Saturday, 19 January 2013

Aussie Miracle Shine Range ♥

This is the newest range from Aussie, Miracle Shine and seeing as i dip dyed/Ombre 'd my hair this week it was perfect timing for me to try the range out. Miracle Shine is for dull, tired hair that is just begging to shine.The special formula of Australian Ginseng extract and Pearl Powder helps to revitalize the hair leaving it sensationally vibrant and shiny. I am pretty lucky when it comes to shiny hair as i have quite a natural shine to mine but since i have a little bleach on the ends now and we all know that bleach really likes to look a little dull, amazing but dull so i couldn't wait to try the shampoo, conditioner and trusty 3 minute miracle this morning.

Even after just one use i can already tell that i am in love, the scent is just divine its really fruity and is totally different to any other Aussie shampoo range, the quality is just typical of Aussie and what we all know and love and the 3 minute miracle is even better than i remember especially with the new scent. It has has made my hair incredibly soft and has already lifted a little bit of shine on the ends of my hair.

Now i obviously can't comment fully with the shine aspect of this range as i have only used it once, so this is where the fun bit comes in, i am going to be testing this range out for 4 weeks from today using only this Aussie Miracle Shine range so i can really give it a good road test and see exactly how shiny my hair gets...i honestly have high hopes that i will be washing and glowing by the end of it!!

So i will report back in 4 weeks dolls with before and after pictures so keep your eyes peeled!

Do let me know if you have tried this range yet and if you liked it or even if you just love Aussie in general.

Who's excited for a little road test? I know i am!

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  1. I just bought the shampoo and deep treatment from Sainsburys as they were on 2 for £7 and I've been wanting to try this range. It's also on offer in Boots - 3 for £10 xx

  2. I haven't tried them but I will, love the Aussie range! x

  3. love their usual range and their usual scent so i hope i love this scent as much!


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