Monday, 30 April 2012

i have had a make-over ♥

I get bored very easily and changing my blog around always seems to cheer me up and really gets me back in the blogging mood. If ever i feel i have lost my mojo i like to change my blog up a little so it sort of gives me my inspiration back. I had totally lost my mojo over the last few weeks and really didn't feel like blogging much and felt maybe my blog wasn't worthy..i love blogging with all my heart so knew i had to do something to get my mojo back. I have never been a HTML/CSS queen but the lovely Faye from totally is and has a fantastic blog with tutorials on how to mix your blog up a bit. I must admit i did cry for help with my gorgeous new Social Media Icons and Faye was a total babe and did come to my rescue for that but everything else i just followed her tutorials from her blog..such simple and informative tutorials!! Just a quick fyi Faye does charge for her amazing services and i of course paid for mine. Faye didn't ask me to write this post i just really wanted to let you all know about her amazing blog and if you ever need help with anything she really is the lady! I am so happy with how my little blog looks now and can't wait to crack on with lots of new posts for you all. Thank-you all so much for sticking by means the world ♥

Would love to know what you think of my make-over :)


  1. Nice job lady! Btw.. I am officially in love with your pillow cases, where are they from? xxx

    1. Aww thank-you! Oooo a real mix of places...the Eiffel Tower one is from Matalan, the leopard print and fluffy one next to it are from Next and the light fluffy one at the back is from Asda hehe :) X

  2. OhI I love it, really, really lovely :) xoxo

  3. I love your makeover, BTW we both have the same laptop. x

  4. It looks brilliant! I love the pastel theme x

  5. Love the new design, really pretty colours :) xx

  6. The blog looks really good, nice going.


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