Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Sleek Make-Up Flick It Eyeliner

I love eyeliner but find it so hard to use, because of this i tend to stay away from it, until now. Launching on the 13th of February are these fabulous Sleek Make-Up Flick It* pen eyeliners. With three shades available Dazzling Black, Royal Blue and Purple Aura i am now addicted to and using everyday Dazzling Black. I can now use liquid eyeliner and achieve the perfect flick i have always wanted, sounds sad i know but it's true.

Thanks to the simple pen applicator which helps provide precision application i am left with flawless matte flicks which stay put like no other. With up to 12 hours wear with no smudging or budging they really can't be faulted. Whats great is that the pen applicator is so precise but still allows you to achieve a thin or thick line depending on how you hold and position the pen. 

I really love the sleek packaging (no pun intended  however i must admit they are pretty difficult to open, they are so secure so the pen doesn't dry out but it just means it takes a bit of a tug to get the lid off anyone else found this? Other than that the packaging is very typical of Sleek Make-Up, matte black with Sleek Make-Up embossed in gloss writing. Nice and simple!

All three shades are pretty stunning but to be honest the stand out shade for me is definitely Dazzling Black, its very opaque black and stays that way all day, its going to be a definite re-purchase for me over and over again once these launch.

I have finally found a product to help me achieve the eyeliner i have always wanted, so if you have ever struggled achieving a flawless flick then be sure to give these Flick It Eyeliners a whirl.

At the bargain price of £5.99 you really can't go wrong, even if you just try one, you know you want to!

So don't forget these Sleek Make-Up Flick It Eyeliners launch 13th of February in Superdrug stores and also online at

Do you like the look of these? Are you a pro eyeliner gal?


  1. Oh, genuinely tempted by this...and all the colours look gorgeous!

    Good Morning Angel.

  2. These look fab! I'm a recent Sleek convert so will need to keep an eye out for these next month :)

    xo Nicola

  3. The flicks are amazing. The colours look amazing
    sounds like im going to purchasing a few sleek products

  4. Always liked the look of sleek make up, the blushes especially. These look great, and so easy to apply. Might have to get one when they come out x

  5. I love Sleek & am always interested in trying new eyeliners, so this is definitely something I'd pick up!

  6. Ive never used Sleek, but the colour looks really good, like really intense and crisp, as sometimes I find eyeliners fade massively.
    Quite tempted

  7. I love sleek make up, but I have never tried the eyeliner, will have to try.

  8. id like to try this i really struggle with eyeliner on my top lid would love to find something to help with this

  9. Ooh I love the purple :)
    Loving your blog, new follower :) XXX


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