Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Sleek Make-Up Blush By 3 'Flame'

Sleek Make-Up Blush By 3 in Flame*

I have been a huge fan of Sleek Make-Up blushers for a long long time. The pigmentation and quality for a great price really gets me every time so when i heard they were releasing a palette with 3 different blush shades in i couldn't contain my excitement.
I hadn't actually been able to get my hands on any of the palettes as they were pretty much sold out everywhere i tried so when the palette 'Flame' dropped through my letter box this week i was thrilled!
Flame is i believe the darkest palette out of the 5 available and contains 2 matte shades and one shimmer. 4 out of the 5 palettes have at least one shimmer and 'Pink Sprint' is made up of 3 true mattes. All 5 palettes have gorgeous shades and you will definitely find a palette to suit your skin tone. Unfortunately 'Flame' is made up of 3 red/coral shades which is a little bright for my skin tone but none the less i am loving Molten which just so happens to be the shimmer shade out of the three.

Left to Right : Furnace, Bon Fire, Molten 

Molten is a stunning warm dark coral with a gold sheen/shimmer to it, it blends amazingly on the skin and is going to be the most perfect shade for the summer. The matte shades in the palette like i said are just a tad bit too dark and strong for my ghostly skin tone but i'm sure would work brilliantly for darker skin tones.
Sleek Make-Up really never seem to fail with the pigmentation of their blushes, it really is incredibly so do use a light hand when applying but don't worry they are also really easy to blend giving such a nice colour!
The idea behind these palettes were for those woman who love to carry a lot of make-up around with them but can't possible fit too many products into their micro-mino handbags but cannot possible face the prospect of being caught short, having 3 blushers to choose from in a slim compact palette is perfect. This palette has obviously not totally worked for me as i will only use one colour so it does slightly defeat the whole object of having 3 blushers in 1 but as i do really love Sleek Make-Up blushers i am definitely going to still hunt down the other palettes and choose one that is right for me and one that i will use all the shades...Lace and Sugar look totally up my street. 

For only £9.99 i really do think these palettes are worth every penny just as long as you choose a palette that is right for you, like i said earlier there will be a palette for everyone's skin tone as the shades really do vary from palette to palette!

The other palettes available are Pumpin, Lace, Pink Sprint and Sugar.

They are available now from Superdrug stores until the 11th of April but will be permanently at the Marble Arch Superdrug store and online at the Sleek Make-Up website

Have you tried these yet?
Do you think they are going to be a new addition to your make-up/hand bag?


  1. I really want Pumpkin and Lace but every time I look they're sold out :( Might have to order them online! :)x


  2. I'm so happy these are still available online - I've already picked up a few but after seeing this I really want to get Flame! Such a nice selection of shades x


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  4. I really want these, they look lovely xx


  5. oh wow these look gorgeous!



  6. This one is a bit scary for me but I really want Lace, if I can ever find it! xxx

  7. These Blush by 3 palettes look so good, but there is always one shade in each palette that I'm not too sure on, which is why I haven't purchased one yet :(

    Frances x
    Twitter: @FCassandraBlog

  8. this is lovely the colours look scary though i'm scared id end up looking like a clown!

  9. These are gorgeous but they look a little scary to me, haha :) Xoxo, Christine♥

  10. How I wish I could get my hands on these. Not sure if this palette would work for me, perhaps a touch too bold, but it'd be nice to have anyway :)

  11. This blusher seems so handy for travelling, I would probably need lighter shades though ! xx



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