Thursday, 20 September 2012

Japonesque Safari Chic Brush Collection

Japonesque Safari Chic Collection*

Leopard print lovers are you ready?

I have been a fan of Japonesque brushes for a while now and have already reviewed a lot of their brushes on my blog before, i love the quality of their brushes and they are just so affordable. When this new Safari Chic Collection landed on my desk i literally gasped at how amazing they are. Have you ever seen a Leopard print brush before? How crazy but how amazing?

The brushes are still the amazing quality that Japonesque are known for, super super soft and so fantastic to work with. My favourite my far is the kabuki style brush and the blusher brush. I have to admit that the eye-shadow brushes are a slightly awkward size and shape so are slightly hard to use for the crease or blending ect but just to pat on an all over colour they work fine.

They are the perfect sized brushes as they are very travel friendly with the short handle, so if you really are a Leopard fan you could just whack this out on the tube and so off your super funky brush!

I know that i actually really didn't want to use these at first as they are just too pretty and i didn't want to ruin the Leopard print but they are just so damn soft and good its too hard not to use them!

I know that the brushes are not going to be to everyone's taste as a lot of people i think will just want to stick to the traditional type of brushes but i personally think this brings a bit of fun and personality to your kit.

Japonesque Brushes are available from HQ Hair for £28 & the Kabuki is £19.50.

What do you think of these brushes? Do you love them or hate them?


  1. check my give away..

  2. absolute love I am gonna cry if I dont get these!! :)

  3. I'm not a huge fan of animal print, but I actually find these so funky and cool looking :)! I've always heard such awesome things about Japonesque brushes, and these might just be too cute to pass up hehe xx

  4. Oh my gosh these are so cute!!! I have heard loads of people raving about them on blogs I really should jump on the bandwaggon and get some! They are just gorgeous!


  5. These brushes look so cute! Will definitely go get a pair! Which of the above brushes do you think worked the best?


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