Monday, 11 February 2013

Nioxin | Thinning Hair Awareness Week

Back in January i attended an event with Nioxin to learn about the products and to get a real insight into hair thinning as Nioxin is proud to be the sponsor of Thinning Hair Awareness Week which starts on the 18th of February.  

Hair thinning is a growing concern for men and women across the UK and Ireland, which has led Nioxin and the Institute of Trichologists to run the first yearly Thinning Hair Awareness week in an effort to raise awareness about hair thinning and educate people across the UK and Ireland. Sophie Ellis-Bextor has also joined as the new UK and Ireland Ambassador for Nioxin.

Now although i don't suffer from hair thinning as such, i mean i loose a few hairs in the shower when i am washing my hair but on average you loose around 100 hairs a day anyway, i do have fine hair but i also have a lot of it and i am always trying to achieve fuller thicker looking hair and this is where Nioxin is perfect because although it helps with damaged hair and hair thinning is also helps to give thicker fuller looking hair and to basically get the best you can out of your hair.

Nioxin systems are tailored to specific hair types, with six 3-part systems to choose from consisting of a shampoo, a conditioner and scalp treatments. The shampoo removes sebum and residues from the scalp, while the conditioner moisture's, balances and re-hydrates the hair. The scalp treatment, containing antioxidants and botanicals helps thicken each hair strand and treat the scalp.

To support Thinning Hair Awareness Week selected Nioxin salons will be holding their very own event, where you can speak with a Nioxin educator who will perform consultations on the cosmetic benefits of the brand and be on hand to offer advice. To find the nearest salon to you holding an event click here

You can also find out which Nioxin system is right for you RRP £27.99 and have your very own consultation here.

Do you have any hair thinning worries? Will you be popping down to your local salon?

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  1. This looks amazing :) i have really fine and thin hair and alot of it comes out in the shower whether thats due to it being coloured or something i dont know but stopping using heated equipment has made it alot better :) may have to look out for this :)

    Love Emily xx

  2. I actually lose quite a lot of hair, so this is super interesting to me. I went through a stage where I was super upset and thought I had alopecia. Xx

  3. This sounds so good. I really want to try it because I've heard so many good things. Fantastic review, I love how your personality seems to comes across too! xx
    Heroine In Heels

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