Sunday, 20 January 2013

Skin Art Temporary Tattoos ♥

I really love tattoos but know deep down i will never actually bite the bullet and go for it, I'm too indecisive and know that i wouldn't cope with the pain so when i came across these Skin Art Temporary Tattoos i just had to give them a whirl.

I know temporary tattoos is totally going back to when i was a kid in the 80's but these are much more current and girly and are the perfect way to cheat a little!

To apply you simple pick your chosen design from the 3 sheets available in each pack, carefully cut out the design, lay it down where you want it and dampen the back of the tattoo for 60 seconds then very gently peel away and you are left with a gorgeous tattoo which lasts up to 5 days which i think is perfect. Like i said i am very indecisive so its great they only last for that amount of time so i get to try all the different designs. 

I personally think they look very real and even my boyfriend was a little baffled when he got home and i just showed him my wrist, i think his words were, no did you really? Tehe 

I really love the pack i got but i know there is 3 others which have some gorgeous designs and even a pack with just words which i would love to try. They are going to be perfect for the coming summer months on holiday ect.

They are £4.99 and you can find them at Boots stores and online!

Do you like tattoos? What do you think of these temporary tattoos?



  1. OOh I haven't seen these! Temporary tattoo's have definitely improved since I was a little. May have to pick these up and have a try. Love the swallow one you put on, it actually look's real!
    sjmwell x

  2. I love these, really want a tattoo at some point. Need to experiment with temps!

  3. These look really cool!!! I have 5 tattoos but I'm still considering getting some of these haha x.x

  4. I am dying to have a tattoo, but I am such a baby and like you am indecisive, so maybe I should put one of these on for now, see if I could get used to it. I think I'm gonna give these a go!

    Please come and check out my latest post if you have a few minutes spare :)




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