Wednesday, 29 February 2012

♥ Maybelline Baby Lips ♥

Did i really need 4 new lip balms? No however they were just too cute to pass by, yes i am a total sucker for packing and i mean for only 79 peso which is around £1.20 each i really couldn't say no!

Maybelline Baby Lips are adult strength care for baby soft they say, well what they do say is correct as these little babies are really super moisturising. They say they have 8 hours of moisture and to be honest i really don't believe this as what lip product really will stay put and moisturise for 8 hours but never the less if you have dry or chapped lips these work perfectly. They are all enriched with centella essence which is said to increase cell turnover to literally transform your lips!

These are available in 4 different scents...

Energizing Orange
Anti-Oxidant Berry
Smoothing Cherry
Relieving Menthol

Now to be honest when i first purchased these i instantly thought my favourite scent would have been the cherry as i love all things cherry scented however i am in love with the Energizing Orange. Its not too sickly just a nice hint of orange and it tastes pretty good too ;p

I picked these up at the beginning of my holiday and have been using the Energizing Orange everyday since, it has a SPF20 which has kept my lips from burning in the sun un like the rest of my body but that's a different story.

I do really love these products and i am happy i came across them however i would only recommend them if you are in the market for a new lip balm...i believe these are not actually available in the UK yet and i also believe that i have the version which is only available in South East Asia. I also saw that these are in the US but a different that was a mouthful and a lot to explain.

If these are a real interest to you then i would certainly recommend having a look on eBay to see if you can find them on there to purchase.

Have you tried these yet?
Are you a fan?


  1. Hiya, I bought a lipstick from your blog sale a while ago and haven't received it. I have tried to email you but I'm guessing it's the wrong email address? xx

    1. Oh no really??

      My email address is i haven't received anything?

      All packages were sent out agggges ago hun but i am currently on holiday so wont be able to check until i get back this Friday. I hope this is OK i'm so sorry you haven't received it yet but i will get straight on it when i get home xxx

    2. No problem, I have been emailing the email that came with your PayPal details haha. I'll send you a quick email now :) have a good holiday xxx

  2. I hope these are released in the UK, I'm guessing we'll pay more than £1.20 for them though haha! x

    1. Wow they are amazing - love love love the packaging! x

  3. sounds awesome! I wonder if they have parabens :/ x

  4. These need to come to the UK they're super cute x

  5. Ooh I wouldn't have been able to resist either!! Love the idea of the cherry one!!



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