Friday, 22 February 2013

Aussie Miracle Shine | Road Test Results ♥

So do you remember that i was going to be road testing the new Aussie Miracle Shine range and i first introduced you to the range here. Well fast forward 4 weeks and here i am with the results, 4 weeks? really? i know, doesn't time fly its pretty crazy!!

Aussie Miracle Shine promises to revitalise the hair leaving it sensationally vibrant and shiny. Formulated with Australian Ginseng extract and pearl powder to hopefully leave your hair glowing! Just before i started my 4 week trial i had actually just literally ombred/dip dyed my hair, that didn't last very long and i soon coloured over it with a dark brown shade. We all know that dying and using a lot of heat on your hair can really make it a little under the weather so even though i don't have the dip dye anymore i was still super excited to road test this range.

I touched on the scent of the products in my original post and i still absolutely love the scent it is truly scrummy.

So have i noticed a difference when using these products? Yes, definitely a subtle difference. I have quite a natural shine to my hair anyway but these products just seem to help to bring that shine out that extra bit more which i love. They leave my hair so incredible soft and doesn't weigh it down at all. The picture above shows my hair just after it had been washed and dried, i haven't used any straighteners on it so you can see exactly how shiny it is. I definitely think these products are fab but don't believe they will work total wonders, so if your hair is extremely damaged and dry don;t expect miracles but it for sure brings out the best in your hair.

Personally the stand out product for me was the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Shine Deep Treatment, i have always adored the 3 Minute Miracle treatments anyway but this one is by far my favourite out of all that i have tried.

This range is definitely worth and try and do let me know your thoughts!

Have you spotted and tried this range yet?

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  1. That looks really good, I'll have to keep an eye out.

    Also, just to remind you, 'I' should be capitalised - it's quite tiring to read when it isn't.

  2. I received a sample of the treatment in this months cosom and have been meaning to try it out! After reading this i am hoping for good things.

  3. I LOVE the smell of this range. Gorgeous isn't it?
    Your hair always looks lovely and shiny, but I agree you definitely notice it more from using the range.
    And the 3MM is amazing.

  4. I have the Deep Treatment and it's sooo good! Your hair is super shiny!

  5. This is so gorgeous Sophie! Your hair looks lovely.

    - Keyta x

  6. I reaaaaally want to use this, everyone seems to be raving about it! I just wish Aussie wouldnt test on animals :(

  7. These cosmetics items are popular in UK's every states. People like their items most. They upgrate their item.

  8. Your hair looks really healthy, it must be working!

    Love Tweet xx

  9. wow i'm glad that you've found your favourite! I'd definitely check this out as well! <3

    P.S. It'll be awesome if you'd take a minute to check out my Fashion Week outfit post!:)


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