Monday, 30 April 2012

i have had a make-over ♥

I get bored very easily and changing my blog around always seems to cheer me up and really gets me back in the blogging mood. If ever i feel i have lost my mojo i like to change my blog up a little so it sort of gives me my inspiration back. I had totally lost my mojo over the last few weeks and really didn't feel like blogging much and felt maybe my blog wasn't worthy..i love blogging with all my heart so knew i had to do something to get my mojo back. I have never been a HTML/CSS queen but the lovely Faye from totally is and has a fantastic blog with tutorials on how to mix your blog up a bit. I must admit i did cry for help with my gorgeous new Social Media Icons and Faye was a total babe and did come to my rescue for that but everything else i just followed her tutorials from her blog..such simple and informative tutorials!! Just a quick fyi Faye does charge for her amazing services and i of course paid for mine. Faye didn't ask me to write this post i just really wanted to let you all know about her amazing blog and if you ever need help with anything she really is the lady! I am so happy with how my little blog looks now and can't wait to crack on with lots of new posts for you all. Thank-you all so much for sticking by means the world ♥

Would love to know what you think of my make-over :)

Friday, 27 April 2012

GlossyBox Natural Edition - April 2012

GlossyBox Natural Edition - April 2012*

I have been literally dying to share this Glossy Box with you as i have had it for a few days now. I don't know about you but it has seemed like forever since we all lasted received our Glossy Box's so i was super happy when this was delivered during the week...thanks to my boyfriend hearing the doorbell at 7am tehe. I didn't review the last 2 months boxes as i had been away on holiday and i thought a really late review would have been pretty pointless as you would have all seen hundreds on reviews by then. Anyway on to this months box. There is a theme with this box, i really do love it when Glossy Box give themes for the boxes. They tend to have a different colour scheme and focus on something in particular. This months focus is 'Natural' so the box itself is 100% biodegradable and all 5 products inside are all natural and ethical goodies. I really love the colour and feel of the box and this it works perfectly with the theme. I tend to use my limited edition boxes more as i like the different colours more...anyone with me on this one?

So what did i get inside my box?

Caudale Vinosource SOS Thirst-Quenching Serum
Inika Cosmetics Certified Organic Eyeliner
MONU Moisture Rich Collagen Cream
Figs & Rouge Lip Balm
Burts Bees Naturally Nourishing Milk and Honey Body Lotion

I must admit as soon as i opened this box i knew i was going to love every single product. Glossy Box can be very hit and miss and most of the time there is 1 or 2 products i just push aside and don't use but i love every one of these products...i am also super happy i got this box, as you all probably know the boxes can vary and most of the time i always end up wishing i had a product from a different box but i can safely say this month did me good and i am so happy with the box i got...some of the other products i have seen really don't appeal to be so much.

As well as the box being a natural theme lucky for me the majority of the products i got are for dry and dehydrated skin which is something i have and am always trying to combat so maybe this is another reason why i love the box so much. Each product is aimed at relieving and re hydrating dry skin. The Figs & Rouge Lip Balm and Burt's Bees nourishing milk i have used every day since i received the box. Both are so moisturising and smell amazing, i had a feeling i would love those 2 the most when i first opened the box. The Caudalie and Monu i have also been using every day and loving but of course a few days use isn't enough for me to do a full review however so far i am really enjoying them especially the Caudalie Serum...Caudalie has always been a brand i have been interested in. Then the only make-up item in the bag is a purple eyeliner from Inika...the purple shade isn't totally for me but the pencil itself is so creamy and blends like a dream, i am now really interested in trying more from Inika..see what you do to me Glossy Box??

So this month i am extremely impressed Glossy Box...thank-you so much!

It is Glossy Box's first birthday next month so i am even more excited to see what we get in our next box...who's with me on that one?

What did you think of this months Glossy Box?
Were you happy with your products?

Monday, 23 April 2012

nails inc 'Pudding Lane' Sprinkles Collection ♥

nails inc Pudding Lane*

Last week i was lucky enough to attend a nails inc event where they were showcasing lots of their new and exciting up coming releases, i will be sharing lots of them with you over the coming weeks but there is just one collection i just couldn't wait to tell you about....

nails inc Sprinkles Collection!

The collection has a unique new formulation that provides amazing full coverage with just two coats. The glitter particles are mattified to create a unique sprinkles special effect. These sprinkles polishes allow you to create effects that would previously have taken two products to achieve!

This collection does actually remind me of the new crazy Caviar nails but much more simple, easy and mess free i mean i never really did understand having tiny beads on your nails and this polish it a perfect way to achieve that without the price tag and beads on your nails.

There is 4 shades in the collection which are all names after some of the most delicious streets in London...

Sugarhouse Lane - pastel grey with monochrome glitter
Sweets Way - Pale blue with pastel blue, pink and white glitter
Pudding Lane - Teal with navy and gold glitter
Topping Lane - pink with fuschia, silver and blue glitter

I was lucky enough to come away with Pudding Lane and i absolutely love it so i seriously can't wait to get my hands on the other three shades when they are released in June. I have to admit from what i saw at the event Sweets Way is definitely the stand out shade from the collection it was literally stunning a very very pale blue almost white with pastel blue, pink and white glitter...totally gorgeous and one i think everyone will love. We were treated to mini manicures at the event and lots of the girls chose to have Sweets Way and everyone loved it so it really is one to keep an eye out for i for one will definitely be first in line when it is released! 

Like i said the collection will be released in June and will have an RRP of £11

I never really saw nails inc as one of my favourite higher end nail polish brands but they have for sure made it to the top now...i love nails inc muchly and couldn't quite believe how many polishes i actually own from them!

Thank-you nails inc for a fabulous event!

What do you think of the Sprinkles Collection?

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Sally Hansen Girl Flower Salon Effects ♥

If you follow me on Instagram @Sophieismadeup then you will have spotted these little beauties on there. I did my nails last night and was so happy with the result i posted a few pictures on Instagram. A lot of you loved them and soon lots and lots of questions came flooding in so i thought i would share with you on here what i exactly had on my nails. 

It was in fact some nail polish strips from Sally Hansen in Girl Flower!

Yep i'm sorry i have to admit, it was nail strips....really did wish it was my own nail art design lol

That's the great thing about the Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips, they look and feel exactly like nail polish, they are not your traditional nail wraps!

I picked up 2 designs whilst out in the Philippines as they are so hard to get hold of in the UK and they cost around £7 which i didn't think was bad at all. I got the design you see above and a pink glitter design which i have worn and loved but for some reason didn't blog me crazy!

I am a huge nail art/nail wrap fan ever since my friend Sabrina introduced me to Nailease which you can see reviews of here i have been hooked trying all new designs and wraps from different companies. I have to say Nailease are still amazing but the Sally Hansen have knocked them off first place though!

The Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips are in fact real nail polish which is indicated in the name ;P As soon as you open the package they smell of nail polish but still have the same look of a wrap..until you put them on your nails. They are a little harder to work with and i still haven't actually got the hang on it yet. They are much thinner and a lot more flimsy so once you have stuck it to the nail it will stay and you can't pull them off to re-position so just keep that in mind. They do not require heat which is a massive bonus, i really hate nail wraps/strips that require heat to apply. You get 16 strips in each box...16?!? why is it such a random number?? That's really annoying but i guess i will never understand it. It also comes with a small nail file, cuticle stick and buffer.

These really are the best nail strips/wraps i have ever used!!! They stay on your nails exactly how you applied them for at least 7-8 days it really is that impressive. You don't have to be so careful with your nails once they are applied, i always felt with other nail wraps i needed to be careful in case they pulled off, this is really not something you have to worry about with these they really are amazing! I am so upset i didn't get more and i know they are going to be a right pain to track down online. I did use a top coat with the above design as it was ever so slightly matte but with the glitter design i didn't and they really did last me over a week!

So there you have it girls the secret to my nail design ;)

Have you tried the Sally Hansen Salon Effects?
What did you think of them?

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Sleek Make-Up Eau La La Pencils!

Sleek Make-Up Eau La La* Red Sky Night* Cobalt Blue* Bullion*

I get super excited about new releases from Sleek Make-Up as they are one of my favourite drugstore/high street brands but i got really reeeeally excited about the newest release and couldn't wait to share it with you as it is honestly not one to miss.
Sleek Make-Up have released a range of 20 highly pigmented, smudge-proof pencils which are enriched with a soft, creamy formulation perfect for use on eyes, lips and brows. All of the shades are matte apart from 2 dazzling metallics, Tonic and Bullion, Bullion of which you can see a swatch of above a perfect bright vivid metallic gold! There is a vast variety of colours ranging from bright blues and yellows to soft browns, taupe's and dusky pinks. I really do love the way all the shades are so versatile there are some stunning pinks that can be used as lip liners and the perfect matte brown shades to help you fill in the brows to achieve the perfect brow for this season. 

The packaging is matte black which is of course cult for Sleek Make-Up giving the pencils and classic, professional look along with the colour co-ordinated ends giving you a great heads up of your chosen colour! Strangely enough when you take the lid off the pencil it makes this seriously satisfying weird and crazy i know but please tell me someone feels the same way?! Its a bit like the satisfying sound M.A.C Paint Pot lids make when you open them lol oh dear I'm really starting to sound like a crazy lady now!

I am just going to say this straight up these liners really are comparable to Urban Decay 24/7 Liners for literally a fraction of the only £3.99 these really are amazing and are definitely going to be flying off the shelves when they are released on the 11th of April ooooo only 3 days to go!!!

These Eau La La liners have a unique formulation that makes them waterproof and only fade or of course remove them with make-up remover. Sleek Make-Up say that 'these babies don't budge...FACT' and i can honestly say they don't!!! They are so super soft and creamy but you do have to work quickly with them as they do set pretty quickly..they are easy to blend but not as easy as the Urban Decay 24/7 Liners i must admit but they do stay put longer 100% Also the Urban Decay 24/7 Liners are only ever so slightly more softer which i guess is why they are easier to blend but for staying power the Sleek Make-Up Eau La La Liners definitely win!

The metallic shade i have in Bullion is a lot less pigmented and slightly harder to work with as it isn't as creamy but to be honest the 18 other matte shades interest me so much more so I'm not too disappointed. Cobalt Blue lasted on my lash line for around 8 hours and would have kept going strong if i hadn't had removed my make-up, i struggle to find a product to last a long time in my waterline so it did fade pretty quickly there and i did need to re-apply but that is normal for me as i have very watery eyes annoyingly! Red Sky Night is the most perfect lip liner colour for me, i have been loving teaming this with some of my favourite lipsticks as it its a pretty similar colour to most of them to be honest so i just helps define my lips slightly which i have been really enjoying!

I don't know about you guys but i am really excited for the release of these liners as i am now dying to try the brown shades as it looks as though there could possible be 8? I would love to see how they wear and look if i  fill in my eyebrows, i wear a brown liner across my lash line daily so with the staying power and formulation they have i am guessing they will pretty much be a holy grail product for me!

Like i mentioned before these are going to cost a mere £3.99 which is seriously incredible and will launch on the 11th of April so be sure to head to your nearest Superdrug store or be ready at your laptop on the Sleek Make-Up Website as they will be available on there as well.

They really are not to be missed!

What do you think of these Eau La La Liners?
Are you excited to try them?

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Another Dupe? 17 Instant Glow vs Nars Laguna

You all seemed to really love my recent previous dupe post so i thought i would share another with you today...maybe i should make this a feature? Oooooo do let me know! Anyhooo i have been a lover of Nars Laguna bronzer for a few years now. It was majorly hyped about when i first started blogging a long time ago now and i remember treating myself before an Illamasqua event in Selfridges over 2 years ago...since that day it has been my go to bronzer but of course it comes with a Nars price tag of £24 which is a hell of a lot of money for a bronzer but i was willing to fork out that much as it would last me a good couple of months. Of course me being a lover of budget beauty apart from my foundation this bronzer is the only other product i religiously buy which is high end so i have been hunting high and low to find THE perfect matte bronzer and i just so happened to find that product the other week.

17 Instant Glow Medium Bronze....another dupe and another 17 product!! Crazy no? 

This is a new product for 17 and i believe it is part of the summer range, as soon as i swatched it in store i knew it was going to be perfect and something inside told me it was incredibly similar to my beloved Nars Laguna. It was only when i got home and did a little more swatching and using the 17 Instant Glow that i realised it really was so similar.

In the picture above of the swatches Nars Laguna is on the left and 17 Instant Glow is on the right. Straight away you can see that Nars Laguna is much more of an orange bronze with much more 'glitter' where as the 17 Instant Glow is so much more of a flat bronze shade with more of a 'sheen' than a glitter. Nars Laguna has always been said that it is a matte bronzer with an ever so slight glitter to it, i love matte bronzer's but yes the slight glitter was a bit of a pain so for the 17 Instant Glow to have no glitter what so ever and a little sheen is seriously amazing in my eyes. It is also perfect that it is more of a deep bronze shade and not so orange. I still believe this is a great dupe for Nars Laguna however in my eyes the 17 Instant Glow is so much nicer and is now what i have been using daily, the picture above actually shows my 'back up' one :)

The 17 Instant Bronze comes in 2 shades Light Bronze and Medium Bronze. Now i know that 17 have a permanent range of Instant Bronze products including a bronzing powder so I'm guessing that they have added a few new products for the spring collection, whether they are permanent i am not sure which is why i have stocked up ;) Maybe i will pop back into boots to see if there is a difference in the shades between the original Instant Glow Bronzer, the packaging is definitely different!

If you are like me and love your drugstore/high street products but some high end products tickle your fancy but you don't want to fork out the hefty price tag in my opinion this is the most perfect if not better dupe for Nars Laguna and for only £4.59 it is such a bargain!

What do you think?
Do you think this is a great dupe?
Have you tried either? Do you prefer the 17 Instant Glow?
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