Thursday, 5 April 2012

Another Dupe? 17 Instant Glow vs Nars Laguna

You all seemed to really love my recent previous dupe post so i thought i would share another with you today...maybe i should make this a feature? Oooooo do let me know! Anyhooo i have been a lover of Nars Laguna bronzer for a few years now. It was majorly hyped about when i first started blogging a long time ago now and i remember treating myself before an Illamasqua event in Selfridges over 2 years ago...since that day it has been my go to bronzer but of course it comes with a Nars price tag of £24 which is a hell of a lot of money for a bronzer but i was willing to fork out that much as it would last me a good couple of months. Of course me being a lover of budget beauty apart from my foundation this bronzer is the only other product i religiously buy which is high end so i have been hunting high and low to find THE perfect matte bronzer and i just so happened to find that product the other week.

17 Instant Glow Medium Bronze....another dupe and another 17 product!! Crazy no? 

This is a new product for 17 and i believe it is part of the summer range, as soon as i swatched it in store i knew it was going to be perfect and something inside told me it was incredibly similar to my beloved Nars Laguna. It was only when i got home and did a little more swatching and using the 17 Instant Glow that i realised it really was so similar.

In the picture above of the swatches Nars Laguna is on the left and 17 Instant Glow is on the right. Straight away you can see that Nars Laguna is much more of an orange bronze with much more 'glitter' where as the 17 Instant Glow is so much more of a flat bronze shade with more of a 'sheen' than a glitter. Nars Laguna has always been said that it is a matte bronzer with an ever so slight glitter to it, i love matte bronzer's but yes the slight glitter was a bit of a pain so for the 17 Instant Glow to have no glitter what so ever and a little sheen is seriously amazing in my eyes. It is also perfect that it is more of a deep bronze shade and not so orange. I still believe this is a great dupe for Nars Laguna however in my eyes the 17 Instant Glow is so much nicer and is now what i have been using daily, the picture above actually shows my 'back up' one :)

The 17 Instant Bronze comes in 2 shades Light Bronze and Medium Bronze. Now i know that 17 have a permanent range of Instant Bronze products including a bronzing powder so I'm guessing that they have added a few new products for the spring collection, whether they are permanent i am not sure which is why i have stocked up ;) Maybe i will pop back into boots to see if there is a difference in the shades between the original Instant Glow Bronzer, the packaging is definitely different!

If you are like me and love your drugstore/high street products but some high end products tickle your fancy but you don't want to fork out the hefty price tag in my opinion this is the most perfect if not better dupe for Nars Laguna and for only £4.59 it is such a bargain!

What do you think?
Do you think this is a great dupe?
Have you tried either? Do you prefer the 17 Instant Glow?


  1. Your pictures are amazing Soph! You know how much i love your blog honey! These look so similar! Cant believe the 17 one is like £20 less than the NARS! Although i am a bit of a snob and love my high end, so would probably chose the NARS! Is that weird?! xxxx

  2. I think they are very similar!! I´m a big fan of Nars Laguna, but its quite expensive and hard to get here in my city...

  3. I'm not much of a fan of bronzers, I have an odd skin tone so they always make my face look orange, or muddy :/ shame because I've always wanted to try Nars Laguna

  4. I think I actually prefer the 17 one! It looks less orange...A really good post! x

  5. This sounds fab! Might give it a go, especially as we're coming into spring/summer and I want to look a bit more glowy! xx

  6. poo nice! I swatched Laguna for the first time EVER today! haha
    I didn't like how glowy it was :/ I just bought Hoola off eBay and will try it out for the first time too!
    Might give 17 a go on top of that, ha! x

  7. That's a great dupe! I just wish you could buy 17 products in the U.S.

  8. Loving your dupe posts ! Almost picked up the 17 bronzer in boots yesterday ! xx

  9. This is amazing, I would much rather get the 17 bronzer than splash out on NARS!

  10. Thats a really good dupe, I know which i'd rather buy if it means saving a small fortune. Thanks!

  11. Don't really think it's a great dupe unfortunately, there's just too much difference in the warmth for me. Then again, maybe it's just because I love Nars Laguna more than anything else right now. Damn.
    Carry on with the dupe posts though, loving them!

    Devon xx

  12. Great dupe, will have to check the 17 bronzer out next time I'm in Boots :)

    Just to let you know I've awarded you the Laine Blogger Award on my blog xx

  13. I think the Nars Laguna does look slightly nicer but they're incredibly close!! Definitely more dupe posts!
    They are so useful, especially when you're on a budget! love them! xx


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