Wednesday, 15 February 2012

John Frieda Precision Foam Colour Giveaway!

Hands up who is a big fan of the John Frieda Precision Foam Colour hair dye???

I know i am.

Well lucky for us thanks to the suggestions from the public the colour range just got larger with the addition of the 'Selected By You Shades'

The new shades are...

Extra Light Ash Blonde
Dark Natural Blonde
Medium Ash Brown
Medium Copper Brown
Medium Bergandy
Luminous Blue Black

They sound lush right?

6 women from across the UK were lucky enough to try out the new shades and you can see the results over at the John Frieda Facebook page here

You can also check out the stunning Natalya from talking about one of the new shades below!

I am lucky enough to have 1 of each new shades to give away to my lovely readers

All you have to do to enter is comment below with which shade you would like to try and why.

This is only open to followers of my blog so if you are not then you know what to do ;)

It is unfortunately UK only...this is out of my hands as the prizes will be sent via John Frieda and not myself!

Good Luck Guys X


  1. Would love to try medium burgundy :)
    The John Frieda Foams are always my go-to hair colours as, although they are the most expensive, because I have such thick hair and so much of it I end up needing two bottles of any cream formulation like Casting Creme Gloss!
    Great giveaway xxx

  2. I'd love to try the Dark Natural Blonde :) I hate it when my blonde goes all brassy! This should even out the tones. Thanks for the giveaway :) xxx @victoriajane6

  3. I would love to try Extra Light Ash Blonde because I am currently blonde and want a
    lovely ash colour as my hair is looking a bit on the yellow side, I have never tried John Frieda but I've heard great things about it. Also foam hair dye looks really cool I've only ever
    used the usual liquid ones. Maybe I would make less mess in the bath room and on towels using a foam hehe
    Thanks for doing this giveaway :) xxxxx

  4. Medium Burgundy. I've dyed my hair various shades for many years but I always come back to the browny red shades as I think they suit me best. Also I've yet to try John Frieda foam dyes but have always wanted to as to me they look like they would give an amazing colour.
    Great giveaway btw :)

  5. I would like to try Dark Natural Blonde as I used to be bright blonde when I was younger but my hair has slowly gone darker and I suppose it would be a step close to how I used to look!

  6. Great giveaway!
    Would love to try out Dark Natural Blonde. I've dyed my hair in the past but it'd always be darker which at the time, I thought looked good. But looking back it was a big mistake because I'm quite pale. But now, I'd love to try out going a big lighter and this shade looks perfect!

  7. id like to try the medium burgandy :)I died my hair red last year then brown and now its grown out and its left it with a reddish rint but i really need to die my hair again (argh roots) and the medium burgany looks a really rich reddy brown which i what i want x

  8. i'd love to try the Medium Bergandy please, I used a JF foam colour before and LOVED it, but it was a tad too dark :( but this one looks just perfect :)


  9. I would love to try the luminous blue black, as I have been wanting to dye my hair back to its natural colour/a little bit darker than my natural colour and this looks like a nice alternative to just dying it black.

  10. Is it too late to say I'd like Dark Natural Blonde?! Haha..I really want to ombre my hair because it's soo boring! :L
    ~Hannah xx


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