Monday, 23 April 2012

nails inc 'Pudding Lane' Sprinkles Collection ♥

nails inc Pudding Lane*

Last week i was lucky enough to attend a nails inc event where they were showcasing lots of their new and exciting up coming releases, i will be sharing lots of them with you over the coming weeks but there is just one collection i just couldn't wait to tell you about....

nails inc Sprinkles Collection!

The collection has a unique new formulation that provides amazing full coverage with just two coats. The glitter particles are mattified to create a unique sprinkles special effect. These sprinkles polishes allow you to create effects that would previously have taken two products to achieve!

This collection does actually remind me of the new crazy Caviar nails but much more simple, easy and mess free i mean i never really did understand having tiny beads on your nails and this polish it a perfect way to achieve that without the price tag and beads on your nails.

There is 4 shades in the collection which are all names after some of the most delicious streets in London...

Sugarhouse Lane - pastel grey with monochrome glitter
Sweets Way - Pale blue with pastel blue, pink and white glitter
Pudding Lane - Teal with navy and gold glitter
Topping Lane - pink with fuschia, silver and blue glitter

I was lucky enough to come away with Pudding Lane and i absolutely love it so i seriously can't wait to get my hands on the other three shades when they are released in June. I have to admit from what i saw at the event Sweets Way is definitely the stand out shade from the collection it was literally stunning a very very pale blue almost white with pastel blue, pink and white glitter...totally gorgeous and one i think everyone will love. We were treated to mini manicures at the event and lots of the girls chose to have Sweets Way and everyone loved it so it really is one to keep an eye out for i for one will definitely be first in line when it is released! 

Like i said the collection will be released in June and will have an RRP of £11

I never really saw nails inc as one of my favourite higher end nail polish brands but they have for sure made it to the top now...i love nails inc muchly and couldn't quite believe how many polishes i actually own from them!

Thank-you nails inc for a fabulous event!

What do you think of the Sprinkles Collection?


  1. This looks fab, it's such an interesting effect :) x

  2. I was so bummed I couldnt make the event :( xx

  3. This colour is absolutely gorgeous :) much less hassle just using the one polish! xx

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  4. This are cute, I can't wait to try these! I keep seeing the caviar nails everywhere but they do look so messy!


  5. Cute! There's a road round the corner from where I live in East London called Candy Street :-) x

  6. Wasn't it a great event.
    I love the look of the sprinkles collection, have you tried it out over another polish? I think a white would look great.
    I fell in love with the nail jewellery, so sparkly.

  7. Lovely polish :-)

    Holli x

  8. What a cute name! I like the matte glitter look, it can really tone it down if it's looking a bit OTT for an occasion. I usually do it by using my Rimmel matte top coat over the glitter coat, but having it in one bottle is cool and a bit different! x

  9. That's a gorgeous blue colour, especially love the fact it has glitter too!

  10. Ooh these look really interesting :) Sugarhouse Lane and Sweets Way sound really pretty :)

    Frances xx

  11. wow, this is gorgeous, the other colours sound really nice too! xx

  12. I want some of these sooo bad :), they're so nice. x

  13. This nail varnish looks amazing, such a great alternative to big chunky glitters :) xx

  14. This looks gorgeous! I am so tempted to buy some of these shades now X

  15. Looks amazing, I can't wait to see these in stores! I do wonder how it's going to be to take the polish off though, haha! xx

  16. great review! looks gorgeous! xx

  17. I love it, fab review

  18. Welcome back! Crazy but fun polish!!!

  19. Gorgeous! I'm personally not a huge lover of nail polish but these I think I might just have to buy! xx

  20. wow! i think im gonna get this, this week! :) xxx


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