Monday, 19 March 2012

Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24Hour Reivew & Swatches ♥

I'm so incredibly excited to be sharing these beautiful products with you!!

05 - Eternal Gold
Frosty Yellow Gold

20 - Turquoise Forever
Frosty aqua vibrant blue

55 - Immortal Charcoal
Mid tone grey with a slight shimmer

35 - On and on Bronze
Frosty deep brown bronze

15 - Endless Purple
Bright vivid purple with no shimmer but quite sheer

40 - Permanent Taupe
Matte deep taupe

So i am sure most of you are aware that Maybelline have launched a new line of cream eye shadows which are nicely housed in a small jar. They were originally released a couple of months ago in the US and us in the UK have been waiting patiently for them to be released in the UK, but the wait is now over as they have officially hit the shelves. A little confusing has arisen as there is only 7 shades in the line when there is 10 in the US and they also have different shade names. To me the colours look pretty much the same but they have just changed the name...i could be wrong but either way i am so happy we can now get our grubby mitts on them and i can safely say already that i love them.

The Colour Tattoo eye shadows claim to be smudge proof, crease proof and last for up to 24 hours!

I have mentioned many times before that i am a true drugstore make-up girl at heart so to see cream eye shadows on the high street that claim so much is amazing. I am a huge fan of M.A.C Paint Pots but of cause they do come at a higher price so my expectations of the Colour Tattoos was huge...i really was hoping they would be everything i wished for but for pretty much half the price of M.A.C Paint Pots.

The colour range i personally think is fab...i don't normally wear bright coloured eye shadow so for the line to have 5 neutral colours (there is a silver available which i unfortunately don't have) is totally perfect for me. The 4 neutral colours i have will get so much use out of and i can already say that Permanent Taupe and Eternal Gold will be firm favourites in my everyday routine. A matte taupe cream eyeshadow?? Just amazing in my opinion and one i can see many people going crazy for!! I don't see myself using the 2 brights too often but aren't they just the most gorgeous colours??

The pigmentation and formulation of the eye shadows is amazing. Apart from the purple shade Endless Purple all the colours have super pigmentation...the purple is just a lot less sheer. They are so creamy and don't feel sticky and grainy on the skin at all. To be honest they feel exactly the same as my M.A.C Paint Pots.

Now these really are claiming a hell of a lot to wear for 24 hours and i have to put my hands up and say i haven't actually worn them for a full 24 hours but for my full day at work around 10 hours they have not creased at all and have stayed put amazingly!!!! They have pretty much the same staying power as my M.A.C Paint Pots...soooo crazy for a drugstore cream eye shadow.

I am so impressed and so happy...they retail at £4.99 which i think is even more amazing! Such an amazing price for a drugstore cream eye shadow.

These really do excite me and yes i am a little disappointed we are loosing out on a couple of shades *cough cough* Pomegranate Punk how upsetting...i was so looking forward to that colour but hey ho admittedly we have some gorgeous shades and for them to finally be available in the drugstore is amazing!!

Go head out to your local Boots or Superdrug quick though as these will fly off the shelves.

Have you tried these yet?
Are you excited to try them?


  1. Wow, these look fab. Love the turquoise shade.

    Holli x

  2. I have two, I tried one at the weekend, I love it and love the pigmentation, but it didn't last a whole day on me without creasing, but then again, paintpots don't either. I must have overly oily lids. :) love them though and want them all.

  3. i cannot wait to get my hands on these!

  4. I swatched them yesterday, but I don't really like them. Maybe I might give it another go. x

  5. that blue is stunning but I don't think I could wear it! x

  6. these look great! im not a fan of bright colour on my eyes but the natural shades look lovely!

  7. I've bought Eternal Gold but haven't tried it yet, only swatched it in store. Your review has made me super excited to apply it though!
    Did you apply a primer beforehand or did they just last 10 hours without one? :)

  8. I love these shadows! But they all have different names in the US, like the Gold is Bold Gold here, the taupe one is Tough as Taupe, the teal is Tenacious Teal, etc., I wonder why they changed the names?

  9. Oh my god I didn't know these were now available!! You have made my day!! I am also not a fan of bright colours but I think that purple ran along the lower lashes would be beautiful!! xxx I hope they are available in my local Boots!! xxx

  10. wow they have some gorgeous shades!

  11. I've seen these about in Boots/Superdrug but thought they looked kinda "meh."
    That. Turquoise.
    OH MY GOD.
    I need it.

    Devon x

  12. I was sent Eternal Gold and wore it for 9 hours and it did not budge, very impressive.



  13. I live in the US and the packing is a bit different, so are the names. But, they're absolutely wonderful!

  14. These look amazing! I really want to try the bronze/golden colour ones :)

    Tor xx

  15. I cannot wait to try these! X

  16. I cannot wait for these to hit our shores. I'm really loving cream products right now and don't have that many cream eyeshadows. The bronze and the charcoal appeal the most to me immediately, but they're all gorgeous.

  17. I adore these too, I am very disappointed that we are loosing 3 shades!. I have the same shades as you, i couldnt find the Eternal Silver one anywere!!.


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