Tuesday, 19 June 2012

No7 Summer Of Dreams Collection ♥

Oh wow, how long has it been since you saw me pop up on your dashboard??!

I am so incredibly sorry i haven't posted in a really stupidly long time, i guess you could say life really did just take over. I went to Barcelona for the weekend and then came down with an awful cold, in the middle of all that i have been crazy busy at work, what with the Jubilee Weekend and the Olympics in the horizon it has been incredibly busy and the days just seem to fly by. Before i forget would any of you like to see some pictures from my weekend in Barcelona? I am not too sure if that will interest anyone so do let me know. Anyway i am back on top of things now and posting should resume to normal...fingers crossed.

So what have i missed??

I sure know i have missed you guys looooooads.

I thought i would hit back with a new summer collection which has got me a little excited, to be honest if Lisa Eldridge has anything to do with you a collection you can pretty much guarantee that i will love it..who else loves Lisa Eldridge?? She is seriously amazing but that really is another kettle of fish. The Summer Of Dreams Collection is Limited Edition and is only available until the 10th of July, the collection itself is inspired by festival chic, intertwined with sunkissed memories of summer days infused with bold flashes of colour. I do wish our summer wasn't being so poor this year, it is a little depressing!!
The Boots No7 vouchers have been out in force over the last week or so and i had seemed to have accumulated quite a handful (my team mates at work know i love them so always give me theirs cheers guys) so i went into Boots on a mission to stock up on skincare as i love a few products which i use daily but from a distance i spotted the summer collection stand and then knew i had to use my vouchers for some products from the collection! The 2 nail polishes were my first products of choice however they were all sold out so i went with the next best 2, i am however still on the hunt for the nail polishes...how stunning do they look?

Just a quick FYI the Boots No7 Vouchers are still valid until the 15th of July :)

I have wanted the Clarins Lip Perfector for a while now but have never managed to pick one up so when i heard the No7 Summer Collection was going to have a dupe of the Clarins Lip Perfector i knew i would have to check it out...you know me and good drugstore dupe products, they are my fav. The No7 Nourishing Lip Shine comes in 2 colours Peach and Pink, i went with the Peach mainly because that was all that was left haha but also because it is a stunning colour. The Nourishing Lip Shine is a very very hydrating glossy balm with a hint of colour. They are enriched with liquorice to smooth and nourish the lips. I absolutely love how this feels of my lips super soft and hydrating and gives off just the right amount of colour, i also love the sponge applicator even though you have to squeeze the tube like your about to pop it lol anyone else have this problem? Just the one downside to this amazing lip product...the smell or should i say it has no smell, no scent what so ever that i can smell anyway which is really disappointing as we all love a good smelling lip product ;P

Next i up i got the Summer Of Dreams Bronzer..OK i am just going to hold up my hands and admit, the packaging really did lure me in i love it which totally sold it for me although i did really need a new bronzer, i did i promise :P My beloved The Body Shop matte honey bronzer is on its last legs so i thought this would be the perfect next bronzer for me. From swatching it in the store i could see that the glitter/shimmer layer was really only a small layer and once used with a brush i knew it would just disappear which to be honest is exactly what i wanted to happen. I did love the effect the shimmer gave however for an all over bronzer it would have been just a huge glistening mess on my face...not a good look. Left below is a stunning light to mid tone matte bronzer. It is creamy and blends so nicely so works great with contouring..a new staple product in my everyday routine.

I really do love this collection and still can't wait to get my hands of the 2 nail polishes and also the pink nourishing lip shine, yep i sure do want the pink as well :) Although i am finding it difficult to track them down..so if you like the look of the collection snap it up quick as it seems to be flying off the shelves.

Nourishing Lip Shine RRP £10.50
Summer Of Dreams Bronzer RRP £13.00

Do you love this Collection?
What's your favourite product?


  1. this bronzer looks lovely
    please take a look at my blog


  2. The packaging is gorgeous, love the bronzer.

  3. I always love how pretty No7's limited edition ranges are - I neeed the lip shine in my life! xxx

  4. I keep seeing these all over blogs but not in stores, i want them both!
    A post on Barcelona would be great too!

  5. I have the same squeezing problem with my lip shine! I tend to discard it and use something else because it just takes so long! Another problem I've had with it is that all the gold lettering has rubbed off. But I find it applies really smoothly.



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