Friday, 22 February 2013

Aussie Miracle Shine | Road Test Results ♥

So do you remember that i was going to be road testing the new Aussie Miracle Shine range and i first introduced you to the range here. Well fast forward 4 weeks and here i am with the results, 4 weeks? really? i know, doesn't time fly its pretty crazy!!

Aussie Miracle Shine promises to revitalise the hair leaving it sensationally vibrant and shiny. Formulated with Australian Ginseng extract and pearl powder to hopefully leave your hair glowing! Just before i started my 4 week trial i had actually just literally ombred/dip dyed my hair, that didn't last very long and i soon coloured over it with a dark brown shade. We all know that dying and using a lot of heat on your hair can really make it a little under the weather so even though i don't have the dip dye anymore i was still super excited to road test this range.

I touched on the scent of the products in my original post and i still absolutely love the scent it is truly scrummy.

So have i noticed a difference when using these products? Yes, definitely a subtle difference. I have quite a natural shine to my hair anyway but these products just seem to help to bring that shine out that extra bit more which i love. They leave my hair so incredible soft and doesn't weigh it down at all. The picture above shows my hair just after it had been washed and dried, i haven't used any straighteners on it so you can see exactly how shiny it is. I definitely think these products are fab but don't believe they will work total wonders, so if your hair is extremely damaged and dry don;t expect miracles but it for sure brings out the best in your hair.

Personally the stand out product for me was the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Shine Deep Treatment, i have always adored the 3 Minute Miracle treatments anyway but this one is by far my favourite out of all that i have tried.

This range is definitely worth and try and do let me know your thoughts!

Have you spotted and tried this range yet?

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Monday, 11 February 2013

Maybelline Colour Sensational Vivids Lipsticks

I have literally been dying to share these amazing lipsticks with you. 
Originally i had seen that these were available only in the US and of course was pretty upset i would have to wait a month or 2 for them to arrive in the UK, until the day later popped into my local Superdrug and saw these 4 shades on display, i must admit i did let out a little squeal!! We all know i love lipsticks and we all know i love highstreet/drugstore make-up so these little gems have my name written all over them.

So come on Sophie just get on with what they are....

Maybelline Colour Sensational Vivids

A new line of incredibly bright and pigmented lipsticks added to the ever famous Colour Sensational line.
Love the Colour Sensational Line? You will be sure to fall in love with the Vivids.

The Vivids line has been treated to a new technology using neon coated pigments which produce Colour Sensational's brightest most vibrant colour ever. What is also great is that they contain honey nectar which helps to keep lips feeling smooth, never dry or leave a chalky or cakey finish.

The packaging is the same as the original Colour Sensational line but they have just turned it up a notch with the colour of the packaging, bright neon see through orange. So bright and eye catching and i absolutely love it.

In the US there is 10 shades available and currently in the UK i believe there is 5. The only shade i don't have is Electric Orange as the colour was just definitely not for me, a pure bright vivid true orange.

These really do glide onto the lips beautifully and have a slight sheen texture, which makes them comfortable and wearable while still providing great longevity. The colour pay off really is out of this world, i literally can't fault it (other than when you do swatch them on your hand and they leave a slight stain) Out of the 5 shades available i am really impressed with the range of colours and really love each one, now just fingers crossed we eventually get all the colours available as the lighter pinks look stunning! What i really love most is that the colours are so gorgeous and bright but because they contain the honey nectar and are so moisturising you don't have to be so careful with applying them and can easily touch up without a mirror, with some bright lipsticks i really worry that they have ended half way up my cheek but not with these!

I am so super happy that Maybelline are taking this direction, its about time that highstreet/drugstore make-up really stepped it up and i think these bad boys will really fly off the shelves and make people realise that you really can find some gems in the drugstore. I wouldn't say these were for the nude lovers and they are very bright and neon but if that's what you love and like these must be yours!

I can't wait for the Spring so i can start rocking these daily. I will of course do some photos of me wearing each shade in due course, I'm currently suffering the flu so lets just keep it at that.

Please check these out if you haven't already you honestly will not be disappointed. Its slightly worrying how over excited i can get over a lipstick geeeeeez!

I actually can't seem to find them on the Superdrug website however they are here on the Boots website RRP £7.19 also with an offer of buy 1 get 2nd half price!

Do these excite you? Have you tried them yet? 

Nioxin | Thinning Hair Awareness Week

Back in January i attended an event with Nioxin to learn about the products and to get a real insight into hair thinning as Nioxin is proud to be the sponsor of Thinning Hair Awareness Week which starts on the 18th of February.  

Hair thinning is a growing concern for men and women across the UK and Ireland, which has led Nioxin and the Institute of Trichologists to run the first yearly Thinning Hair Awareness week in an effort to raise awareness about hair thinning and educate people across the UK and Ireland. Sophie Ellis-Bextor has also joined as the new UK and Ireland Ambassador for Nioxin.

Now although i don't suffer from hair thinning as such, i mean i loose a few hairs in the shower when i am washing my hair but on average you loose around 100 hairs a day anyway, i do have fine hair but i also have a lot of it and i am always trying to achieve fuller thicker looking hair and this is where Nioxin is perfect because although it helps with damaged hair and hair thinning is also helps to give thicker fuller looking hair and to basically get the best you can out of your hair.

Nioxin systems are tailored to specific hair types, with six 3-part systems to choose from consisting of a shampoo, a conditioner and scalp treatments. The shampoo removes sebum and residues from the scalp, while the conditioner moisture's, balances and re-hydrates the hair. The scalp treatment, containing antioxidants and botanicals helps thicken each hair strand and treat the scalp.

To support Thinning Hair Awareness Week selected Nioxin salons will be holding their very own event, where you can speak with a Nioxin educator who will perform consultations on the cosmetic benefits of the brand and be on hand to offer advice. To find the nearest salon to you holding an event click here

You can also find out which Nioxin system is right for you RRP £27.99 and have your very own consultation here.

Do you have any hair thinning worries? Will you be popping down to your local salon?

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Monday, 4 February 2013

Benefit They're Real! Mascara Review

I don't know why it has taken me so long to give this mascara a whirl, it is currently the UK's number 1 selling mascara and gets raved reviews about it daily. Even the boy asked me one day in Boots 'have you tried that mascara yet' pointing randomly to a funky stand alone display, to his shock i actually hadn't and with him knowing i needed a new mascara he quickly picked one up for me, i obviously have him very well trained.

They're Real! Mascara promises to lengthen, curl, volumise, lift and separate with a long wearing formula that won't dry out or smudge. Now that really is some claims!

It definitely lengthens and curls, gives good volume and lift and the formula is amazing for the longevity however there is a slight down side to that. It does leave my lashes a little crispy as they say which OK isn't all that bad for what it is actually doing to my lashes its just the taking off the mascara which is a pain, its so incredibly hard to remove and takes a lot of gentle work and when your tired and you just want to remove your make-up quickly before bed this is not a good thing.

Having said that i do really love this mascara and i believe it is all down to the incredibly cool brush. It is a plastic bristle brush not my preference i must admit but what does it for me is the tiny little rounded brush at the end of the wand itself. Benefit says that the brush is to help you discover lashes you never knew you had which is sort of true, i mean i knew i had those lashes its just other mascara wands have never reached or grabbed those lashes before so i really do get a winged out effect with this mascara. It also means i can get those tiny little inner corner lashes to achieve a more fuller look. Now this little rounded brush on the end also works perfectly for your bottom lashes and doesn't smudge at all. 

I know a lot of people are not too keen on the chunky sparkling chrome silver packaging but i have to admit I'm a fan especially with the neon orange font!

So all in all i do really love this mascara not the hefty price tag of £18 though but i can see myself eventually repurchasing, the only thing with the big wide world of mascara's is that is definitely it, it is a big wide world for them and there is always a new one on the market which i am wanting to try. I am sure however Benefit They're Real! will have pride of place in my make-up bag again.

Have you tried They're Real yet? What were your thoughts?


Saturday, 2 February 2013

Maybelline Super Stay 24Hr Bold Matte Lip Colour

Although i do love a dark lip and have been over the past few months i just had to switch it up a little bit with this Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hr Bold Matte Lip Colour in Peach Cocktail. A stunning matte coral pink shade that says to last 24 hrs would more could i want? Well i don't really need my lip colour to last 24 hrs but anything that lasts all day for me, maybe around 8 hours is a winner.

You simply apply a thin layer of the lip colour to your lips, i like to dab it into the lips then apply a little more, wait for it to dry and then apply the conditioning balm. You can apply the conditioning balm as often as you like. I do like to apply the balm quite a bit, with the lip colour being matte it can be slightly drying but the conditioning balm definitely adds a little moisture to keep your lips in check.

The colour pay off is incredible but is more on the pink side rather than peach but I'm happy with that.

Now staying power, does this really last 24 hrs? Well like i said i don't really need or want a lip product to last me that long and i don't really know anyone who would however this does last a crazy amount of time.
Once applied to the lips it literally is there for as long as you want it to be as it does need to be removed with make-up remover or make-up wipes. I only needed to apply the lip colour once and then i just kept re-applying the conditioning balm until i took all my make-up off in the evening so it definitely lasted a good 8-9 hours.

I am so incredibly impressed with this and can't wait to take a closer look at the new Bold Matte line which has just recently launch in stores, there is a brighter coral and nude shade i now have my eye on.

These are for sure one to keep an eye out for if you love a bold matte lip shade no pun intended!!

Have you spotted these yet? Do you love a matte lip?
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