Thursday, 17 January 2013

Garnier Moisture Match Goodbye Dry Ultra Hydrating Rich Cream

I love that with the new year comes lots of new releases of exciting products but i don't love how dry my skin gets with the new year, January is most definitely the coldest month, have you got snow where you are? My skin is dry on a good day but with the weather being bitter is gets much worse and causes me all sorts of problems. Whilst doing the weekly shop in Tesco last week my gem of a boyfriend pointed out this new offering from Garnier, in fact a new offering of a range of 5 new moisturisers tailored to your skin type. He knows i have awful dry skin so was quick to point out there was a dry to very dry skin moisturiser and was a bonus it was pink, oh how he knows me so well.

I quickly snapped this up for £5.99 as to find a brilliant drugstore/highstreet rich moisturiser has been a must of mine for a long time however nothing seemed to match my needs until now!

There is 5 moisturiser is the range like i mentioned...

Moisture Match | Shine Be Gone Mattifying Fresh Cream | Combination to Oily Skin
Moisture Match | Light Softening Cream | Normal to Dry Skin
Moisture Match | Wake Me Up Revitalising Hydrating Gel | Dull Skin
Moisture Match | Protect & Glow Illuminating Light Lotion | Normal Skin
Moisture Match | Goodbye Dry Ultra Hydrating Cream | Dry to Very Dry Skin

Before i go into too much detail just so you know, it really is Goodbye Dry Skin and Hello Amazing Skin, Its true love i adore this stuff!!

I really love what Garnier have done with this range and i think it will help a lot of people out there who really struggle with their skin and what moisturiser to use. On the back of each box is has a question as to whether the moisturiser will be right for you so, 

Is Goodbye Dry My Perfect Moisture Match?
Yes if you are looking for a daily moisturiser specifically formulated for dry to very dry skin to protect it from feeling tight, uncomfortable and dehydrated day after day. Goodbye dry is your ticket to plumper, silky soft skin. 

It really has made my skin not so uncomfortable and has left it much plumper and definitely silky soft!!

It is definitely a very thick rich cream but doesn't leave a greasy feeling and absorbs into the skin amazingly. Enriched with camellia oil which is known for its nourishing properties it immediately leaves your skin feeling soothed and so soft.

Goodbye Dry is enriched with a patented hydrating active and reinforces the skins barrier function, helping your skin to maintain its level of hydration. 

I have been using this in the mornings and it works perfectly as a make-up base and also in the evening with an extra helping to really hydrate whilst i sleep! I love the simple pink packaging and adore the scent, it does have quite a strong scent to it which some may find a little offensive, it is a real mix between fruity and floral but i really like it.

I love it so much i now want to try the Illuminating Light Lotion and the Wake Me Up Revitalising Gel!! Yayyy for amazing drugstore/highstreet skincare!

Priced at £5.99 and available from Boots

Have you tried any of these yet? Do you like the idea of Moisture Match? Which one tickles your fancy?


  1. This looks good! I'd light to try the illuminating one as they had an amazing one I used to use like 10 years ago that was my all time favourite moisturiser and they stopped doing it!

  2. I'm going to try this, find my skin dries out in patches, but definitely needs a wake up.

  3. My skin is also a nightmare in jan, we had snow where i live and my skin is so dry, will have to look into this x

  4. This sounds amazing, I have such dry skin too! I've recently tried the caudalie thirst quenchign serum and found that to be amazing on my dry skin! xx

  5. Hey, found your blog searching for reviews of this as I'm thinking of buying it this weekend. Great review, it's on offer at the moment in Superdrug so I'll most likely be buying it. xo

  6. U just bought this and I love it! It's a silicone based moisturiser which I was looking for one ! bye bye dry skin :D

  7. does this absorb quickly into the skin? im looking for a quick morning moisturiser that i can slap on in the mornings and quickly apply make up over:)


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