Monday, 3 September 2012

Cher Lloyd Fragrance ♥

Cher Lloyd Fragrance*

Cher Lloyd, the 19 year old singer who found fame on the X Factor, has launched her debut fragrance and i was lucky enough to attend the launch this morning so i can now share the my thoughts on the fragrance with you!

Housed in a huge bright pink diamond it completely screams Cher Lloyd!! 
Cher has always wanted to release a fragrance which embodies her unique personality, the diamond is used as an iconic symbol for all of us to remember that no matter what others may say, we are all special!

At the launch Cher explained she wanted to create a sweet vanilla based scent because when she was younger she always wore perfumes with vanilla tones and therefore wanted to launch a fragrance she herself would want to wear.

The fragrance itself is very sweet and girly, it has top notes of Golden Quince, Cassis and Exotic Kiwi mixed with the middle notes Jasmine Petals, White Chocolate, Orchid and Orris Root and to top it off base notes of Creamy Musks, Vanilla Pod and Indian Sandalwood.

If i am totally honest the fragrance is very very similar to Britney Spears Fantasy, maybe even a lighter version of it. I actually adore Britney Spears Fantasy but can sometimes find it slightly to heavy and strong so love the fact that this Cher Lloyd fragrance is slightly lighter but with the same gorgeous sweet fruity scent!

I can see this being very popular especially with the teens..i think they will love to have the bright pink diamond on their dressing table or take it out of their bag on break for a quick spritz, i for one know i would have loved to have this when i was younger.

It is also a great price at £15.00 for 30ml and £20.00 for 50ml

Cher's fragrance is now available from The Fragrance Shop!

Do you love or hate this bottle? Does it sound like something you would like?



  1. the bottle is quite nice but maybe a little tacky xo

  2. Although I'm not a huge fan of Cher Lloyd.. this scent sounds exactly what I love about perfumes! I'm glad it's affordable too

  3. I actually thought the same thing, it's also very much reminds me of Britney's perfume. I also find the scent very similar to one of the Accessorize perfume. It was so nice to see you, but I didn't say hi, wish I did. xo

  4. OMG I love Cher! I didn't know she had a fragrance. I need to see how this smells.

    I love the packaging.. but then again I love anything that's pink...
    I also had Britney spears in mind when I saw it haha.

  5. Love the bottle!!!

  6. It sounds like a yummy fragrance but I'm not sure I like the bottle x

  7. The fragrance sounds nice but I feel the bottle is a bit gimmicky like its designed for younger girls- hmmmm im not sure ill purchase this but it all depends on the smell i guess!


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