Thursday, 3 May 2012

Sleek Make-Up Ultra Matte V2 Darks i-Divine ♥

Sleek Make-Up Ultra Matte v2 Darks i-Divine Palette*

Yet another i-Divine palette from Sleek Make-Up but one i am pretty positive you are all going to love. Matte shades are absolutely huge at the moment and make-up brands are releasing all sorts of interesting shades for the lips cheeks and of course eyes. One release that is now a permanent fixture in my make-up bag is the Ultra Matte V2 Dark i-Divine Palette. This is one of 2 new i-Divine Palettes from Sleek Make-Up, the one above being V2 Darks and the other palette in the range is V1 Brights both palettes make up of entirely matte shades...yep you heard that right a totally matte palette something which i think everyone has been longing for. I can hold my hands up and say that i always used to hate matte shades and would always sway towards the shimmers but having been experimenting more with some of my other eye shadows for the last few months i have been hooked on mattes ever since so when this turned up on my doorstep i was ridiculously excited! I was also pretty thrilled that i had the chance to try the V2 Darks Palette as in reality as gorgeous as they look the shades in the V1 Brights Palette wouldn't be something i normally go for.
The palette is made up of 12 neutral shades with a green, blue and purple thrown in there as well, a real perfect mix of colours. The shades are shade to be very highly pigmented but unfortunately like some other of the matte lighter shades from previous i-divine palettes they do lack a bit of pigmentation and can be slightly chalky but none the less still do work great. All other shades have amazing pigmentation and are so creamy and easy to blend! The palette really does have every colour you need even with a matte black perfect for travelling as well. 'Dune' and 'Paper bag' are now my staple colours for a smokey neutral eye!!
The packaging has slightly changed with the palettes and also the eye shadow pans no longer have the embossed design on them which i feel gives it a more chic expensive feel...the embossed design did give the palette a cheaper feel i thought.

The Ultra Matte i-Divines V1 & V2 will launch on the 9th of May and will be available in Superdrug stores and online at

They are not to be missed!!

Will you be first in the queue? What do you think of the shades?



  1. Going to get both palettes, I cannot wait! They are both so gorgeous and I'm seriously into mattes at the moment.


  2. I think this is a fab palette. The only colours I don't think I'd use are Orbit and Highness as they're a bit bright for me but I can't wait to play around with this palette x

  3. I love the colours, I don't own any sleek palettes, as I thought that I don't need more eyeshadows, this one is temping.

  4. great idea to make a matte palette, i really don't like the colour they've chosen though :( xx

  5. I think this is a palette I'll definitely be picking up. I love that teal colour, it looks so awesome plus I'm quite the fan of matte shadows!

  6. Ooh, looks like a great palette! I'm a sucker for matte eyeshadows and I really love the shades here!

  7. Wow the colours look amazing x

  8. I've just bought the brights version of this and it's amazing! I'll be blogging about it very soon! Love your blog x

  9. Looks like a good palette to experiment with i'm so boring when it comes to eye-shadow :)

  10. Must have the matte palette! Shimmers highlights imperfections :( X

  11. I love that, might make it my first Sleek palette - the green especially is amazing


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