Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Nars Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base Review

Dry skin has been something I have always lived and dealt with, trying to find the most richest of products to combat my immensely dry skin until around a month ago. I don't know how or why it has happened but I have suddenly developed really very oily eyelids. Eye shadow would always stay put all day with no problems whether it was a high end eyeshadow or a drugstore eyeshadow I literally never had any problems and would never need to use a primer, because of this when I did start getting oily eye lids I panicked as I didn't know what was going to be the best product to combat this problem. I'm not saying my eyeshadow would slide and ever so slightly crease but around 2-3 hours of wearing the eyeshadow it would have all disappeared leaving awful smudged greasy lines, it's hard to explain but really wasn't a pretty sight! So I started using different primers which I had previously heard good reviews of I.e Urban Decay Primer Potion and Two Faced Shadow Insurance but both products didn't do a single thing for me..my oily eyelids are really now that bad. It's such a strange thing to happen when the rest of my skin is still very dry. Anyway after many hours of reading reviews I decided to purchase the Nars Smudge Proof EyeShadow Base which had amazing reviews of. I was hesitant at first as you all know I do love my drugstore products and spending £18 on an eye shadow primer did seem a bit steep but as nothing was working I knew I had to try the 'cream of the crop' as all the reviews I read were totally singing its praises! So when passing through House Of Fraser in Westfield recently I took the plunge and purchased the product which I hoped was going to 'change my life' that sounds so extreme but I wear a neutral eye pretty much everyday so for it to suddenly start creasing and smudging so much was really frustrating for me.

I can honestly say for me this is literally a miracle product...i used it the day after, applied it in the morning used my favourite eyeshadows for my day time look and when i returned home from work nearly 10 hours later my eyeshadow was exactly how i applied it in the morning. Not one sign of a crease or smudge...it was perfect. I was so stunned. The product itself is a mix between a cream and a gel and dries pretty matte. You have to work quick quickly with it as it dries quickly but you really only need to smallest amount. I think that if you apply too much product it can work against you and do exactly what you don't want it to. I just use what it on the applicator for both eyes. I bought this well over a month ago and i have used it every day since..i am so happy i have found a product to combat and help with my oily eyelids. The price is still a down point for me but as its working so well i really can't complain too much. I can definitely see that this will forever have a place in my everyday make-up bag!

Have you tried this miracle worker before?
Did it work for you?



  1. I haven't tried this yet, but I love NARS and I do get sort of the same problem as you, so this is going on my list! x

  2. I've slowly started to have the same issue. UDPP always worked fine for me, but now when I come home at the end of the day my shadows are completely creased. Everyone says this is amazing so I might have to try it. xx

  3. I have really oily eyelids too it's sooo frustrating, I might have to try this out. x

    A Scholar Life

  4. This primer actually creases really badly on me, I have no idea why maybe I'm putting on too much, but I was really disappointed because it cost so much money :(

  5. Looks great; awesome review! I have heard so many great things about this NARS product, I'll have to check it out!

  6. Wow this looks great! Might have to purchase it when my Urban Decay runs out! Thanks


  7. think ill need to try this now! thank you!

    hope youll give my blog a peak :)


    Gem xxx


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