Sunday, 18 March 2012

Jemma Kidd Master Class Event!

On Thursday night i was lucky enough to head to the Jemma Kidd Master Class event. I had such an amazing night so i thought i would quickly share it with you.

I absolutely love Jemma Kidd as a make-up artist as well as her make-up range, i was also a huge fan of her weekly column in You magazine so to have been offered to chance to go to her make-up school was really an honour.

When me and my girl Sabrina turned up to the studios in Ladbroke Grove i did have a little squeal when we saw that Jemma was in fact was so amazing to meet her, she is absolutely lovely, so down to earth and is stunning...a real inspiration!

We were there to have a closer look at some of the JK products and also learn about the Master Class at Home Course. I was in fact lucky enough to be picked to be the model for Jemma's international make-up artist korbin which was seriously amazing!! He talked us through and showed us how a course would work and run. Some other course's which are available are the Perfecting Skin Course, Becoming A Yummy Mummy Course and Mastering Natural Make-Up Course...they are all £20 a head which is such an amazing price and would be perfect for a hen party or a girly night in. 
Thanks so Korbin i have now totally realised that i don't need such a full coverage foundation and i can in fact get away with a tinted moisturiser but i will go into more detail about this in a separate post.

All us girls had to remove our faoundation and Korbin talked everyone through how to apply their base make-up from foundation,highlighter,concealer and blush, but like i said i was lucky enough to be the model so korbin demostrated everything on me :) A little daunting at first as everyone got to see my skin make-up free but all the girls in the bloggers in the class were super lovely!

We were also given a sneak preview of 2 palettes which will be released soon as well as Jemma's newest book.

To top off such an amazing evening we were given a really very generous goody bag which i will also go over in a separate post..i am in love with the products so want to share them with you in more detail.

Thank-you to everyone at the Jemma Kidd Make-Up School.

I had the best evening!



  1. This looks amazing - I love her brushes so much!!

  2. I love your outfit in the picture!!

  3. Ahhh what a great evening! Love Jemma Kidd and so great you got to meet her x

  4. Those brushes look really nice, what's the quality like?
    Can't wait to see the goodie bag :)

    Btw, I featured this post on my blog this week, here:
    Hope you don't mind, thought you'd like to know! :D

    Devon xx


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