Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Get Your Mitts On The Original Tanning Mitt!

The Original Tanning Mitt(*) really is 'The Only Way To Apply Self Tan' 
No-one wants to do a Gemma Collins do they and have suspiciously orange palms...who saw The Only Way Is Marbs?? Fake tan hands are a big no no and can really make your tan look extremely fake and awful to be honest. I know it is fake tan but really the aim of the game is to make it look as natural as possible right? Ever since getting hooked on fake tan i have always relied on a tanning mitt, i never wanted to have the issue of Gemma Collins hands and gloves never really appealed to me so a tanning mitt really seemed the way forward and to be honest i have never looked back. Not only does a self tanning mitt stop orange stained hands it also helps to achieve a perfectly streak free flawless tan and makes applying tan so quick and easy. The Original Tanning Mitt from Velvotan has had a make-over and now comes in three brilliantly vibrant fun colours with a fashion detail which means tanning mitts now have a fashion edge to them. The Velvotan Mitt has revolutionised the fake tan world, leading women nationwide to tanning glory, solving streaking and staining problems and ensuring and even natural tan every time. The mitt can be used again and again as you can just pop it in the wash which is perfect. If you really want an easy way to achieve a streak free even flawless tan The Orinigal Tanning Mitt really is what you need in your life. For only £2.99 and available from Tesco you will never have to worry about orange palms or a streaky mess again..the mitt really is a must have in my fake tanning routine!

Tell me your fake tanning horror stories!
Have you suffered the awful orange palms?
Do you swear by a tanning mitt?


  1. I got one of these from Latestinbeauty for £2 the other day and it arrived this morning! Ive never used a tanning mitt before so ive always been worried about having orange palms, thought it was time to pick one up! xx

  2. Lol I saw Gemma's fake tanning failure. I cannot live without a mitt I think they are essential to getting a great all over tan. These look very cute with the different colours :)


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