Saturday, 13 February 2016

KISS 'Looks So Natural Lashes'

I have tried a lot of false eyelashes in my time, especially as i love to wear them on myself and my clients always request them. With that being said i am always on the look out for the next perfect brand to fit my needs. 
I have to admit i have a been a lover of Eyelure lashes for a really long time but when KISS offered to send me some of their lashes i jumped at the chance.

The lashes i have on in the above picture are the KISS Looks So Natural KFL03 and i really do think they look so natural. 

As soon as i put them on they felt so light and comfortable, this is something which is a key factor for me when trying lashes as a lot of my clients are brides and they really don't want to spend their wedding day being dragged down by the weight of their false lashes. 
The seam of the actual lash is so thin which means they blend so nicely that you can't even notice you are wearing false lashes. I purposely didn't wear any eyeliner for this look above just so you can see how thin the lash line really is!

They have a revolutionary tapered end lash which means they have an amazing flutter affect on the end again giving them a really natural finish, unlike other false lashes which have a blunt end lash which can appear incredibly harsh.

I don't normally use the lash glue which is provided with false eyelashes and i always use my own which i have on stand by in my kit, however i thought i would give the glue a go which comes with these KISS lashes and i have to say i was really impressed. It is a white glue with a slight multi-coloured look to it but it dries completely clear. I always carry glue with me when i am wearing lashes just in case, but in this case i didn't need to use it as my lashes stayed put all night! 

At only £4.49 from Boots these lashes have 100% got pride of place in my kit and i have been using them on myself for nights out.

Have you tried any KISS eyelashes?


Monday, 8 February 2016

imPRESS Nails

One of my many loves in life is going to get my nails done. That is pretty sad i know but there is just something so relaxing about it, plus its nice to be able to do something for yourself every few weeks. With that being said due to my new job totally taking over getting my nails done has taken a back burner and my natural nails are looking pretty drab. 
I am sucker for acrylic nails, i know i know they are incredibly bad for your nails but i just love how they look which is why i fell in in with imPRESS Nails* from KISSUSA.

With a huge array of colours, shapes and designs they are perfect if you are on the go and need a quick fix mani. 
The ultra-shine gel nails with an accent nail i absolutely love, such a cute way to add something a little different!

They are so easy to apply and actually last really well, gone are the days of press on nails pinging off mid conversation with someone very important..come on i know that has happened to the majority you lol. I have currently had this current set on for 3 days and they are still going strong with no embarrassing hiccups along the way.

I am so happy to have found these as i definitely think they will curb my little acrylic nail addiction.

Are you impressed with imPRESS Nails?


Sunday, 31 January 2016

Charlotte Tilbury - 6 Shades of Love - Ecstasy

I was very lucky to be gifted this stunning Charlotte Tilbury 6 Shades of Love - Ecstasy by my beautiful girlfriend for Christmas. I had wanted to venture into the world of Charlotte Tilbury make-up for a really long time but i actually didn't really know where to start as i literally want everything possible. Lucky for me my girlfriend is pretty good at listening to my make-up rambles and knew exactly how to surprise me. I was so happy these were the first 3 products i could jump into using and exploring Charlotte Tilbury more.

Let me start with the beauty that is K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick in Stoned Rose. The most gorgeous dark nude with a slight hint of red, something totally different for me and something i do not have in my collection. The formulation of these lipsticks is something which i have never experienced before. Charlotte Tilbury is very much an indulgent high end brand with price but this most definitely shows through the products too as everything feels so luxurious. The K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipsticks glides across the lips and gives such a rich bold colour pay off. They apply so nicely i have found i actually do not need a lip pencil whilst on the go...perfect. Although they are really rich they do not feel heavy on the lips and last all day! I can't wait to try some more shades.

Next up is the Cheek to Chic Swish Pop Blusher in Ecstasy. I am a total sucker for pinky nude blusher and find myself always reaching for them in my collection on a daily basis so i was so happy when i spotted this in the 6 Shades of Love. These blusher and so creamy, bendable as well as build able which i love! You can use the outer shade to sculpt the face then the centre shade to add a pop of colour. I also love to swish my brush between them both to give a beautiful flush of colour with a hint of shimmer. 

Last but no means least we have the Wonder Glow an Instant Soft-Focus Beauty Flash Balm. This i said to myself i would only use on special occasions as 1. its absolutely incredible and 2. it looks like it was an added bonus for my 6 Shades Of Love so i wanted to saver it, is that really sad? Lol. Anyway that idea totally went out the window after the first time i used it as i totally fell in love and have been using it everyday since. This Wonder Glow is a multi use product, it can be used under foundation, over foundation or on its own. Its a cream gold/pink highlighter product which can be used to give an instant glow or to highlight your cheekbones. I have been using it as a primer underneath my foundation as it gives me the most beautiful glow and also makes my foundation last all day.

Overall i now need absolutely every product possible LOL. 
The packaging is to die for and all the products so far have totally wowed me i can't wait to explore more! 

What Charlotte Tilbury Products Would You Recommend? 

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