Saturday, 11 August 2012

YSL Shocking Mascara ♥

I have been very loyal over the past few months to the Bourjois Rotating Mascara, it worked wonders on my lashes and gave me everything i wanted from a mascara, until recently. I just felt it maybe wasn't working with my lashes as well anymore and maybe my eyelashes got used to it? I don't know if that can really happen but that's what it felt like anyway. So i was on the hunt for a new mascara but one i wanted to instantly love and get the same affect but better so i did a little online research as you do and decided to go with the YSL Shocking Mascara. I know i am majorly behind on this one but at the time this mascara was released i wasn't in the market for a new mascara so kind of just passed it by to be honest.

Anyway i picked it up at work in Duty Free with a cheeky little discount and boy am i glad i did.

First of all the packaging is just beautiful, but would you really expect anything less from YSL and the black writing i think makes it look wicked..i now love having this mascara in my make-up bag.

I will just add that I'm sure a lot of you know but if you don't i am not one for higher end make-up, i do love to get a few bits here and there but i am a true drugstore/highstreet girl at heart and will never sway from that but i did just fancy splashing a little more cash on something slightly more luxurious...i don't often do it i promise!

OK back on track Sophie...this mascara really is impressive.

It thickens, it lengthens, it adds volume, it stays put all day and really does give you the effect of false lashes its incredible.

For some it may be a little 'much' for during the day and you may want to have this as an evening/going out mascara but for huge lash addict over here its spot on for me.

I love the way the bristles on the wand are different lengths meaning it grabs every single lash and i also love that you get a great effect with just one coat but if you really do want to spice up those lashes even more then a second coat just does really top it off!

One thing i must add is that a lot of product does get distributed onto the wand so application really is key with this mascara as you want to be careful that you really are just applying it to your eyelashes not your eyelids or forehead, just kidding it just does have a tendency to get onto my eyelids but its nothing too major. Also this mascara will leave you with slightly crispy eyelashes..for me personally i don't mind as i know it is doing what it is suppose to do but if you don't like that feeling then this may not be for you.

I really really reaaaally do love this mascara and get kinda excited in the mornings when i know i get to apply that really is sad isn't it lol.

Have you tried this mascara? Does YSL float your boat?


  1. ahh!!! beautiful, they look like falsies! xxx

  2. Wow this mascara looks amazing and really works wonders on your lashes :) How much was it in duty free cause I might do the same and pick it up then :)


  3. Nice effect! Although you have very pretty lashes the effect is spectacular.

  4. This mascara keeps popping up in my dashboard and it looks amazing every time. Your eyelashes look absolutely flawless, I NEED THIS MASCARA! Great post :') xx

  5. This looks so good! The packaging is amazing!

  6. wow, this looks amazing!xx

  7. I love this mascara it really does make a difference to your eyelashes. Despite the price i've repurchased a few times now x

  8. They really do look like falsies, 'shocking' indeed ^^. I think I'll pass on this one based on the price tag and that it makes lashes feel hard/cripsy. x

  9. I've been wondering about this one! I haven't ever tried any high-end mascaras (mine are always Rimmel or Benefit tops) but I always heard that YSL and Dior are the ultimate best. The difference is pretty amazing, though I'm after more of a china doll kind of look with soft lashes.

  10. Your lashes look amazing with this mascara!! X

  11. wow, your lashes look so full with the mascara! shocking!


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