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Rodial Brazilian Tan Dark Review

Rodial Brazilian Tan Dark*

So following on from sharing with you my current favourite bronzer i thought i would share with you my current favourite fake tan. Now seeing as in London we have literally only had a handful of sunny days so a fake tan is always a must for me. I hate being pale i know it sounds stupid but a tan does really make me feel better...i hope I'm not alone on that one!

Now Rodial have recently re packaged and re formulated their Brazilian Tan range and i was lucky enough to try it out. I am pretty new when it comes to Rodial, i know their skincare has a huge following and i definitely think the new Brazilian Tan range will have the same following. 

First of all i absolutely love the new packaging...the bright aqua blue tube with the coral and white writing i think is so nice and works so well. I also like the fact it is in a tube rather than a pump bottle as i think a lot of product can get wasted in pump the tube you get 150ml of product which isn't loads but a little goes a long way so you don't need too much so the tube will last you a good amount of time.

Within the Brazilian Tan Range there is a Dark, Light and Clear formula the clear being more of a daily tan. Of course the one i use is the Dark formula.

The tan itself is actually a tinted gel which gives you an instant colour which then develops into a stunning colour. What i love most about this tan is that you get an instant colour straight away..I'm not very 'organised' when it comes to tanning and i definitely don't have a routine with it so can sometimes want to tan straight away before going out but obviously i don't want to have to wait 4 hours or so for it to develop so to get an instant stunning colour for me is perfect. 
The product blends like a dream and i use a mitt to apply it. You have to work pretty quick though as it does dry quickly but in theory its a really good thing as you don't have to wait around trying to fan yourself :P

When i first saw the product in the tube i was slightly worried at how dark it look but as it is a gel the colour isn't so strong and blends in so so soooo nicely so please don't be afraid of the colour!

This is the only tan that doesn't go patchy on me its amazing!!

Now this tan is also said to last up to 10 crazy is that?!? I know some of you are going to find it hard to believe but it really does last 10 days on me its seriously crazy!! It obviously fades throughout the days but still fades to such a gorgeous colour and doesn't go patchy or streaky at all!! I was so shocked when i realised it had actually lasted the 10 days. 

I know the smell of fake tan plays a huuuuge part of deciding which fake tan to go for and i can happily say this one smells of...wait for it...Caramel yep that's right Caramel mmmm its delicious!

I am literally in love with this fake tan and haven't used any others since so i am nearly out of this one which i am really sad about as it does also have quite a hefty price tag £35 ouch!!! That's a lot for a fake tan but i know it is a 'premium' fake tan but i don't know if i can bring myself to spend that much but i also don't think i can live without it ahhhhh what to do!!

One small is a bit of a nightmare to totally remove i think this is down to the fact it does last such a long time but after the 10 days i like to scrub it all off and start fresh but it does take a lot of scrubbing i have to admit other than that this really does have to be one of my all time favourite fake tans.

A big thumbs up to Rodial for such a stunning tan and gorgeous packaging!

Now when are you going to release an Extra Dark version tehe

Have you tried this fake tan or any from the range?
Do you love it just like me?

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