foundation i thought it was applying my foundation really evenly and quite thin..this wasn't a bad thing as i was still getting the same amount of coverage of course as i was still using the same foundation. It was applying my foundation like a dream, the brush is so incredibly soft for a synthetic brush and the bristles are really flexible meaning you get lots of movement with the brush. I was able to get into all those small annoying areas as the brush is angled. It may take a little longer than buffing your foundation but boy does it give a better finish. I realised after the first time i used it that my usual way of applying my foundation was in theory 'caking' it on making it look far too heavy. The Japonesque Angled Foundation Brush makes it even and gives it more of a natural finish which is what all us girls love.

I 100% love this brush and am now so happy i have a holy grail foundation and holy grail brush. I never ever thought i would go back to using a synthetic foundation brush!

The Eyeshadow Crease brush is definitely another favourite. A short dense natural bristle brush perfect for creating a smokey eye. This brush is super soft and the perfect shape and size for my crease. It is dense but you get a lot of movement from it meaning working the brush backwards and forwards in the crease is so quick and easy!

Now the Angled Brow Definer is pretty similar to the angled brush i reviewed previously but it is much smaller. It is more of a precision brush so you can create even more perfect brow shapes. It is designed to give you the perfect arch or 'Scouse Brow' as its now known ;) Who doesn't love a sScouse Brow?? If its good enough for Kate Middleton its good enough for me! I know i love a statement brow so like the other angled brush this has become a firm favourite in my make-up bag!

Last up in the Concealer brush. A flat synthetic brush. Now i only ever use a flat concealer brush for blemishes, i always use a fluffy brush for my dark circles so i must admit i have only been using this brush in certain areas. For me a flat concealer brush just doesn't cover up my bad boy dark circles..they are hideous and need some extra help in the mornings. For covering up small areas though it is is really soft and is the perfect size. Another great use i found for this brush is to use it with my highlighter for under my brow bone..tis perfect!!

So what do you think?

Japonesque is certainly becoming one of my top brush/tool brands.

Just a quick heads up all Japonesque Brushes are currently on a deal in Boots

If you buy one Japonesque Brush you get the second HALF PRICE!!!

That's an amazing deal if you ask me so definitely be sure to check them out.

Have you tried any Japonesque Brushes yet?


  1. I need to have a look in boots as I need a foundation brush.

  2. I have one from the carmine box and its fab!

  3. I love these brushes, by far the best!!

  4. these brushes looks fantastic! so clean design and all! but then again, japan is the best when it comes to go a bit deeper, even if it is false lashes or video games! Have fun using them!//Azure

  5. I want to try some new brushes these look good!

  6. Never tried them, but they look great! x

  7. I'd never heard of these until they popped up on a few blogs recently. It seems like a really good brand and I'm definitely going to check them out in Boots xx

  8. These look amazing, I'll definitely be taking advantage of the boots offer! xx


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