Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Sleek Make-Up Flick It Eyeliner

I love eyeliner but find it so hard to use, because of this i tend to stay away from it, until now. Launching on the 13th of February are these fabulous Sleek Make-Up Flick It* pen eyeliners. With three shades available Dazzling Black, Royal Blue and Purple Aura i am now addicted to and using everyday Dazzling Black. I can now use liquid eyeliner and achieve the perfect flick i have always wanted, sounds sad i know but it's true.

Thanks to the simple pen applicator which helps provide precision application i am left with flawless matte flicks which stay put like no other. With up to 12 hours wear with no smudging or budging they really can't be faulted. Whats great is that the pen applicator is so precise but still allows you to achieve a thin or thick line depending on how you hold and position the pen. 

I really love the sleek packaging (no pun intended  however i must admit they are pretty difficult to open, they are so secure so the pen doesn't dry out but it just means it takes a bit of a tug to get the lid off anyone else found this? Other than that the packaging is very typical of Sleek Make-Up, matte black with Sleek Make-Up embossed in gloss writing. Nice and simple!

All three shades are pretty stunning but to be honest the stand out shade for me is definitely Dazzling Black, its very opaque black and stays that way all day, its going to be a definite re-purchase for me over and over again once these launch.

I have finally found a product to help me achieve the eyeliner i have always wanted, so if you have ever struggled achieving a flawless flick then be sure to give these Flick It Eyeliners a whirl.

At the bargain price of £5.99 you really can't go wrong, even if you just try one, you know you want to!

So don't forget these Sleek Make-Up Flick It Eyeliners launch 13th of February in Superdrug stores and also online at

Do you like the look of these? Are you a pro eyeliner gal?

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

I am pretty sure you all know by now that i have pretty dry skin and i am always on the hunt for products to battle it. I was on the market for a new exfoliator however had no clue what to go for, until i remembered this little pot of goodness from a recent GlossyBox.

Dermalogica is a relatively new brand to me but a brand i had heard so many raved reviews about so instantly thought 'why had i totally forgotten i had received this in my GlossyBox' straight away tried it and straight away loved it. Before i completely sing its praises i had better let you all know what exactly this product is as it is a little strange, well it was to me at first anyway.

So what exactly is Dermalogica's Daily Microfoliant?
Gentle daily use exfoliating powder for all skin conditions. Its a unique Rice-based powder formula activates upon contact with water, releasing Papin, Salicylic Acid and Rice Enzymes that micro-exfoliate dead cells, instantly leaving skin smoother and brighter.

All you do is pour the product out in to your palms, your hands must be very wet and then simply mix the product together with some water and create a paste with the product and the massage the product onto your face for one minute and let it work its magic!!

It really is magic, the results i get from this product is incredible and noticeable straight away, this honestly blows any other exfolaitor out the water. It does exactly what you would want an exfoliator to do, leaves your skin baby soft, brighter and feeling like you have just left a spa. What baffles me is how finely milled the product is and how soft on the skin the grains are but yet how perfectly it works, getting rid of those nasty dead skin cells and leaves your skin feeling like brand new.

I love a lot of products and could rave about products day in and day out but this is deffinitley and exception and will always be in my top 5 skincare products without fail.

I could talk endlessly about how amazing this product is and how much i adore it but you do really need to try it for yourself to believe it, everyone i have spoken to about it has also loved it, i really think its one of those cult beauty products, i just can't believe it has taken me so long to discover it.

On a little downside it does come with a pretty hefty price tag of £38.50 for 75g so i am just hoping this sample size will last me a while.

Have you tried this Daily Microfoliant? WHY EVER NOT??? GO GO GO!!!! TEHE 


Monday, 21 January 2013

No7 Beautiful Skin Hydration Mask ♥

You know when you have used a product for so long and have re purchased countless times but you never think to blog about it? Well that has totally happened to me with this No7 Beautiful Skin Hydration Mask, i ran out recently and the Boots No7 vouchers are back and i only ever really buy No7 products when they are about so picked this up and totally had a 'omg i have never raved about this on my blog moment' How could i not?

This was one of those products that i would always just stare at on No7 counters, i just loved the way it looked like 'Whipped Cream'  random i know but it really does. I am totally one for giving moisture to my ridiculously annoying dry skin so went for it a couple of years ago and have never looked back.

This mask has an intense moisture boost to leave your skin feeling beautifully soft and smooth. Glycerin and Cocoa Butter combine with emollients to nourish and deeply moisturise the skin. It is created to help your dry skin behave like normal skin and provide tailored skin nutrition for healthy looking, bright and beautiful skin.

I apply 2 pumps of this mask once a week after cleansing, i sweep it all over my face massaging it lightly and relax with it on for 10 minutes. You can just use it for 3 minutes more times a week but i prefer to give myself an intense boost once a week for 10 minutes. In the packaging it looks literally like pink whipped cream its amazing, once pumped out it is a pale pink slightly foamy think cream. I just have to say the whipped cream effect doesn't stay for long, once you have used the product a few times it does all just merge into one but its pretty cool while it lasts. The product also still works the same once it has all merged together so don't worry about that. It is a really luxury mask and feels like such a treat when i apply it, maybe it really should be kept as a little treat for your skin but i love it too much not to use it once a week and so does my skin. Sadly this beautiful mask isn't for everyone as it is targeted at a dry to very dry skin but i think a dry to normal skin will love it just as much too.

I really love the clear packaging and also love the lilac colour. The pump makes it super easy to use and means you get just the right amount of product out so you don't have any waste. It smells very typical of the No7 Beautiful Skin Skincare range, which i love. 

I don't know why it has taken me so long to let you guys in on my little moisture treat i give my skin every week because it literally works wonder on my skin, it leaves it feeling incredibly silky soft and so plump and fresh!!

I think it is impossible for me to express how much i love this product!! If your skin is feeling the January Blues and you have a No7 lying in the bottom of your bag on in your purse, please give this a whirl and let me know what you think i would love to know.

It retails at £12.50 but with the £5 No7 Boots Voucher it will be £7.50 which is an absolute bargain.

Have you ever wanted to give this product a try before? Do you use it and love it?


Sunday, 20 January 2013

Skin Art Temporary Tattoos ♥

I really love tattoos but know deep down i will never actually bite the bullet and go for it, I'm too indecisive and know that i wouldn't cope with the pain so when i came across these Skin Art Temporary Tattoos i just had to give them a whirl.

I know temporary tattoos is totally going back to when i was a kid in the 80's but these are much more current and girly and are the perfect way to cheat a little!

To apply you simple pick your chosen design from the 3 sheets available in each pack, carefully cut out the design, lay it down where you want it and dampen the back of the tattoo for 60 seconds then very gently peel away and you are left with a gorgeous tattoo which lasts up to 5 days which i think is perfect. Like i said i am very indecisive so its great they only last for that amount of time so i get to try all the different designs. 

I personally think they look very real and even my boyfriend was a little baffled when he got home and i just showed him my wrist, i think his words were, no did you really? Tehe 

I really love the pack i got but i know there is 3 others which have some gorgeous designs and even a pack with just words which i would love to try. They are going to be perfect for the coming summer months on holiday ect.

They are £4.99 and you can find them at Boots stores and online!

Do you like tattoos? What do you think of these temporary tattoos?


Saturday, 19 January 2013

Aussie Miracle Shine Range ♥

This is the newest range from Aussie, Miracle Shine and seeing as i dip dyed/Ombre 'd my hair this week it was perfect timing for me to try the range out. Miracle Shine is for dull, tired hair that is just begging to shine.The special formula of Australian Ginseng extract and Pearl Powder helps to revitalize the hair leaving it sensationally vibrant and shiny. I am pretty lucky when it comes to shiny hair as i have quite a natural shine to mine but since i have a little bleach on the ends now and we all know that bleach really likes to look a little dull, amazing but dull so i couldn't wait to try the shampoo, conditioner and trusty 3 minute miracle this morning.

Even after just one use i can already tell that i am in love, the scent is just divine its really fruity and is totally different to any other Aussie shampoo range, the quality is just typical of Aussie and what we all know and love and the 3 minute miracle is even better than i remember especially with the new scent. It has has made my hair incredibly soft and has already lifted a little bit of shine on the ends of my hair.

Now i obviously can't comment fully with the shine aspect of this range as i have only used it once, so this is where the fun bit comes in, i am going to be testing this range out for 4 weeks from today using only this Aussie Miracle Shine range so i can really give it a good road test and see exactly how shiny my hair gets...i honestly have high hopes that i will be washing and glowing by the end of it!!

So i will report back in 4 weeks dolls with before and after pictures so keep your eyes peeled!

Do let me know if you have tried this range yet and if you liked it or even if you just love Aussie in general.

Who's excited for a little road test? I know i am!

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Friday, 18 January 2013

L'oreal Preference Wild Ombre Dip Dye Review

I have wanted Ombre or dip dye hair, whatever you prefer to call it, i prefer Ombre so going for that, for such a long time but because i had really short hair i knew it would never work for me. I have waited for well over a year and my hair has finally grown to a pretty decent so i couldn't wait to Ombre it. Just at the right time i spotted this L'oreal Preference Wild Ombre Brush On Dip Dye kit and thought it would be perfect for me as i am totally new to the tricks of Ombre.

So, there is 3 different versions to choose from, Ombre No 1 for Light Brown to Dark Brown Hair, Ombre No 2 for Dark Blonde to Medium Brown Hair and Ombre No 3 for Blonde to Dark Blonde hair. Seeing as my natural hair is rather dark chocolate brown i went with Ombre No 1. 

This is such a quick and easy kit to use, probably one of the easiest hair dyes i have ever used, you get everything you need in the box including the very handy brush, just give yourself an hour and you will have fabulous Ombre hair!

All you do is part your hair into two sections from the back and bring all your hair forward, mix up the dye and simply squeeze the dye onto the brush then literally just brush the product onto your hair starting from your chin or ear, which ever level you choose is totally up to you and all depends on how much of an ombre effect you want, i started at my chin as i didn't want too much of an ombre but enough if you get what i mean. You then just apply more dye into your hands with gloves on of course and apply to the very ends of your hair just to give a lighter contrast. Then simply wait either 25-45 minutes depending on how light you want it and watch the magic happen. I only left mine on for 25 minutes as it was my first time trying it i thought this was the safest option. I am really happy with the colour it has given me so 25 minutes was definitely perfect for me. Once your time is up you just rinse your hair with warm water then wash your hair with the shampoo provided, dry and style and voila.

Gorgeous simple Ombre Hair!!

I love mine so very much and am incredibly happy with the results, i may even go a little lighter in a couple weeks, what do you think?

I really love my natural hair colour so this is a great way of changing up your style but still keep the same all over colour.

For £6.99 this is such a bargain way of creating your own Ombre hair, i know some salons can charge a ridiculous amount to get this done professionally but really all you need is this quick and simple kit!
I am also pretty shocked that my ends are not frazzled and still in pretty good condition.

Do you have Ombre Hair? Do you like Ombre hair?


Thursday, 17 January 2013

Garnier Moisture Match Goodbye Dry Ultra Hydrating Rich Cream

I love that with the new year comes lots of new releases of exciting products but i don't love how dry my skin gets with the new year, January is most definitely the coldest month, have you got snow where you are? My skin is dry on a good day but with the weather being bitter is gets much worse and causes me all sorts of problems. Whilst doing the weekly shop in Tesco last week my gem of a boyfriend pointed out this new offering from Garnier, in fact a new offering of a range of 5 new moisturisers tailored to your skin type. He knows i have awful dry skin so was quick to point out there was a dry to very dry skin moisturiser and was a bonus it was pink, oh how he knows me so well.

I quickly snapped this up for £5.99 as to find a brilliant drugstore/highstreet rich moisturiser has been a must of mine for a long time however nothing seemed to match my needs until now!

There is 5 moisturiser is the range like i mentioned...

Moisture Match | Shine Be Gone Mattifying Fresh Cream | Combination to Oily Skin
Moisture Match | Light Softening Cream | Normal to Dry Skin
Moisture Match | Wake Me Up Revitalising Hydrating Gel | Dull Skin
Moisture Match | Protect & Glow Illuminating Light Lotion | Normal Skin
Moisture Match | Goodbye Dry Ultra Hydrating Cream | Dry to Very Dry Skin

Before i go into too much detail just so you know, it really is Goodbye Dry Skin and Hello Amazing Skin, Its true love i adore this stuff!!

I really love what Garnier have done with this range and i think it will help a lot of people out there who really struggle with their skin and what moisturiser to use. On the back of each box is has a question as to whether the moisturiser will be right for you so, 

Is Goodbye Dry My Perfect Moisture Match?
Yes if you are looking for a daily moisturiser specifically formulated for dry to very dry skin to protect it from feeling tight, uncomfortable and dehydrated day after day. Goodbye dry is your ticket to plumper, silky soft skin. 

It really has made my skin not so uncomfortable and has left it much plumper and definitely silky soft!!

It is definitely a very thick rich cream but doesn't leave a greasy feeling and absorbs into the skin amazingly. Enriched with camellia oil which is known for its nourishing properties it immediately leaves your skin feeling soothed and so soft.

Goodbye Dry is enriched with a patented hydrating active and reinforces the skins barrier function, helping your skin to maintain its level of hydration. 

I have been using this in the mornings and it works perfectly as a make-up base and also in the evening with an extra helping to really hydrate whilst i sleep! I love the simple pink packaging and adore the scent, it does have quite a strong scent to it which some may find a little offensive, it is a real mix between fruity and floral but i really like it.

I love it so much i now want to try the Illuminating Light Lotion and the Wake Me Up Revitalising Gel!! Yayyy for amazing drugstore/highstreet skincare!

Priced at £5.99 and available from Boots

Have you tried any of these yet? Do you like the idea of Moisture Match? Which one tickles your fancy?

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Maybelline The Rocket Volum' Express Mascara

Today i have to share with you the newest mascara offering from Maybelline, The Rocket Volum' Express. It is a volumizing mascara with a clump free formula that promises to create full, thick lashes as much to 8x the normal size. 

Quite impressive huh?

It has an exclusive Jet-Glide Brush which really helps to grasp all the lashes from root to tip to give as much volume as possible. I must admit the brush is much bigger than i had previously been using with other mascara's however i used to love the brushes on mascara's to be much bigger so i am really enjoying this one being pretty big.

I really love everything this does to my lashes, it gives them crazy volume and thickness without being clumpy or drying really crispy..if you know what i mean and has such an intense black colour. I would say this is more of an evening mascara just due to how much volume it gives me however i like having fuller lashes so use it everyday! 

The packaging is also another thing i love, its right up my street. Bright bold colours which stand out in my make-up bag, i just love it.

Well done with this one Maybelline, i can for sure see this being one of my 'go to' everyday mascara's.

Priced at £7.99 from Boots

Have you tried this new mascara yet? Do you love Maybelline?


Thursday, 10 January 2013

Sophie is Made Up | M.A.C Angel Lipstick ♥

One of my new years resolutions was to start 'shopping my stash' and i have to say i have been really loving doing it and have come across some utter gems in the process. My Mac lipstick collection is my biggest pride and joy make-up wise and i know that sounds so incredibly sad but it really is however i don't use half as many of them as i should, so whilst 'shopping my Mac lipstick shash' i remembered how beautiful 'Angel' lipstick is and haven't stopped wearing it since.

Angel is a soft pale pink shade with an ever so slight gold frost which gives a lovely sheen to the lips. Its a really easy colour to wear, one for everyday as its so easy to apply and lasts really well on the lips. I love frost finish lipsticks from Mac as they aren't drying on the lips and give great colour pay off. I honestly forgot how gorgeous this baby is and am so glad i rediscovered it!

So what else am i wearing?

Mac Studio Fix Fluid - NW20 (Review will be up soon as i get asked so many questions about my base)
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer - Shade 2 & 3
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
Sleek Make-Up Nude Blush - Suede 921
Mac Mineralize Skin Finish - Sunny By Nature
Eyebrows - Mac Brun Eyeshadow
Bobby Brown Metallic Eyeshadow - Champagne Quartz all over the lid
Bourjois Queen Attitude Mascara - Review HERE
Mac Angel Lipstick

Have you been 'Shopping Your Stash' and come across any hidden gems? Do you love Mac Lipsticks? Have you tried Angel?

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Soap & Glory Hair Turban

A hair turban i hear you ask? 
Yes that's right a handy twisty towel to use after you have washed your hair. Ever struggled with trying to balance a big towel on your head after washing your hair and trying to get ready, i know i used to until i came across a hair turban. Now you can buy hair turbans really super cheap, in fact you can get them in the Pound Shop and i have to admit that is what i had previously been using until i came across the Soap & Glory Hair Turban

A hair turban is basically a nicely shaped micro fibre towel with a button on the top and a hook or loop at the bottom so you simple turn your head upside down, place the towel over your hair with the button at the bottom, twist the towel with your hair nicely in the towel, bring the twisted part of the towel to the back of your head where the button is and simply loop the elastic around the button so the towel stays in place. It really is so simple and so genius.

I much prefer to do my make-up before i dry and style my hair so to have my hair drying in such a cute and handy towel away from my face and so secure is just perfect. 

The hair turbans i used to use from the Pound Shop are great for being so cheap but they don't last too long and i found i was buying a new one near enough every month as the button would always fall off. I came across this Soap and Glory Hair Turban in boots and although it is £7.50 for a hair towel i just had to give it a go and i am so glad i did. The quality is just so much nicer, the towel itself is much thicker and softer and really helps to dry my hair quick as it is micro fibre. I love the Soap & Glory design which the towel has and the button and loop are for sure going no where!

Once you go hair turban you never go back!!

Do you use a hair turban? Do you think they are the best thing since sliced bread?
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