Thursday, 22 March 2012

MUA PRO 'OUT THERE' Plumping Lipgloss ♥

MUA is a brand that has always been in my favourite drugstore brands, to be honest in my opinion its the best affordable brand out there. From there £1 range to the MUA Professional range all the products are extremely great quality and they are always teasing us with new product launches, like these Out There Plumping Lipglosses. I know these were released a while ago but i only just managed to pick some up FYI Oxford Street Superdrug store is uh-mazing...the MUA was full to the brim of gorgeous products. Anyway have you ever tried a plumping lipgloss which only cost's £2?? Yep £2 that's pretty crazy considering these lipglosses contain the ingredient Maxi Lip which is a patented formula which stimulates collagen production and gives off the tingle feeling in the lipglosses to really plump those luscious lips of yours!
Priced at literally only £2 there is 8 shades in the range so i decided to go for...

Candy Pink
Peach Shimmer

All colours offer such great pigmentation which is great as you can wear them alone. Of course if you wish to pair it with a lipstick it would work perfectly as the colour of the lipgloss will really 'shine' I didn't feel the tingle sensation straight away, it took around a minute to really appear and then it stayed for another minute or so...not the most long lasting for the plumping sensation but its certainly felt like it was working and gave a slight plump to my lips. Nothing major but i didn't expect miracles for a £2 product. For a quick fix they work perfectly. What i love most about these is the pigmentation, for a lipgloss the colour pay off is amazing! The only problem i have is they don't smell very nice but i guess i can forgive them for that ;p 
I don't know what it is but i actually really really love the packaging it feels really luxurious for such an affordable product.

Oh MUA how i do love you and all your amazing products...please keep them coming!

Do you love MUA products?
Have you tired these lipglosses?


  1. I think I'm going to do a little MUA haul as I never pay the brand very much attention! I'm definitely going to try out a couple of these lipglosses though! x

  2. oh my gosh pretty!!! i wish we have MUA locally :(

  3. Hiya, I've tried to email you about the lipstick again but haven't had any replies. Can you email me? thanks :) xxx

  4. These look lovely, my local Superdrug doesn't stock the professional range :(

    Sarah xx

  5. I love MUA i have to take a 1 hour road trip to get to a superdrug but it is worth it and now they are online it's even better. I have two of these glosses and love the nude one I have

  6. I love MUA I just bought bought loads of stuff from there.

  7. I've only tried a couple of things from MUA but the first lipgloss looks so pretty! I've heard so many good reviews about the plumping ones.. i shall have to take a look tomorrow when i go shopping! xx

  8. Love the look of the peach shimmer, they are all very pretty shades tho. Ive not tried these yet but at £2 it would be a sin not to :P x x

  9. The best lipglosses, and the price is amazing. x

  10. The pigmentation looks amazing ! xx


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