Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Soap & Glory Hair Turban

A hair turban i hear you ask? 
Yes that's right a handy twisty towel to use after you have washed your hair. Ever struggled with trying to balance a big towel on your head after washing your hair and trying to get ready, i know i used to until i came across a hair turban. Now you can buy hair turbans really super cheap, in fact you can get them in the Pound Shop and i have to admit that is what i had previously been using until i came across the Soap & Glory Hair Turban

A hair turban is basically a nicely shaped micro fibre towel with a button on the top and a hook or loop at the bottom so you simple turn your head upside down, place the towel over your hair with the button at the bottom, twist the towel with your hair nicely in the towel, bring the twisted part of the towel to the back of your head where the button is and simply loop the elastic around the button so the towel stays in place. It really is so simple and so genius.

I much prefer to do my make-up before i dry and style my hair so to have my hair drying in such a cute and handy towel away from my face and so secure is just perfect. 

The hair turbans i used to use from the Pound Shop are great for being so cheap but they don't last too long and i found i was buying a new one near enough every month as the button would always fall off. I came across this Soap and Glory Hair Turban in boots and although it is £7.50 for a hair towel i just had to give it a go and i am so glad i did. The quality is just so much nicer, the towel itself is much thicker and softer and really helps to dry my hair quick as it is micro fibre. I love the Soap & Glory design which the towel has and the button and loop are for sure going no where!

Once you go hair turban you never go back!!

Do you use a hair turban? Do you think they are the best thing since sliced bread?


  1. Such a clever idea! x

  2. I just use a hand towel as a hair turban but I do find it quite painful to tuck it under at the back, I always catch and pull out my hair! It also always falls off whilst I'm getting changed to this sounds like something worth investing in! xx
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  3. I received this as part of a set at Christmas, I love it!

    Sarah xx

  4. They are a very good idea!

  5. I love hair turbans for when I shower but do not want to wash my hair

  6. I do love a hair turban I have a bright purple one from primark, my boyfriend looks at me like I'm crazy in it


  7. I've not had a proper hair turban for years!
    Totally made me wanna go out and get one :)

    emilie @


  8. I picked my M&S one up at the same time as my poundland one and they do feel so cheap, I think I will keep them for hair treatments and treat myself to one of those, I love the pattern too! xx

  9. I just got my Soap & Glory one and I absolutely love it! Never tried one of the cheaper ones though...

  10. Buying a new one monthly because the button falls off? How dreadful for the environment! Needles and thread do still exist!

    One of these turbans came in a gift box I bought for my daughter so despite my comment, thanks for the info as there was none on the box...


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