Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Sleek Make-Up Blush By 3 'Flame'

Sleek Make-Up Blush By 3 in Flame*

I have been a huge fan of Sleek Make-Up blushers for a long long time. The pigmentation and quality for a great price really gets me every time so when i heard they were releasing a palette with 3 different blush shades in i couldn't contain my excitement.
I hadn't actually been able to get my hands on any of the palettes as they were pretty much sold out everywhere i tried so when the palette 'Flame' dropped through my letter box this week i was thrilled!
Flame is i believe the darkest palette out of the 5 available and contains 2 matte shades and one shimmer. 4 out of the 5 palettes have at least one shimmer and 'Pink Sprint' is made up of 3 true mattes. All 5 palettes have gorgeous shades and you will definitely find a palette to suit your skin tone. Unfortunately 'Flame' is made up of 3 red/coral shades which is a little bright for my skin tone but none the less i am loving Molten which just so happens to be the shimmer shade out of the three.

Left to Right : Furnace, Bon Fire, Molten 

Molten is a stunning warm dark coral with a gold sheen/shimmer to it, it blends amazingly on the skin and is going to be the most perfect shade for the summer. The matte shades in the palette like i said are just a tad bit too dark and strong for my ghostly skin tone but i'm sure would work brilliantly for darker skin tones.
Sleek Make-Up really never seem to fail with the pigmentation of their blushes, it really is incredibly so do use a light hand when applying but don't worry they are also really easy to blend giving such a nice colour!
The idea behind these palettes were for those woman who love to carry a lot of make-up around with them but can't possible fit too many products into their micro-mino handbags but cannot possible face the prospect of being caught short, having 3 blushers to choose from in a slim compact palette is perfect. This palette has obviously not totally worked for me as i will only use one colour so it does slightly defeat the whole object of having 3 blushers in 1 but as i do really love Sleek Make-Up blushers i am definitely going to still hunt down the other palettes and choose one that is right for me and one that i will use all the shades...Lace and Sugar look totally up my street. 

For only £9.99 i really do think these palettes are worth every penny just as long as you choose a palette that is right for you, like i said earlier there will be a palette for everyone's skin tone as the shades really do vary from palette to palette!

The other palettes available are Pumpin, Lace, Pink Sprint and Sugar.

They are available now from Superdrug stores until the 11th of April but will be permanently at the Marble Arch Superdrug store and online at the Sleek Make-Up website

Have you tried these yet?
Do you think they are going to be a new addition to your make-up/hand bag?

Friday, 23 March 2012

17 'First Kiss' Blush...A Dupe For Nars Orgasm?

Left -17 First Kiss Right - Nars Orgasm 

When i first started writing my blog back in 2009 one of the most talked about products was Nars Orgasm and still to this day it is pretty hyped about within the beauty industry. With its awful name but gorgeous coral sheen i think nearly everyone owns it or has it on their wish list. I picked mine up in a Nars counter in John Lewis nearly 3 years ago. Now if you have followed my blog for a while you will know that i deeply love drugstore make-up a lot more than higher end make-up, don't get me wrong i absolutely love lots of higher end brands and products and adore M.A.C but if i had to choose drugstore or high end i would definitely choose drugstore, being able to shop at your leisure and find amazing products for half the price really excites me more than having a sales assistant tell you what they think you should buy..surely you know yourself better than anyone else? Anyway that really is a whole other story. I only  have 2 Nars blushes in my collection one of which obviously 'Orgasm' and the other 'Gina'..both i love a lot. Now with my love for more drugstore make-up comes the exciting 'finding dupes for higher end brands' I mean i don't go out of my way to find dupes but when i come across a product at a lower price which i feel resembles and product of a higher price i get really excited...is that sad? So when i was looking at the new products 17 have to offer at the moment i spotted a beautiful blusher in the shade 'First Kiss' which instantly reminded me of Nars 'Orgasm' so as soon as i got home i did a bit of swatching as you do and noticed they really do resemble each other so i had to share it with you all. They are obviously not identical but a pretty good damn try i'd say. They are essentially the exact same blush shade but the 17 'First Kiss' has a lot less of a gold shimmer/sheen to it. It does have a gold shimmer/sheen to it but its more subtle than Nars 'Orgasm' and in my opinion a lot nicer than Nars 'Orgasm' They are both very creamy and blend amazingly and to be honest i feel that 17 'First Kiss' will suit pretty much all skin tones as its much more subtle. As you can see i have actually hit pan on my Nars 'Orgasm' as i do really love it but since discovering 17 'First Kiss' it has become my everyday blush! 

Thank-you 17 for releasing such a stunning shade for such an amazing price....£3.49!

(After doing a bit of research it seems that this blusher has actually been out for a while but when i spotted it it was placed at the top with all the new releases?)

Do you think this is a good dupe?

Do you love 17 Make-Up? Do you love finding dupes?

Thursday, 22 March 2012

MUA PRO 'OUT THERE' Plumping Lipgloss ♥

MUA is a brand that has always been in my favourite drugstore brands, to be honest in my opinion its the best affordable brand out there. From there £1 range to the MUA Professional range all the products are extremely great quality and they are always teasing us with new product launches, like these Out There Plumping Lipglosses. I know these were released a while ago but i only just managed to pick some up FYI Oxford Street Superdrug store is uh-mazing...the MUA was full to the brim of gorgeous products. Anyway have you ever tried a plumping lipgloss which only cost's £2?? Yep £2 that's pretty crazy considering these lipglosses contain the ingredient Maxi Lip which is a patented formula which stimulates collagen production and gives off the tingle feeling in the lipglosses to really plump those luscious lips of yours!
Priced at literally only £2 there is 8 shades in the range so i decided to go for...

Candy Pink
Peach Shimmer

All colours offer such great pigmentation which is great as you can wear them alone. Of course if you wish to pair it with a lipstick it would work perfectly as the colour of the lipgloss will really 'shine' I didn't feel the tingle sensation straight away, it took around a minute to really appear and then it stayed for another minute or so...not the most long lasting for the plumping sensation but its certainly felt like it was working and gave a slight plump to my lips. Nothing major but i didn't expect miracles for a £2 product. For a quick fix they work perfectly. What i love most about these is the pigmentation, for a lipgloss the colour pay off is amazing! The only problem i have is they don't smell very nice but i guess i can forgive them for that ;p 
I don't know what it is but i actually really really love the packaging it feels really luxurious for such an affordable product.

Oh MUA how i do love you and all your amazing products...please keep them coming!

Do you love MUA products?
Have you tired these lipglosses?

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

pureDKNY Verbena Review ♥

pureDKNY Verbena* RRP £35

I have another perfume review for you today, this perfume deffinitly has a special story behind it which i really love. 

pureDKNY announces its continuation of its partnership with CARE a leading humanitarian organisation to help lift women out of global poverty. In honour of the launch of pureDKNY's new scent Verbena, DKNY will partner with CARE International's Access Africa programme which provides educational resources to help even more women escape pverty.

The pureDKNY and CARE partnership began in 2010 with the launch of pureDKNY Vanilla which really is another gorgeous scent. Together they helped educate the Ugandan vanilla farmers through Villa Savings & Loan Associates VSLA. By purchasing its vanilla from local Ugandan vanilla farmers the majority of which are woment, pureDKNY has taken a step to help secure long-term vanilla production in Uganda.

Now they have teamed up together to create pureDKNY Verbena. The hybrid note in the scent is Verbena-Basil which is a delicate plant. Although it is a herb is has a sparkling citrus, lemon like scent. With the partnership with CARE pureDKNY Verbena is helping to make and impact on improving the finacial future for women, literally one drop at a time. By purchasing its Verbena from local farmers in Togo pureDKNY Verbena has taken a step to help secure long-term production of Verbena in Togo.

pureDKNY Verbena is housed in a gorgeous clear crystal bottle which is insipred by a raindrop. It is made from 100% recyclable glass and topped with a cap made of 100% recyclable high quality aluminium. The outer packaging is constructed from certified forest paper and printed with lower volatile organic compound inks.

This perfume makes me feel so fresh and happy. Spraying this perfume certainly makes it feel different to any other perfume on the market as every drop is making a difference and is really helping a cause. The scent is very citrus, fresh and every so slightly sweet. Perfect for an everyday scent. The bottle is very cute and sophisticated and i love having it in my bag.

A drop of verbena, sourced from Africa, a drop of goodwill.

pureDKNY continues to support local communites and CARE's work.

Defending dignity, fighting poverty.

Help make a difference, pure and simple.


Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer*

This is definitely one of those most talked about products in the blogging community and i had been dying to try it. If i am honest i have pretty good hair in the sense that it is in good condition, that is partly down to the fact it is a short bob however i do straighten my hair every time i wash it which is every other day so there has to be some damage on my ends somewhere, because of this i do like to use a hair mask/treatment once a week to give my ends a bit of a pick me up and lets face it our hair really does deserve a treat once in a while. I had heard amazing reviews of the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer so couldn't wait to slather my hair in it.

The Philip Kingsley Elasticizer is a 'pre shampoo' treatment so you apply this all over when your hair is due a wash and also when it is wet. How crazy does that sound? Well it certainly did to me so i was a little skeptical i have to admit. You apply the treatment in sections all over your hair and pop on the shower cap that comes with it. You could always use some cling film which would so the same thing i guess. You leave the treatment on for 10-20mins but if you want a really deep intensive treatment you can leave it on for 30mins if you like.

I do tend to leave this one for 30mins as i really like to get the product working in my hair. Once you have left it on for your preferred time you then rinse it out and wash your hair as normal. Philip Kingsley advice that you use their shampoo and conditioner after using the treatment but as i do own any i just used my current shampoo and conditioner and it worked perfectly fine.

I am just going to say it straight..this treatment is out of this world!!! It makes my hair so incredibly soft, shiny and sleek so much so that i can't stop touching it after i have used it i really don't know how it does it! I suffer with fly-away hairs but after using the treatment they are so much more tamed and don't annoy then hell out of me during the day.

Sometimes if i am in a rush i just use the treatment on the ends of my hair as that is the driest part and again it works superbly.

I also have a very sensitive scalp and a lot of products tend to irritate my scalp however this has not irritated it at all which is always a huge plus for me.

I love the packaging as well so simple and clean!

The only downside to this product is the RRP which is £22.50 for a full size..i only have the 75ml tube and it is very nearly out which i am a little sad about but to be honest i don't think i will be shedding out £22.50..it does make me sad as i really really love it loads but its just a little too pricey. If i can get my hands on the 75ml size for much cheaper then i think this will be my next option :)

Have you tried this? Do you love it?
What other Philip Kingsley Products have you tried and recommend?

Monday, 19 March 2012

Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24Hour Reivew & Swatches ♥

I'm so incredibly excited to be sharing these beautiful products with you!!

05 - Eternal Gold
Frosty Yellow Gold

20 - Turquoise Forever
Frosty aqua vibrant blue

55 - Immortal Charcoal
Mid tone grey with a slight shimmer

35 - On and on Bronze
Frosty deep brown bronze

15 - Endless Purple
Bright vivid purple with no shimmer but quite sheer

40 - Permanent Taupe
Matte deep taupe

So i am sure most of you are aware that Maybelline have launched a new line of cream eye shadows which are nicely housed in a small jar. They were originally released a couple of months ago in the US and us in the UK have been waiting patiently for them to be released in the UK, but the wait is now over as they have officially hit the shelves. A little confusing has arisen as there is only 7 shades in the line when there is 10 in the US and they also have different shade names. To me the colours look pretty much the same but they have just changed the name...i could be wrong but either way i am so happy we can now get our grubby mitts on them and i can safely say already that i love them.

The Colour Tattoo eye shadows claim to be smudge proof, crease proof and last for up to 24 hours!

I have mentioned many times before that i am a true drugstore make-up girl at heart so to see cream eye shadows on the high street that claim so much is amazing. I am a huge fan of M.A.C Paint Pots but of cause they do come at a higher price so my expectations of the Colour Tattoos was huge...i really was hoping they would be everything i wished for but for pretty much half the price of M.A.C Paint Pots.

The colour range i personally think is fab...i don't normally wear bright coloured eye shadow so for the line to have 5 neutral colours (there is a silver available which i unfortunately don't have) is totally perfect for me. The 4 neutral colours i have will get so much use out of and i can already say that Permanent Taupe and Eternal Gold will be firm favourites in my everyday routine. A matte taupe cream eyeshadow?? Just amazing in my opinion and one i can see many people going crazy for!! I don't see myself using the 2 brights too often but aren't they just the most gorgeous colours??

The pigmentation and formulation of the eye shadows is amazing. Apart from the purple shade Endless Purple all the colours have super pigmentation...the purple is just a lot less sheer. They are so creamy and don't feel sticky and grainy on the skin at all. To be honest they feel exactly the same as my M.A.C Paint Pots.

Now these really are claiming a hell of a lot to wear for 24 hours and i have to put my hands up and say i haven't actually worn them for a full 24 hours but for my full day at work around 10 hours they have not creased at all and have stayed put amazingly!!!! They have pretty much the same staying power as my M.A.C Paint Pots...soooo crazy for a drugstore cream eye shadow.

I am so impressed and so happy...they retail at £4.99 which i think is even more amazing! Such an amazing price for a drugstore cream eye shadow.

These really do excite me and yes i am a little disappointed we are loosing out on a couple of shades *cough cough* Pomegranate Punk how upsetting...i was so looking forward to that colour but hey ho admittedly we have some gorgeous shades and for them to finally be available in the drugstore is amazing!!

Go head out to your local Boots or Superdrug quick though as these will fly off the shelves.

Have you tried these yet?
Are you excited to try them?

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Jemma Kidd Master Class Event!

On Thursday night i was lucky enough to head to the Jemma Kidd Master Class event. I had such an amazing night so i thought i would quickly share it with you.

I absolutely love Jemma Kidd as a make-up artist as well as her make-up range, i was also a huge fan of her weekly column in You magazine so to have been offered to chance to go to her make-up school was really an honour.

When me and my girl Sabrina turned up to the studios in Ladbroke Grove i did have a little squeal when we saw that Jemma was in fact there...it was so amazing to meet her, she is absolutely lovely, so down to earth and is stunning...a real inspiration!

We were there to have a closer look at some of the JK products and also learn about the Master Class at Home Course. I was in fact lucky enough to be picked to be the model for Jemma's international make-up artist korbin which was seriously amazing!! He talked us through and showed us how a course would work and run. Some other course's which are available are the Perfecting Skin Course, Becoming A Yummy Mummy Course and Mastering Natural Make-Up Course...they are all £20 a head which is such an amazing price and would be perfect for a hen party or a girly night in. 
Thanks so Korbin i have now totally realised that i don't need such a full coverage foundation and i can in fact get away with a tinted moisturiser but i will go into more detail about this in a separate post.

All us girls had to remove our faoundation and Korbin talked everyone through how to apply their base make-up from foundation,highlighter,concealer and blush, but like i said i was lucky enough to be the model so korbin demostrated everything on me :) A little daunting at first as everyone got to see my skin make-up free but all the girls in the bloggers in the class were super lovely!

We were also given a sneak preview of 2 palettes which will be released soon as well as Jemma's newest book.

To top off such an amazing evening we were given a really very generous goody bag which i will also go over in a separate post..i am in love with the products so want to share them with you in more detail.

Thank-you to everyone at the Jemma Kidd Make-Up School.

I had the best evening!


Saturday, 17 March 2012

It's So Cherrytastic ♥ Batiste Cherry!

Since first discovering Batiste Original Dry Shampoo around 3 or 4 years ago it has placed a proud position in my everyday most used products. Lets face facts i have really rather oily hair and have to wash it every other day which is to be honest a right pain as it takes forrrreverrrr so being able to use dry shampoo in between washes is a god send for me.

Tropical was my favourite, then Batiste Brit was my favourite however now it is 100% Cherry!!

If you have been following this blog for a while then you will know that i love anything cherry scented so this was pretty much made for me. A very sweet almond cherry bakewell tart scent which is just delicious..its not going to be for everyone as it is very sweet but i personally LOVE it.

I also adore the packaging its so cute and kitsch and looks stunning on my dressing table.

Batiste Dry Shampoo can not only be used to banish oil but to give a huge amount of volume to fine limp hair...a bit of a 'pick me up'

This new scent is available now and has an RRP of only £2.99 for 200ml.

Go on why don't you pop your Batiste Cherry!

Have you tried this yet?
Are you a fan of Cherry?

Friday, 16 March 2012

L'oreal Caresse Lipsticks Review ♥

Finally a high street brand has done it... a sheer super moisturising lipstick with a gorgeous array of colours.

L'oreal i really do applaud you as these are gorgeous!!

I am a true high street/drugstore make-up girl at heart. Nothing pleases me more than walking into Superdrug or Boots and browsing all the brands at my own leisure without a sale assistant hovering my shoulders...does anyone else find it super annoying? Don't get me wrong i do love lots of high end make-up but honestly i really do enjoy drugstore shopping so much more so i tend to stay clear of department store counters unless i really do need something.

Whilst on a recent trip to Superdrug i spotted a new range of lipsticks...

L'oreal Caresse Lipsticks with a range of 10 colours.

What totally lured me in was the packaging and the range of colours..i really do love packaging.

I got...

03 Lovely Rose
501 Nude Ingenue
101 Tempting Lilac

These lipsticks are very sheer but still give off a nice wash of colour. They are very moisturising and have a gel like texture. They remind me a little of the Revlon Lip Butters but in more luxurious packaging and have more of a lipstick feel than a lip butter feel. I love that they are colour coded with the 'families' on the top of the packaging with a bright pink, gold and deep purple metal finish it really adds something different. You can also slightly see the colour through the packaging which always helps when purchasing.

I have been obsessed with 'Lovely Rose' and have worn it during the day most days since i got it. Its the most perfect rose pink and keeps my lips moisturised all day. In the bullet the colour looks quick bright and deep but as the lipsticks are so creamy and sheer the colour pay off is just perfect to give a nice flush rose pink colour.

I did pick 3 day time colours so 'Tempting Lilac' is a my lips but better colour and 'Nude Ingenue' is a lovely 'grown up nude' its much more of a flat brown nude so doesn't wash your lips out completely.

There are some stunning bright colours in the range which i am definitely going to have to pick up next time i am in Superdrug as they will be perfect for the summer hot pink and hot coral is just right up my street. Now i know how much i love these lipsticks i can venture into brighter fun colours so watch this space.

These retail for £7.99 and are available now from any L'oreal counter.

Have you tried these lipsticks yet?
Do they sound like something you would like?
Are you a fan of drugstore make-up?
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