Sunday, 8 April 2012

Sleek Make-Up Eau La La Pencils!

Sleek Make-Up Eau La La* Red Sky Night* Cobalt Blue* Bullion*

I get super excited about new releases from Sleek Make-Up as they are one of my favourite drugstore/high street brands but i got really reeeeally excited about the newest release and couldn't wait to share it with you as it is honestly not one to miss.
Sleek Make-Up have released a range of 20 highly pigmented, smudge-proof pencils which are enriched with a soft, creamy formulation perfect for use on eyes, lips and brows. All of the shades are matte apart from 2 dazzling metallics, Tonic and Bullion, Bullion of which you can see a swatch of above a perfect bright vivid metallic gold! There is a vast variety of colours ranging from bright blues and yellows to soft browns, taupe's and dusky pinks. I really do love the way all the shades are so versatile there are some stunning pinks that can be used as lip liners and the perfect matte brown shades to help you fill in the brows to achieve the perfect brow for this season. 

The packaging is matte black which is of course cult for Sleek Make-Up giving the pencils and classic, professional look along with the colour co-ordinated ends giving you a great heads up of your chosen colour! Strangely enough when you take the lid off the pencil it makes this seriously satisfying weird and crazy i know but please tell me someone feels the same way?! Its a bit like the satisfying sound M.A.C Paint Pot lids make when you open them lol oh dear I'm really starting to sound like a crazy lady now!

I am just going to say this straight up these liners really are comparable to Urban Decay 24/7 Liners for literally a fraction of the only £3.99 these really are amazing and are definitely going to be flying off the shelves when they are released on the 11th of April ooooo only 3 days to go!!!

These Eau La La liners have a unique formulation that makes them waterproof and only fade or of course remove them with make-up remover. Sleek Make-Up say that 'these babies don't budge...FACT' and i can honestly say they don't!!! They are so super soft and creamy but you do have to work quickly with them as they do set pretty quickly..they are easy to blend but not as easy as the Urban Decay 24/7 Liners i must admit but they do stay put longer 100% Also the Urban Decay 24/7 Liners are only ever so slightly more softer which i guess is why they are easier to blend but for staying power the Sleek Make-Up Eau La La Liners definitely win!

The metallic shade i have in Bullion is a lot less pigmented and slightly harder to work with as it isn't as creamy but to be honest the 18 other matte shades interest me so much more so I'm not too disappointed. Cobalt Blue lasted on my lash line for around 8 hours and would have kept going strong if i hadn't had removed my make-up, i struggle to find a product to last a long time in my waterline so it did fade pretty quickly there and i did need to re-apply but that is normal for me as i have very watery eyes annoyingly! Red Sky Night is the most perfect lip liner colour for me, i have been loving teaming this with some of my favourite lipsticks as it its a pretty similar colour to most of them to be honest so i just helps define my lips slightly which i have been really enjoying!

I don't know about you guys but i am really excited for the release of these liners as i am now dying to try the brown shades as it looks as though there could possible be 8? I would love to see how they wear and look if i  fill in my eyebrows, i wear a brown liner across my lash line daily so with the staying power and formulation they have i am guessing they will pretty much be a holy grail product for me!

Like i mentioned before these are going to cost a mere £3.99 which is seriously incredible and will launch on the 11th of April so be sure to head to your nearest Superdrug store or be ready at your laptop on the Sleek Make-Up Website as they will be available on there as well.

They really are not to be missed!

What do you think of these Eau La La Liners?
Are you excited to try them?


  1. They look really lovely. Especially Red Sky Night! xx

  2. im so looking forward to trying these x

  3. Wow these look incredible, I cannot wait to pick these up!


  4. These look gorgeous. Can you buy them online and have them shipped to the US?

  5. Oh these sound so useful and easy to use :) xx


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