Monday, 29 October 2012

Soap & Glory Peaches & Clean Review

I really really reeeeeally adore Soap & Glory and can pretty much say it is one of my all time favourite brands, i have never used a Soap & Glory product and not liked much so i have quite a lot of products to share with you so you will for sure being seeing lots of Soap & Glory posts popping up in your dashboard from me in the coming weeks, i hope you don't mind i just have so much to share with you!

First of all i want to show you my all time favourite/can't live without product.

It Purifies! Can Energize! And Melts Away Make-Up! Its....

Peaches & Clean

4-in1 Wash Off Deep Cleansing Milk
Special Clogged T Zone Formula

Since first using this cleanser around 4 months ago i have not looked at another cleanser skin absolutely loves this stuff!!

This cleanser is said to be for all skin types and just for reference i have normal/dry skin.

It is also said to be a milk but to be honest it is much more of a creamy cleanser rather than a thinner milk consistency either way i think i prefer the fact it is thicker!

As soon as you pump the product out the bottle (i love the fact it is a pump bottle, makes life so much easier) you get an instant whiff of the gorgeous scent of peaches mixed with an ever so slight hint of mint..its so scrummy and so refreshing great for those early mornings!

It removes every scrape of make-up in the evening and makes my skin feel so soft, fresh and amazing in the morning. I do use it in conjunction with a muslin cloth, i don't use an exfoliate as my skin is dry and sensitive  so the muslin cloth is gentle enough just to buff away at any dead skin ect without being so harsh on my skin and also cleansing it at the same time.

I also use this as a 'mini facial' if you like...once a week normally on a Sunday i apply around 2 pumps all over my face without rubbing in and leave for 7-10 minutes as a face mask. As it contains Detoxyboost Technology it really gives a deep clean and leaves my skin feeling amazing!

It also contains peach extract with skin smoothing fruit acids, quillaja bark which is a natural gentle soap, jojoba oil again for softening the skin, the detoxyboost to help purify and deep clean and then lastly poreshrink to give a clearer fresher brighter complexion. 

Soap & Glory say in their opinion its the best cleansing milk on the market and in Sophieismadeup opinion it really really must try it!! For £7.99 it is an absolute bargain and lasts such a long time.

Soap & Glory is currently on 3 for 2 at Boots so you have no excuse to try and also pick up 2 other amazing products..i can guarantee you wont be disappointed.

Do you love Soap & Glory? Have you tried Peaches & Clean?


  1. Great review, going to try this as have the same skin type as you and it sounds a skin miracle. x

  2. i really want to try this now, i have heard so many good thing about it!!


    1. i love this! had this in the best of all box i received at christmas and it really is so gentle and lovely!

  3. Soap and glory is my fave! Love this!! X

  4. Can you use this as a cleanser with cotton wool or does it have to be rinsed off with water?

  5. can it be used on your eyes? to remove eye makeup?

  6. Can it be used on the eyes to remove eye makeup?

  7. can it be used on my eyes to remove eye makeup


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